32 Men Straight Hairstyles To Try

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Men’s straight hairstyles have evolved over the years, offering a classy and unique look for every personality and style. Whether you prefer a refined look or something more bold, straight hairstyles can be a wonderful step to start with. 

This guide will help you explore the 32 best hairstyle ideas for straight hair, helping you make a bold statement with your style. 

32 Hairstyle for Straight Hair

1. Faux Hawk

A bold alteration to the traditional mohawk is a faux hawk hairstyle. This haircut, combined with straight hair, offers a unique look, perfect for formal gatherings. The flowy top with faded sides presents a chic contrasting look to help you make a bold statement. 

A bold look with a faux hawk.


2. Buzz Cut

A very short haircut, perfect for those who prefer a low-maintenance or minimal style. The simple yet sophisticated look is perfect for the warmer months, offering style with convenience.  

Laid-back appearance with a buzz cut.


3. Ivy League

The neat haircut is known for its sleek and professional look. This hairstyle features the sides faded with a slightly longer top, offering a cool and classy look. The look is perfect for professional settings, helping you express confidence and style. 

A classy low maintenance look with an Ivy League haircut.


4. Shaggy Hairstyle

For a relaxed and laid-back look, opt for a shaggy hairstyle. This hairstyle features longer layers throughout the hair, offering a messy yet stylish look. The relaxed look of this haircut makes it perfect to be styled for a casual day out. 

A relaxed look with shaggy hairstyle.


5. Undercut

A versatile hairstyle that features closely faded sides and back with a longer top, offering a unique and contrasting look. This haircut provides a cool look, making the hairstyle perfect for both casual and formal gatherings. 

A neat appearance with an undercut.


6. Man Bun

For a carefree look, style your straight hair in a bun and offer a relaxed yet stylish appearance. The hairstyle is convenient and practical, which helps keep the hair out of the face. 

A convenient look with hair tied in a bun.


7. High Fade

Go for a sleek hairstyle with a high fade cut. This hairstyle features a smooth transition from longer hair on the top to shorter hair on the bottom, creating a dramatic and high-contrast look.  

A cool look with a high fade hairstyle.


8. Low Fade

The low fade hairstyle is somewhat similar to the high fade, although the fade starts lower on the head. This classy look offers a gentle transition, making the hairstyle exude confidence and style. 

A sleek look with a low fade hairstyle.


9. Mid-Fade

A mid-fade starts halfway between the head and the top of the ears. The hairstyle is a classic one that offers style and a balanced look at the same time. This hairstyle is perfect for any occasion, whether casual or professional. 

A classy appearance a with mid fade hairstyle.


10. Classic Pompadour

A timeless look that characterizes a long top that creates volume and a heightened look. The hair on top is smoothly styled backward, offering a sophisticated and elegant appearance that expresses a bit of retro charm as well. 

Bold and exclusive look with a classic pompadour.


11. Textured Crop

A cool look with textured hair on top, paired with faded sides or back, offering a stylish contrasting look. The sleek look is easy to manage and offers a trendy appearance as well. 

A classy appearance featuring a textured crop.


12. Disconnected Undercut

Go for a bold and dramatic look with a disconnected undercut. The hairstyle features cleaned sides and back with a slightly longer top that seems disconnected, offering a trendy and edgy appearance. 

A cool look with a disconnected undercut.


13. Quiff

For a stylish haircut, opt for a quiff hairstyle with voluminous hair on the front, which is swept upward and backward. This modern look is perfect for professional as well as casual settings. 

A stylish appearance with a quiff.


14. Crew Cut

For a stylish and low-maintenance look, opt for a crew cut with short hair with faded sides and back. This neat, easy-to-maintain look is perfect for professional settings, helping you offer a simple yet stylish look.

A cool look with a crew cut,


15. Side Part

For a clean and classy look, opt for a side part. This style includes a polished and refined appearance that can styled for formal occasions as well, helping you make a bold statement. 

A cool look with a side part.


16. French Crop

For a practical and convenient look, go for a French crop with cropped fringe at the front and short hair on the top. The sleek and refined hairstyle is easy to manage and requires minimal styling. 

