35 Men Hairstyles For Thin Hair

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Are you wondering what hairstyles should be considered when it comes to thin hair? Thin hair can often lack density and volume and may become difficult to style. However, the right haircut can make all the difference in presenting a flawless look. 

In this guide, we will explore the 35 best hairstyle ideas for thin hair, ensuring you present a stylish and versatile look that also complements your facial features. 

35 Hairstyle Ideas for Thin Hair

1. Faux Hawk

A fabulous way to make a bold statement is with a faux hawk haircut. This haircut features short sides with a longer top, offering a bold and chic look. The hair is styled upwards to resemble a hawk crest, presenting a stylish appearance. 

A stylish look with faux hawk hairstyle.


2. Brushed Forward

For a touch of sophistication and elegance, go for a brush-forward haircut that adds volume and texture with perfection, offering a fuller locks appearance. 

A stylish appearance with brushed forward look.


3. Messy Crop

Perfect for thinning hair, a messy crop can potentially offer the illusion of thicker hair. While maintaining a modern and low-maintenance look, a messy crop also adds to the texture and volume of the whole look. 

A relaxed look with a messy crop.


4.  Short Mohawk

A short mohawk can be a bold choice for thin hair. Its unique and distinctive look also diverts attention to a central strip of hair, offering a sleek and smart look. The sides are often cleaned and shaved in a short mohawk, making it perfect for casual outings. 

Bold and edgy appearance with a short mohawk.


5. Textured Caesar Cut

A textured caesar cut is perfect for thin hair as it offers a low-maintenance look, while the textured cut also adds texture and volume. The horizontal fringe in the Caesar cut also helps cover any area with infrequent hair. 

A classic look, featuring a textured ceaser cut.


6. Crew Cut

A timeless and versatile option for thin hair is a sleek crew cut. With its unique appearance, a crew cut can offer a stylish look while also maintaining a practical and easy-to-manage look. 

A classic look with a crew cut.


7. Pompadour

Go for a classy look for thin hair with an exclusive pompadour. This hairstyle suits thin hair the best as it adds height and texture to the appearance, concealing any areas of thinning and baldness. 

A sleek look with pompadour for thin hair


8. Short Textured Crop

A short textured top is perfect for thin hair. Its short sides and back, combined with a textured top, provide a classy and stylish look. The hair on top adds to the texture and volume of the haircut, making the hair appear fuller. 

A stylish appearance with a short textured crop.


9. Textured Fringe

A textured fringe adds volume and a sleek look to the haircut. The haircut frames the face in a chic manner while also concealing any spot with infrequent hair.

A carefree yet convenient look with a textured fringe.


10. Tapered Cut

With shorter hair at the nape, which gradually increases as it moves to the top, the tapered cut provides a smooth and sleek transition. This hairstyle provides a neat and tidy appearance, making the haircut perfect for those with thinning hair. 

A classy look with a tapered cut.


11.  Disconnected Undercut

This hairstyle creates a sharp contrasting look between the large flowing top paired with short sides and back. The unique and distinctive look diverts the focus on the top while also maintaining an easy-to-manage appearance. 

A cool look with a disconnected undercut,


12. Slicked Back Taper

A slicked-back taper hairstyle is ideal for thin hair, providing an elegant yet classy look. The slicked-back top offers a sophisticated appearance, while the tapered sides and back make the hairstyle convenient, perfect for those who prefer a low-maintenance style. 

A unique look with a slicked back taper.


13. Short Pompadour

A classic version of the classic pompadour, a short pompadour features shorter hair, which is easier to manage. This hairstyle offers a textured and slightly heightened top, making the hairstyle offer a formal and exclusive look, perfect for professional settings. 

A classy appearance featuring a short pompadour.


14. Classic Side Part

With a clean and defined part, a classic side part is the perfect option if you prefer a classy and formal look. The side part helps provide a defined and structured look while concealing any area with infrequent hair.

A smart look with a classic side part.


15. Textured Spikes

Thin hair can significantly benefit from textured spikes as they add texture and a little dimension to the look. With its modern and edgy appearance, textured spikes can be the perfect option for those with thinning hair. 

A stylish look with textured spikes.


16. Caesar Cut 

A Caesar cut with its horizontal fringe provides a sleek and modern look. This look’s low-maintenance and practical appearance makes it stand out, offering a smart and high-class appearance. 

A classic appearance with a Caeser cut.


17. Slicked Back Undercut

A slicked-back look can make thin hair appear thickened. For a sophisticated yet stylish look, opt for a slicked-back undercut with a stylish top and shaved or cleaned sides for a contrasting appearance. 

