40 Long Hairstyle Ideas For Men

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This year, embrace a long and flowy hairstyle with creativity and style. From classic sleek styles to trendy man buns, the world of men’s hair fashion has come a long way. 

This guide will help you explore the 40 best long hairstyle ideas for men, helping you offer a new and refined appearance.

40 Long Hairstyle Ideas

1. Messy Bun 

Offer a relaxed and casual look with a messy bun that features hair tied into a loose bun, offering a carefree and relaxed vibe. This laid-back look is perfect for a casual day out. 

A messy yet stylish appearance with a messy bun.


2. Beachy Waves 

This hairstyle, inspired by the waves of the ocean, presents a tousled and relaxed look. The refined waves make the hairstyle perfect for a day on the beach. 

A carefree look with wavy hair.


3. Textured Crop

A modern and low-maintenance hairstyle, characterized by subtle layers and texture, offering a polished look, making the hairstyle perfect for formal and informal events both. 

A unique and classy look with textured crop.


4. Bohemian Vibes

Combine the bohemian aesthetic with long hair for a unique and polished look. This hairstyle can also be styled with a bunch of accessories like headbands or beads for an uplifted appearance.

A stylish and distinctive look with bohemian inspired style.


5.  Classic Straight and Sleek

For a timeless and versatile look, go for a classic straight and sleek hairstyle. This hairstyle features long and straight hair, offering a sophisticated and refined look. 

A straight and sleek look, perfect for casual wear.


6. Messy Bedhead

Embrace a carefree and laid-back vibe with a messy look. This hairstyle features a messy look with tousled locks, offering a relaxed and casual look, perfect for informal outings. 

A stylish yet laid-back look with long messy hair.


7. Surfer Dude

Inspired by the beach lifestyle, this hairstyle features long hair with a natural appearance. The flowy and effortlessly cool appearance of the hair offers an adventurous look that is perfect for a surfing day. 

A carefree look with long sun-kissed hair.


8. Braided Styles

With braided designs, this hairstyle offers a unique and distinctive look. From simple and casual braids to more complex ones, this hairstyle offers a wide range of styles.

Intricate details with braided styles for a polished look.


9. Top Knot

A trendy and practical hairstyle in which the long hair is gathered and tied into a knot at the top of the head, making the hairstyle unique and convenient. The casual and carefree look of the hairstyle is what makes it perfect for a relaxed day out. 

A refined appearance with top knots.


10. Shaggy Layers

This hairstyle features long hair cut into layers, adding texture and a voluminous look. The long and flowy hair in this hairstyle adds a sleek and sophisticated look to the hairstyle, making it perfect for a casual outing. 

A layered and voluminous look with shaggy layers.


11. Undercut with Long Top

For a distinctive look, combine short sides with a longer and flowy top. The sides can be faded or cleaned, offering a clean and easy-to-manage look. 

A sleek and stylish look with an undercut with a long top.


12. Curly Locks

Offer a trendy and effortlessly cool appearance with defined curls. Let the curls flow and embrace the natural texture of your hair. This hairstyle, with its relaxed look, can be styled for a casual day out. 

A tousled and carefree look with wavy hair.


13. Ponytail

A chic ponytail is a classic and versatile option perfect for styling in warmer weather. The hair is gathered and tied at the back of the head, offering a practical and refined look. 

A cool and easy-to-manage look with a ponytail.


14. Slicked Back

This sleek hairstyle is achieved by applying styling products like gel or pomade for a slicked-back look. This hairstyle presents a polished and refined look, perfect for a formal event. 

A refined appearance with a slicked back look.


15. Faux Hawk

Adding a twist to the traditional mohawk, the faux hawk look presents hair styled upward in the middle of the head, offering a chic and bold appearance.

A sleek and sophisticated look with a faux hawk.


16. Long Fringe

The long fringe hairstyle offers a unique and distinctive look with a long and flowy top covering the forehead. This hairstyle presents a sophisticated and refined look, perfect for a casual day out.

A unique look with a long fringe.


17. Dreadlocks

This hairstyle features long hair styled into dreadlocks, presenting a put-together and neat look. The dreadlocks, with their sleek appearance, are the perfect option for both casual and formal outings.

A put together look with dreadlocks.


18. Layered Bangs

Add layers to the front hairline, and present a chic hairstyle with textures and layers. This fine hairstyle offers a stylish look while also complimenting the face shape.

A unique look with layered bangs.


19.  Layered Locks

Add layers to your long hair, and there you go with one of the finest long hairstyles for men. This hairstyle offers a relaxed yet sophisticated look, putting forward a youthful appearance. 

A flowy and voluminous look with layered locks.


20. Man Bun

For a convenient and easy-to-manage look, go for a man bun. This hairstyle features long hair gathered into a bun, providing a practical yet stylish look for men.

A unique look with a man bun.


21. Side Part

Go for a stylish and timeless look with a classic side part. This hairstyle features parting the hair into two, with one side being more extensive than the other. This sleek look offers a relaxed and carefree vibe perfect for a casual day out.

