38 Men Braids Hairstyles For Prom

Prom is a significant event where every style matters. For men looking to make a bold statement, opt for braided hairstyles that offer a unique and distinctive look. These hairstyles can be dressed up or down, depending on the formality of the event.

This guide will help you explore the 38 best braided hairstyles, ensuring you stand out with sophistication and class. 

38 Braid Hairstyles for Prom

1. Classic Cornrows

A timeless style where the hair is braided close to the scalp in straight lines. This hairstyle offers a classy and appealing look, certain to make a bold statement.

A sleek look with classic cornrows.

2. Box Braids

These individual braids are not attached to the scalp, presenting a need and versatile look. This hairstyle offers a chic appearance, making it perfect to be styled for prom. 

A stylish look with box braids.

3. French Braids

A more intricate style where the braid offers a unique look. This braided style creates a smooth and sophisticated appearance, making it offer a timeless and chic look.

A classy look with french braids.

4. Dutch Braids

Similar to French braids, Dutch braids are a unique option that can offer a classy and stylish look with perfection. This hairstyle presents a bold and contemporary look that is certain to turn heads.

A bold and chic look with dutch braids.

5. Fishtail Braids

A unique pattern that resembles a fishtail, is a sleek hairstyle option. These braids add a textured appearance, making it perfect for semi-formal and formal settings.

A cool look with fishtail braids.

6. Halo Braid

A halo braid features a style with a braid that wraps around the head, offering a luxurious and fancy look. This sophisticated look makes a great hairstyle, perfect for semi-formal and formal gatherings.

A stylish look with halo braids.

7. Braided Bun

Present a relaxed yet refined look with the convenience of a bun combined with the elegance of braids. This hairstyle features multiple braids gathered and styled into a bun at the back of the head. 

A bold and chic look with braided bun.

8. Braided Mohawk

Present a sleek style for prom with a braided mohawk that features short or faded sides and back with a braided strip of hair in the middle extending to the middle of the back of the neck.

A contemporary style with braided mohawk.

9. Zigzag Braids

Make a bold statement with braids that follow a zigzag pattern, creating an eye-catching appearance. This modern twist to the traditional braids is certain to offer a chic look for prom.

A cool look with zig zag braid.

10. Snake Braids

Offer a chic look this prom with the snake braids that resemble a serpentine appearance. These braids add pattern and visual interest to the overall look with perfection. 

A classy look with snake braids.

11. Twist Braids

Go for two strands of hair twisted around each other for a bold look. These braids are easy to maintain, offering a contemporary style as well.

A contemporary style with twist braids.

12. Feed-In Braids

Go for braids that gradually add hair to create a classy and versatile look. This braiding style offers a natural and voluminous look, certain to make a bold statement.

A classy look with feed-in braids.

13. Spider Braids

Braids that radiate from a central point extending to the sides of the head, offering a spider-like appearance. This classy braiding option is something you definitely need to try for prom.

A stylish look with spider braids.

14. Braided Ponytail

Combine the convenience of ponytails with the sophistication of braids and offer a unique and distinctive hairstyle. This style offers a cool appearance, perfect for prom.

A bold and chic look with braided ponytail

15. Lemonade Braids

The lemonade braids, also known as side-swept braids, are a sleek option for formal and semi-formal occasions. This versatile braiding style is certain to make a bold statement.

A contemporary style with lemonade braid.

16. Braided Undercut

Offer a timeless look this prom with braids combined with the chic look of an undercut. The style offers a modern and edgy appearance, making it a suitable option for formal settings.

A cool look with braided undercut.

17. Braided Fade

Go for a sleek hairstyle with a braided fade that features a braided top with faded sides or back. This contrasting look is the perfect fit for any formal gathering like prom.

A contemporary style with braided fade.

18. Viking Braids

Present a sleek style this prom with Viking braids that offer a rugged and masculine look, certain to make a bold statement. These braids are bold, making them an ideal fit for men who prefer a rough and tough look.

A cool look with viking braid.

19. Cornrow Man Bun

Gather multiple cornrows and style them into a bun for a classy hairstyle. This look offers a neat and timeless look, making it the favorite of many.

