36 Hairstyles For Men With Thin Curly Hair

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Hairstyling, in its own, is an art that lets a man express confidence and their unique personality. For men with thin curly hair, it is both a challenge and an opportunity to let their creative side take control. 

This guide will explore the 36 best hairstyle ideas for men with thin curly hair, ensuring a flawless and chic look. 

36 Hairstyle Ideas for Thin Curly Hair

1. Textured Fringe

This hairstyle features a textured fringe, adding volume and dimension to the look. The carefree yet stylish look of this haircut is what makes it so special. 

A sleek look with a textured fringe.


2. Curly Quiff

A curly quiff is a stylish option that features curls styled upwards, offering a chic look. The styled curls help conceal the areas with less hair, making the look perfect for both casual and formal outings. 

A cool appearance with a curly quiff.


3. Undercut with Curls

Pairing an undercut with a curly top is the perfect way to add a contrasting look with volume and dimension. The stylish yet sophisticated look of this haircut is what makes it stand out. 

A classic appearance featuring an undercut with curls.


4. Slicked Back Curls

Go for a sleek and sophisticated look with slicked-back curls. The unique and distinctive look is perfect to be styled for formal occasions and making a bold statement. 


5. Curly Comb Over

The curly comb-over hairstyle features a side partition, with one side more extensive than the other. The sleek hairstyle offers a classic and smart appearance, making it the favorite of many. 

A sleek appearance with a curly comb over.


6. Tousled Waves

Embrace the natural appearance of your curly hair and let it flow. Offer a relaxed and carefree vibe with this natural and casual appearance, perfect to be styled for casual events. 

A stylish look with tousled waves.


7. Curly Mohawk

For a bold and edgy look, go for a curly mohawk. The unique style features a strip of hair in the middle, catching all the attention. This modern look can be styled for a casual outing.

Bold and edgy appearance with a curly mohawk.


8. Short Crop

Keep the sides and the back faded or cleaned, and pair it with a slightly longer top for a cool and chic look. This carefree and laidback hairstyle can be your perfect go-to for a fun Sunday brunch. 

A smart hairstyle featuring short crop.


9. Side Part with Curls

This classic hairstyle features a side part with curls, offering a fresh and stylish look. The versatile option can be dressed up or dressed down, according to the occasion. 

A classic look with a side part.


10. High Fade with Curls

Go for a timeless appearance with a curly top with high fade sides and back. The relaxed look offers a carefree vibe, adding volume and texture to the overall look with perfection. 


11. Curly Afro

Embrace your hair’s natural texture by styling it in a curly afro hairstyle. This unique and edgy look features curly hair in an afro hairstyle, presenting a bold and confident appearance. 

A cool look with a curly afro.


12. Short Curly Hair with Taper

Keep the sides and the back short and pair it with a slightly longer top, and offer one of the finest looks for thin, curly hair. The polished and refined look can be the perfect option when it comes to both casual and formal outings. 

A trendy appearance with short curly hair.


13. Curly Faux Hawk

A curly faux hawk is the perfect option for a bold and modern look. The hairstyle features curly hair in the center of the head with shaved or cleaned sides. The curls in the center of the head add to the texture and volume of the overall look.

A cool look with a curly faux awk haircut.


14. Long Curly Hair

Nothing can go wrong with flaunting long natural curls. Embrace the natural length of your hair by letting it flow, and offer a relaxed and carefree vibe, perfect for a casual occasion.

A sleek look with long curly hair.


15. Curly Pompadour

Combine curly hair’s relaxed natural with an exclusive pompadour for a classic look. The hairstyle features sweeping the curls upward and backward, adding to its volume and dimension. 

A formal look featuring a curly pompadour.


16. Layered Curls

What could be better than a relaxed look with layered curls? Opt for a sophisticated yet stylish look with natural layered curls, creating dimension and movement.

A wavy look with layered curls.


17. Tapered Curly Haircut

Opt for a taper fade that gradually fades away as we move from the top to the bottom. This smooth transition look can be paired with a flowy top for the perfect contrasting look while adding texture and volume.

A clean look with a tapered curly cut


18. Messy Curly Hair

For a relaxed and carefree look, go for messy curly hair and allow it to move freely. The natural and free look can help conceal any area with infrequent hair while also maintaining a chic look for everyday wear.

A relaxed look with messy curly hair.


19. Curly Undercut with Design

Pair an undercut with an intricate design for added smartness. Prefer a minimal design for a cool and sophisticated look. This creative and elegant option is perfect for those who love to make a bold statement with their style.  

A smart appearance with a curly undercut with design.