A distinctive and relaxed appearance with a side part.


22. Bun with Loose Strands

Add a relaxed and sophisticated look with a bun with loose strands. This hairstyle features hair tied into a loose bun, framing the face for a softer and laid-back look.

A carefree look with a bun with loose strands.


23. Half-Up Half-Down

Combine the convenience of a ponytail with the stylish appearance of loose hair. This hairstyle features half of the hair tied up in a bun while the other half is left open for a practical yet refined appearance. 

A relaxed yet polished look with half-up and half-down long hair.


24. Long and Layered with Bangs

For a sophisticated appearance, add layers and bangs to long hair. This hairstyle adds texture and volume, enhancing the facial features while also presenting a smart look.

A soft layered look with bangs.


25. Textured Waves

Enhance the natural waves of your long hair by using products that present a trendy and fashionable appearance. This hairstyle with flowy and wavy hair, offers a stylish yet sophisticated appearance, making the hairstyle perfect for a relaxed day.

A unique and cool look with textured waves.


26. Long and Straight with Center Part

With long and straight hair, go for a center part and present one of the finest long hairstyle ideas. This trendy yet elegant look is perfect for formal events or everyday wear. 

An elegant hairstyle featuring long hair with a central part.


27. Braided Ponytail

Combine the elegance of braids with an easy-to-manage ponytail for a sleek yet relaxed look. This hairstyle features braided sections gathered into a ponytail and presents a classy look. 

A convenient hairstyle featuring a braided ponytail.


28. Tousled Curls

Embrace tousled and voluminous curls for a carefree and relaxed vibe. The defined yet flowy curls add texture to the long hair, offering a playful appearance.

A relaxed and flowy look with tousled curls.


29. Bun with Undercut

For a sleek appearance, go for a bun with a trendy undercut and present one of the finest hairstyle ideas for long hair. The voluminous bun paired with an undercut offers a contrasting yet stylish appearance, perfect for a casual day out.

A classy and contrasting look with a bun and undercut.


30. Classic Rocker

Inspired by rockstar aesthetics, the classic rocker hairstyle features messy hair with a middle part. This sleek hairstyle offers a rebellious and modern look, offering an effortlessly cool appearance.

A stylish appearance with middle part.


31. Long and Layered with Side Swept Bangs

Offer a stylish appearance with long and layered hair paired with side-swept bangs. This unique look adds softness and perfectly enhances the facial features, making it perfect for a casual appearance.

A smart look with side-swept bangs.


32. Braided Half-Up Half-Down

Combine the convenient braided fashion with a half-up and half-down hairstyle for a distinctive yet stylish appearance. This bohemian-inspired look offers a cool and unique look, making it perfect for a casual as well as a formal event.

A classy look with a braided half-up and half-down look.


33. Slicked Back with Beard

Pair slicked-back hair with a well-groomed beard for a classy and masculine look. This hairstyle offers the perfect formal look, offering sophistication and refinement at the same time.

A chic look with slicked-back hair and beard.


34. Long and Textured with Beard

Allow long hair to grow with texture and pair it with a beard for a rugged and bold appearance. The combination of these two makes the hairstyle offer a modern and edgy look, perfect for those who love to make a bold statement. 

A rugged look with long and textured hair.


35. Braided Undercut

Combine the sleek undercut with the intricate details of a braid for a unique and refined appearance. This haircut offers a modern and edgy look, making it perfect to be styled for everyday wear.

A polished look with a braided undercut.


36. Long and Layered with a Headband

Go for a stylish yet laid-back look with a headband for a cool and classy appearance. Add layers to your long hair and present a textured and voluminous look, offering a relaxed and carefree appearance. 

A unique look with a long and layered hairstyle with a headband.


37. Textured Bun

Create a bun with texture for a sleek and refined look. This convenient and practical hairstyle is perfect to be styled for the warmer weather, offering protection from the scorching heat. 

A smart look with a textured bun.


38. Long and Wavy with Side Part

Keep long hair wavy with a side part and offer a sleek and sophisticated appearance. This chic look can be styled for various occasions and personal styles, offering a range of fashionable looks. 

A carefree look with long and wavy hair.


39. Braided Crown

Create a braided crown with intricate details for a practical yet exclusive appearance. The braids combined with long hair make this hairstyle unique and perfect for making a bold statement. 

A distinctive look with a braided crown.


40. Long and Flowing

Create a relaxed and carefree look with your long and flowy hair. Allow your hair to flow naturally and embrace the chic texture of your hair. This classy yet laidback look of the hairstyle makes it perfect for casual events and everyday wear. 

A classy look with a long and flowing top.



The world of men’s hair fashion offers a wide range of styles, complementing your face shape and personal style. From a high-class slicked-back look to a much more casual messy bedhead style, long hairstyle ideas for men have come a long way. With these stylish 40 hairstyle ideas for men, get ready to flaunt your long hair in the best way possible!

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