A classy look with cornrows man bun.

20. Layered Braids

Braids of different lengths, offering a sleek and sophisticated appearance, are the perfect hairstyle when it comes to styling for prom. This look can offer a timeless appearance, standing out with perfection.

A stylish look with layered braids.

21. Intricate Pattern Braids

Combine the elegance of braids with a visually interesting pattern for a look that stands out with perfection. This look has the potential to make a bold statement while presenting a sophisticated look as well.

A classy look with intricate patterns.

22. Side Braids

Go for a sleek look that features braids styled to one side, offering a timeless appearance. This style is fancy and rich, sure to stand out.

A cool look with side braids.

23. Braided Top Knot

Braids that are gathered into a top knot, combining both comfort and style with perfection. This look is both sophisticated and fancy, making it perfect for prom. 

A bold and chic look with braided top knot.

24. Multi-Braid Combo

For a unique look, combine different braid styles in one hairstyle. This timeless and chic look is perfect to be styled for prom.

A contemporary style with multi braid combo.

25. Braid and Twist Combo

Offer a distinctive look this prom with the combination of braids and twists and stand out with your hairstyle. This look offers a unique finish, making it perfect for promwear. 

A cool look with braid twist combo.

26. Crisscross Braids

Braids that crisscross each other for a detailed pattern are the ideal fit for any formal occasion. This style is a bit complex but is sure to offer an appealing look.

A contemporary style with crisscross braids.

27. Braided Crown

Go for a braid that wraps around the head, offering a crown-like appearance, which is exactly what you need this prom. This stylish hairstyle is a sleek option, making it the favorite of many.

A cool look with braided crown.

28. Braid with Fringe

Offer a sleek look this prom with a braid with fringe that features a braid with a sleek fringe at the front, presenting a contemporary style with perfection.

A classy look with braid with fringe.

29. Half-Braided Hairstyle

Braid the top half of the head while letting the other half flow free. This hairstyle is a sleek option, allowing for various looks. 

A stylish look with half-braided style.

30. Geometric Braids

Present a cool and classy look for any formal occasion with a geometric braid. This hairstyle features braids styled in a geometric pattern, offering a unique and attractive appearance.

A bold and chic look with geometric braids.

31. Braided Part

Make a bold statement with the braid that serves as a parting line in the hair. This subtle detail adds a contemporary look, certain to make a bold statement.

A contemporary style with braided part.

32. Spiral Braids

Go for a unique look this prom with spiral braids that go around the head for a classy look. This style is intricate and appealing, making it stand out with unmatched perfection.

A cool look with spiral braids.

33. Diamond Pattern Braids

These braids form a diamond pattern on the scalp, offering a versatile and fancy look. This unique braiding style is perfect to be styled for any formal occasion. 

A cool look with diamond braids.

34. Braided Headband

A braid that acts as a headband pulling the hair away from the face. This style is practical and stylish, maintaining both comfort and class.

A classy look with braided headband.

35. Long Braid

This classy braid option adds a visually interesting appearance. The long hairstyle can serve as a classy look, perfect to be opted for any formal occasion like prom. 

A classy look with long braids.

36. Tight Rope Braids

For a practical and refined look, go for tight rope braids featuring a tight braiding style, striking the perfect balance between comfort and chicness.

A bold and chic look with tight rope braids.

37. Braided Bun and Dread

Offer a relaxed and carefree vibe for the prom with a braided bun with dread. This hairstyle option presents a calm and laidback look while maintaining a bit of refinement too.

A stylish look with braided bun and dread.

38. Highlighted Braids

Offer a timeless look with highlighted braids and a pop of color. This hairstyle adds a vibrant and energetic look, perfect to be styled for prom.

A stylish look with highlighted braid.


Choosing the right raided hairstyle can significantly enhance your overall look, making you stand out with confidence and class. From classic cornrows to laidback loose braids, the world of men’s hairstyle fashion has a lot to offer for every taste and personality. With this guide, present a chic look for prom with your unique braid hairstyle and ace it like a true fashionista!

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