27 Best Ideas For Short Flow Haircut Men

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In the past few years, short-side haircuts have emerged as a stylish and versatile option. Haircuts, being an important part of a man’s grooming, should be given equal importance as clothing styles. 

In this guide, we will explore the 27 best short-side haircut ideas for you, making sure you offer a fresh and contemporary look. 

27 Short Flow Haircut Ideas

1. Classic Pompadour

For a classy short-side look, go for a classic pompadour. With short sides and a long, slicked-back top, offer an exclusive look through your hairstyle. The hair on top is usually styled with pomade, offering a reflection of 1950s fashion. 

An exclusive and retro look with a classic pompadour.


2. Textured Crop

A textured top with faded sides offers a natural look for a timeless look. The sides are usually faded or cleaned for an edgy and modern look. This hairstyle is perfect for men who love minimal maintenance.

A classy textured crop short side haircut.


3. Disconnected Undercut

This type of unique haircut offers a distinctive contrasting look with faded or cleaned sides with a long and flowy top. The disconnection between the two makes the hairstyle more appealing and eye-catching. 

A contrasting look with disconnected undercut haircut.


4. Messy Quiff

The voluminous, long top and short sides offer a relaxed yet stylish look. The top of this hairstyle is mostly styled upward, giving off an effortlessly cool vibe. 

A classy appearance with messy quiff.


5. Slicked Back Undercut

This modern and sophisticated new look features short sides, and hair slicked backward for a classy appearance. The hair on the top is styled smoothly with a gel for a refined and formal look. 

A retro inspired look featuring a slicked back undercut.


6. Short Flow with Hard Part

This unique hairstyle involves sides separated by a parting line called the hard part. For a refined appearance, you can style the top in a textured or slicked-back way. With its distinctive design, this hairstyle can be your go-to for the perfect stylish look this year. 

A sleek hairstyle featuring a short flow with hard part haircut.


7. Low Fade with Textured Top

This hairstyle involves the sides fading from the top to the neckline in a very subtle way, offering a smooth transition. The chic sides are combined with a textured top, providing a fashionable look. 

A modern appearance with a low fade with textured top.


8. Short Side Bangs

This hairstyle features bangs paired with faded or cleaned sides, offering a smart and refined look. The long bangs add movement and a natural look, while the short sides maintain a tidy appearance. 

A clean and trendy look with short side bangs.


9. High-and-Tight

For those looking for a low-maintenance hairstyle with a polished appearance, we present you with a high-and-tight hairstyle. Inspired by the military hairstyle, this look includes tapered sides with a slightly long top, offering a clean and classy look. 

A chic military inspired look.


10. Textured Fringe

This hairstyle involves short sides with a textured fringe on top, styled forward for a messy and modern look. The textured fringe adds volume to the look, maintaining the edgy appearance. 

A unique look with textured fringe haircut.


11. Tapered Crop

The tapered crop includes cleaned or faded sides combined with a long, flowy top, offering a chic and unique hairstyle. The look can be styled for casual as well as semi-formal occasions. 

A sleek hairstyle featuring a tapered crop short side.


12. Faux Hawk

This type of hairstyle includes a narrow strip of hair extending from the top to the neckline, with the sides cleaned or faded. The unapologetically bold and rebellious look of the hairstyles makes it stand out. 

A modern look featuring a faux hawk haircut.


13. Buzz Cut with Texture

This hairstyle includes a haircut to a uniform length. However the texture can be added using scissors, making the look offer a laid-back yet refined appearance. 

A chic buzz cut offering a distinctive look.


14. Angular Fringe

This hairstyle features an angular, textured fringe for a bold and distinctive look. The sides are tapered and provide a perfectly balanced look with the stylish top. 

A unique and distinctive look with an angular fringe haircut.


15. Blowout Fade

The blowout fade hairstyle includes short sides combined with a voluminous and blown-out top. The blown-out feature is added with the help of a blow dryer, making the haircut offer a stylish look. 

A stylish look with a blowout haircut.


16. Messy Crop with Fade

This hairstyle includes short, faded sides combined with a messy top, offering a casual and rugged appearance. The messy crop is characterized by choppy layers, giving off a laid-back vibe. 

A chic look with messy crop with fade haircut.


17. Wavy Flow

A wavy flow haircut features a wavy top, left to flow naturally, offering a natural and carefree appearance. This haircut is best suitable for those with wavy or curly hair. 

A wavy flow look, offering a laid-back vibe.


18. Curly Flow

Similar to wavy flow, the curly flow haircut involves short sides combined with a curly top left to flow for a distinct look. This hairstyle is perfect for men with naturally curly hair, making the look more flawless. 

A curly flow haircut, offering a relaxed and trendy appearance..


19. Tapered Pompadour

For a classic and retro look, go for a tapered pompadour. This hairstyle features short sides tapered into a voluminous top. The long and distinct top makes the hairstyle stand out with its classy yet sophisticated appearance. 

A tapered pompadour, channeling retro vibes.


20. Slicked Back Taper

For a sleek look, go with short sides tapered into a slicked-back top. The hairstyle offers an elegant and versatile look, making it perfect for both casual and formal events. 

A tapered slick back look, perfect for formal events.


21. Asymmetrical Flow

Short on one side and more voluminous and flowy on the other, this hairstyle has been in fashion for a long time, and rightfully so. The hairstyle presents a chic look, offering a bold statement. 

An assymetrical haircut, offering a unique look.


22. Layered Crop

A layered look features short layers and slightly longer pieces on top for added texture and movement. This look adds to the volume and presents an overall modern appearance. 

A sleek layered look haircut for men.


23. Textured Mohawk

Short sides with a narrow central hairstyle from the top to the neckline offer a striking look. The textured mohawk adds a rugged and edgy vibe, perfect for those who love to go with a bold look. 

A rebellious look with a textured mohawk.


24. Wet Look Flow

Short sides tapered into a wet flow look is all you need for the classiest hairstyle. Use a gel or pomade and add a glossy look to your hair, making them offer a wet yet polished look. 

A chic wet-look flow short side haircut.


25. Choppy Flow

For a messy yet refined look, opt for a choppy flow hairstyle. The haircut is characterized by its messy and textured appearance, which is obtained by the uneven cutting of layers on top. The side shorts are cleaned or faded, adding to the stylish and overall tidy look of the haircut. 

A unique and cool croppy flow haircut.


26. Sleek Side Part

Short sides with a deep side part and a side-swept top offer one of the most refined haircut styles. The polished look of this haircut makes it perfect for formal and professional settings.

A stylish haircut featuring side part.


27. Textured Slick Back

Short sides with a textured slicked-back top offer a sleek and sophisticated look. The longer top is styled back, whereas the texture adds to the volume and the charming look of this hairstyle.

A textured slick back classy and chic haircut.



In the world of men’s fashion, there is a variety of hairstyles and haircuts. From classic pompadour to textured crop, there’s something for every taste and personality. Before opting for a haircut, consider your face type and whether the hairstyle would suit it. Ensure to embrace your unique style and let your haircut be a reflection of your chic personality.


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