20. Short Afro with Curls

Keep the afro hairstyle short and trimmed for a neat and classic look. The short afro cut is a well-groomed hairstyle, perfect for thin, curly hair. This polished and refined appearance can be the perfect option for formal and casual wear both. 

Low-maintenance hairstyle featuring short afro hair.


21. Textured Curls with Beard

Add to the masculine and bold look by pairing textured curls with a well-groomed beard. The stylish yet sophisticated look creates a rugged look, making the hairstyle perfect for any occasion. 

Masculine look with textured curls and beard.


22. Curly Half-up Half Down

For a distinctive look, opt for a curly half-up and half-down. This stylish yet sophisticated hairstyle features half of the hair tied in a bun while the rest flows freely. The hairstyle offers a trendy and fashionable look, perfect for curly, thin hair. 

A stylish look wit curly half-up and half-down hairstyle.


23. Wavy Mohawk with Curls

Style a wavy curly top into a mohawk for a cool and bold look. This unique and distinctive look is certain to turn heads, making this cool hairstyle the favorite of many. 

A cool look with a wavy mohawk.


24. Curly Bowl Cut

Opt for a trendy and distinctive look with a curly bowl cut. This sleek haircut features hair cut in an even size overall, offering a bowl-like appearance. The even cutting adds to the volume and texture of this trendy hairstyle, covering up the thinning hair. 

A modern and unique look with a bowl cut.


25. Curly Slick Back with Fade

Create a sleek and sophisticated haircut with curly hair slicked to the back, paired with faded sides and back. Styling products like gel or pomade gently set the slicked-back curls, making the hairstyle perfect for a formal occasion. 

A formal appearance with a curly slicked back cut with fade.


26. Curly High Top Fade

Style curly, thin hair with a high top fade for a bold and eye-catching look. The contrasting look offers a trendy yet elegant look, making the hairstyle perfect for both casual and formal occasions. 

A classic appearance with a curly high top fade.


27. Curly Undercut with Long Fringe

Pair your cool curly hair with a sophisticated undercut, and add a long fringe for a cherry-on-top look. The stylish fringe catches all the attention while adding texture and volume, making the hairstyle perfect for thin hair. 

A classic hairstyle featuring a curly undercut with fringe.


28. Curly Mohawk with Undercut

Combining a curly mohawk with an undercut may be one of the best decisions when it comes to hairstyles. This bold and edgy look can effectively conceal any thinning areas while also maintaining an exclusive appearance. 

A cool look with a curly mohawk paired with an undercut.


29. Curly Comb Over Fade

Create a comb-over hairstyle with curly hair on top and pair the look with faded sides and back. This combination creates a stylish look that can be dressed up or down, depending on the event. 

A classic look with a curly comb over.


30. Curly Pixie Cut

Opt for a pixie cut, which is low-maintenance yet stylish and perfect for thinning hair. The hairstyle creates a cool and trendy appearance that is certain to turn heads. 

A cool look with a curly pixie cut.


31. Curly Bangs

Nothing can go wrong with carefree curly bangs. The playful bangs create a relaxed yet stylish look, covering up the thinning areas with perfection while also presenting a chic appearance. 

A carefree look with curly bangs.


32. Messy Curly Bun

A messy, curly bun offers a relaxed yet polished look. The sleek look adds texture while also providing an effortlessly cool appearance, making the hairstyle perfect for casual occasions. 

A relaxed look with a curly bun.


33. Curly Taper Fade

For a polished appearance, opt for a curly taper fade. The clean taper fade sides paired with a long curly top is just what you need to up your fashion game while also looking out for the thinning hair. 

A sleek look with curly taper fade


34. Long Defined Curls

Let your curly hair grow and define the curls with styling products for a chic look. The curls create a striking appearance, providing a relaxed look perfect for a casual outing. 

A classic look with long defined curls.


35. Curly French Crop

Keep your hair short and make it interesting with a French crop. The hairstyle creates a modern and sleek look, perfect to be styled for a casual outing. 

A textured look with a curly French crop.


36. Curly Textured Top with Taper Fade

Go for a curly textured top and pair it with a taper fade for a timeless appearance. The textured look covers thinning areas, adding texture and dimension to the sophisticated hairstyle. 

A classic textured top with taper.



While dealing with thinning hair can be challenging, it is crucial to opt for hairstyles that add texture, volume, and dimension and create a timeless appearance. From classic pompadours for curly thin hair to messy curly hairstyles, the men’s fashion world has come a long way. With these stylish 36 ideas, up your fashion game and present a cool and classy look this year.

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