A polished appearance featuring a slicked back undercut.


18. Side Swept Bangs

Nothing can go wrong with a trendy look with side-swept bangs. The hairstyle adds texture and volume to the whole look, making it the favorite of those who prefer a laid–back yet stylish appearance. 

A refined appearance with side swept bangs.


19. Messy Quiff

With tousled and textured layers, a messy quiff is perfect for added texture and dimension to thin hair. The hairstyle adds a modern and edgy look to a hairstyle, making it a suitable option for those with thin hair. 

A classy appearance with a messy quiff.


20. Classic Comb Over

The hair can be styled in an effortlessly cool manner with a classic comb-over look. The stylish and sleek look, with its formal appearance, is perfect for professional settings. 

A classic comb over, offering a polished appearance.


21. Buzz Cut

A short buzz cut is an excellent choice for thin hair as it minimizes the appearance of thin hair while also offering a laid-back and clean look. This hairstyle can be opted for both casual and professional settings. 

A clean look with a buzz cut.


22. Side Wavy Fringe

Embrace the natural texture and appearance of your hair and make a bold statement with a side wavy fringe. Thin hair with natural waves can help provide a sleek and cool appearance, making the look perfect for an informal day out.

A laid back look with a wavy fringe.


23. High and Tight

The hair can appear fuller with a high and tight hairstyle. This look involves short hair on the sides and back with a slightly longer top, offering a practical appearance. 

A refined appearance with a high and tight hairstyle.


24. Textured Crop with Fade

A textured crop with fade is all you need to up your fashion game this year. With its sleek appearance, this hairstyle can also be chosen if you have thin hair. The contrasting look with short sides and back combined with a longer textured top offers a classy and sharp appearance. 

A smart appearance with a textured crop.


25. Center Part

A center part can also be considered when exploring options for thin hair. The hairstyle adds texture and volume to the look while also maintaining a relaxed yet stylish appearance. 

A stylish and refined look with a center part.


26. Short Curly Top

Embrace the natural texture of your hair and let your natural curls steal the show with a short curly top. Short curls can effectively conceal any areas of infrequent hair while also maintaining a modern and trendy appearance.

A bold yet relaxed look with a short curly top.


27. Slicked Back Pompadour

Add texture and dimension to thin hair with an exclusive slicked-back pompadour. The hair can be styled with sophistication and class, making it perfect to be styled for professional settings. 

A unique look with slicked back pompadour.


28. Textured Comb Over

Nothing can go wrong with a classic textured comb-over. With its unique appearance, a textured comb-over also adds volume and texture, covering any area with infrequent hair or baldness. 

A stylish look with a textured comb over look.


29. Tousled Layers

Thin hair can greatly benefit from tousled layers as they add dimension and texture to the look. With its flowy appearance, this hairstyle can be the perfect option for a casual day out, offering a laid-back yet stylish look. 

A carefree vibe with tousled layers.


30. Textured Mohawk

Make a bold statement with a textured mohawk, certain to turn heads. With its distinctive look, the textured mohawk adds texture and height to the look, making it the perfect option for those who prefer an edgy look. 

A bold and edgy appearance with a textured mohawk.


31. Swept Back Waves

Thin hair with natural waves can be styled in an effortlessly cool way with swept-back waves. This hairstyle embraces the wavy hair’s natural texture while adding texture and dimension to it. 

A cool look with a swept back wavy hairstyle.


32. Short Side Sweep

Ideal for thin hair, a short side sweep offers a relaxed yet polished appearance. The sleek look can be the perfect option for a professional setting, making a bold statement with its unique style. 

A refined look, featuring a short side sweep.


33. Textured Slick Back

Thin hair can appear thicker and fuller with a textured slick back style. The unique and classy appearance of this look is what makes it the favorite of many, and rightfully so.

A classy look with a textured slick back hairstyle.


34. Messy Undercut

Thin hair can be styled in a unique and relaxed way with a messy undercut. With its laid-back look, this hairstyle also adds texture and dimension, making it the perfect option for messy, thin hair. 

A messy yet stylish appearance with a messy undercut.


35. High Fade with Textured Top

With its unique look, the high fade draws attention away from the thinning areas. High fade combined with a textured top offers a complete chic look, making the hairstyle perfect for both casual and formal events.

A cool and classy look with high fade and textured top.



Choosing the right hairstyle can significantly impact your overall appearance. From classic pompadours for thin hair to messy undercuts, men’s world fashion has much to offer for every style. With these 35 best ideas, up your fashion game and rock the sleek look with confidence and class! 

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