A cool look with a French crop.


17. Modern Comb Over

There’s no better option for a bold and classic look than a modern comb-over hairstyle. This hairstyle features hair combed to one side, offering a sleek and timeless look that is perfect to be styled for both casual and formal events. 

A unique and classy look with a modern comb over.


18. Pompadour Fade

A variation of the classic pompadour is a faded pompadour, which features a voluminous top paired with faded sides and back. This trendy and refined look offers a unique appearance, making it the favorite of many. 

A unique look with a pompadour with a fade.


19. Long Fringe

A long fringe hairstyle is a classic option that features longer hair that falls over the forehead, offering a sleek and edgy appearance. The trendy and edgy appearance of this hairstyle makes it perfect to be styled for casual outings. 

A stylish look with a long fringe.


20. Mullet

Nothing can go wrong with a bold and retro mullet. The sleek hairstyle is characterized by short hair on the sides and top with longer hair on the back. 

A classy appearance with a bold mullet.


21. Tapered Cut

The tapered-cut hairstyle features hair getting short from the top to the bottom, offering a smooth and stylish transition. This hairstyle provides a stylish and sleek appearance, making it the favorite of many. 

A classy look with a tapered cut hairstyle.


22. Angular Fringe

For a sleek look, opt for an angular fringe that characterizes a flowy top with hair styled to one side. The bold look is certain to turn heads, offering a chic and trendy appearance. 

A classy look with an angular fringe.


23. Layered Cut

For an elegant look, go for a layered cut that features hair cut in different lengths, offering a voluminous and flowy top. This hairstyle provides a sophisticated and easy-to-maintain look, perfect for formal as well as casual events. 

A stylish look with a layered cut.


24. Bowl Cut

Those who prefer to make a bold and edgy statement with their style opt for a bowl cut. The haircut, with its unique and distinctive style, is the perfect option for a casual day out. 

A bold and edgy look with a bowl cut.


25. Slick Back

Nothing can go wrong with the exclusive look of the slicked-back hairstyle. The hair on the top is gently slicked back with the help of styling products like pomade or gel, offering a classic appearance. 

A classy look with a slicked back hairstyle.


26. Surfer Hair

Go for surfer’s hair for a relaxed and carefree look, with longer hair and tousled texture. The laid-back yet stylish hairstyle is perfect for everyday wear or a fun beach day. 

A flowy and trendy appearance with surfer hair.


27. Punk Hairstyle

Go for a rebellious look with a punk hairstyle featuring hair styled into spikes using gel or wax. For added class, a design can be chosen to make the hairstyle more appealing and rebellious.  

A classy look with a punk hairstyle.


28. Dreadlocks

A unique and distinctive hairstyle characterized by long hair twisted into long rope-like strands, offering a bold and rugged look. The classy look is practical and convenient, requiring minimal maintenance. 

A convenient hairstyle with hair styled into dreadlocks.


29. Braided Hairstyles

For a sleek and stylish look, opt for straight hair styled into braided hairstyles. Various braids, such as cornrows, box braids, or fishtails, can be chosen. This convenient and easy-to-manage hairstyle can be the perfect option, especially for the warmer months. 

A stylish look with a braided hairstyle.


30. Man Ponytail

The ponytail is a classy hairstyle that features straight hair pulled back and secured into a ponytail, offering a classy and practical look. The cool look is perfect to be styled for a casual occasion.

A practical and easy-to-manage look with a ponytail.


31. Straight Messy Undercut

A modern take on the classic undercut is a messy undercut, which offers a relaxed yet elegant appearance. The straight hair on top is styled messily, presenting a carefree look combined with elegance. 

A relaxed yet stylish look with a messy undercut.


32. Textured Quiff

A textured top styled with a quiff, offering a bold and classy look. The sides and back of this hairstyle are usually faded, presenting a contrasting look with perfection. 

A classy look with a textured quiff.



Finding the right hairstyle can be a transformative journey, helping you express style and confidence. From classic pompadours to messy undercuts, the world of men’s hair fashion has a lot to offer. With these 32 best ideas, make sure to offer a unique style that complements your style and face cut with perfection.

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