42 Men Dress Shoes For Wedding

Selecting the right pair of dress shoes is not only a matter of style but also a reflection of your personality and the event’s formality. Whether you’re a groom, groom’s man, or just attending a wedding, presenting a chic style with the perfect footwear is crucial.

This guide will help you explore the 42 best dress shoes ideas, helping you make a bold statement and present an unforgettable appearance. 

42 Dress Shoes Ideas for Weddings

1. Black Cap-toe Oxford

A classic choice with a black cap toe featuring a sleek design with a cap-like pattern across the toe. The classy look of cap-toe Oxfords makes them perfect to be styled for versatile and formal occasions. 

A sleek look with black cap-toe Oxfords.

2. Wholecut Oxford

Made from a single piece of leather, a whole-cut Oxford is all you need to make a minimalistic yet bold statement. The sleek and uninterrupted look of whole-cut Oxfords presents a unique and distinctive look, perfect for formal gatherings.

An uninterruptive look with wholecut Oxfords.

3. Wingtip Oxford

The wingtip Oxford, with its perforated design, adds a touch of elegance and style to the whole look. Its refined look makes the paired outfit perfect for formal and semi-formal events.

A unique look with wingtip Oxford shoes.

4. Patent Leather Oxford

Nothing provides a more glossy look than patent leather Oxfords. The polished appearance of these dress shoes makes them perfect to be styled for extra formal gatherings, making them offer a bold and high-class appearance. 

A glossy look with patent leather Oxfords.

5. Brogue Oxford

The Brogue Oxfords is a sleek footwear option that combines the exclusiveness of Oxfords with the distinctiveness of Brogues. The classy look of this footwear option makes it the perfect fit for any formal gathering. 

A refined look with Brogue Oxfords.

6. Black Leather Derby

Nothing can go wrong with a classy and stylish look of black leather derbies. They offer a relaxed yet polished appearance, perfect to be styled for a wedding. 

A modern look with black leather derby.

7. Brown Leather Derby

Offer a warmer and more relaxed look this wedding season with a pair of brown leather derbies. The sleek look of these shoes is the perfect fit for formal and casual weddings. 

A classy look with brown leather derbies.

8. Suede Derby

Add texture and a more refined look to your wedding outfit with a pair of suede derbies. With its textured and distinctive look, it is certain to add visual interest to your formal outfit.

A sleek textured look with suede derbies.

9. Two-eyelet Derby

The minimalistic yet bold look, with two eyelids for lacing, is exactly what you need for this wedding season. Go for the unique design with derbies and make the footwear the perfect fit for a formal event.

A glossy look with two eye-let derby shoes.

10. Cap-toe Derby

Combine the sophistication of cap-toe design with the boldness of derbies to present the perfect look for wedding season. The balanced yet striking look of cap-toe derbies is the perfect option for formal wear. 

A classy look with cap-toe Oxfords.

11. Tassel Loafers

The tassel loafers feature tassels on top, offering a stylish and contemporary look. Nothing can be a more perfect fit for outdoor weddings than tassel loafers.

A versatile look with tassel loafers.

12. Penny Loafers

Present a classy look this wedding season with a pair of penny loafers featuring a strap across the top with a diamond-shaped cutout. The versatile choice can be opted for for both formal and semi-formal weddings.

A sleek look with penny loafers.

13. Bit Loafers

With a metal ornament on the top, a pair of bit loafers have the potential to make a sophisticated yet classy statement. Bit loafers offer a sleek style that is perfect to be styled for the wedding season.

A polished look with bit loafers.

14. Velvet Loafers

Luxurious and eye-catching, a pair of velvet loafers offers a touch of elegance, perfect for the wedding season. The sleekness of this formal footwear is best suited for extra formal weddings.

A distinctive appearance with velvet loafers.

15. Leather Loafers

Simple yet refined, leather loafers offer a touch of luxury, making them perfect for pairing with a formal suit. Depending on the wedding dress code, leather loafers can be dressed up or down.

A classy look with polished leather loafers.

16. Single Monk Strap

The classy appearance of single monk strap shoes featuring a single strap with buckle closure makes them perfect to be styled for both formal and informal events. 

A bold look with single monk strap shoes.

17. Double Monk Strap

Add a twist to the single monk strap shoes with double straps and buckle closure. The stylish and versatile look can be opted by both grooms and those attending the wedding. 

A smart look with double monk strap shoes.

18. Suede Monk Strap

Combine the textured suede look with the distinctive look of monk strap shoes and make a bold statement. This sleek appearance of this formal footwear is certain to turn heads.

A bold look with suede monk strap shoes.

19. Polished Leather Monk Strap

Present a stylish look with a polished leather monk strap featuring the elegance of leather combined with the bold appearance of monk strap shoes. The smart footwear can be styled for both formal and semi-formal events.

A chic look with polished leather monk strap shoes.

20. Buckle Monkstrap

Add a refined look to your monk strap shoes by opting for a buckle closure. The sleek look is perfect for fashion-conscious grooms or guests.

A bold look with buckle monk strap shoes.

21. Leather Dress Boots

What could be better than the fanciness of leather combined with the practicability of dress boots? For outdoor or garden weddings, make sure to present a refined look with stylish leather dress boots.

A modern look with dress boots.

22. Chelsea Boots

Present a sophisticated and elegant look this wedding season with a pair of Chelsea boots. These boots feature a side panel, offering a timeless look that is perfect for weddings with a semi-formal dress code. 

A sleek and sophisticated look with Chelsea boots.

23. Chukka Boots

With their ankle-high length and two-eyelet design, chukka boots can offer a bold and elegant look at the same time. The classy look of these boots makes them perfect to be styled for a wedding. 

A classy option with Chukka boots.

24. Wingtip Boots

Similar to the wingtip Oxfords, but with a twist of boots, wingtip boots have the potential to offer a chic outfit for a wedding. This footwear features decorative perforations and a wing-like pattern on the toe cap. 

A sleek look with wingtip boots.

25. Lace-up Boots

The lace-up boots feature a timeless style with lacing extending to the top of the ankle. The relaxed yet refined look of these boots makes them perfect for style in semi-formal settings.

A sleek look with lace-up boots.

26. Linen Loafers

With its lightweight and breathable material, linen loafers offer a relaxed yet refined look. The easy-going fabric of linen loafers makes them perfect to be styled for weddings in the warmer months. 

A breathable look with linen loafers.

27. Suede Loafers

Nothing can go wrong with the suede textured fabric paired with the elegance of loafers. The luxurious combination of these two makes the footwear perfect for formal and semi-formal settings.

A bold look with suede loafers.

28. Leather Moccasins

Leather Moccasins, known for their comfort and versatility, are the perfect fit for formal weddings. The laidback and polished look of leather moccasins is ideal for outdoor or beach weddings.

A bold look with leather moccasins.

29. Boat Shoes

Nothing can be more suitable for beach weddings than stylish boat shoes. The casual yet classy look of these boat shoes provides the perfect look for formal gatherings, making them the favorite of many.

A classy look with boat shoes.

30. Dress Sneakers

Combine the relief of sneakers with the elegance of dress shoes, and make a bold statement with your style. The bold look of this formal footwear can be opted for modern and easygoing weddings. 

A relaxed and refined look with dress sneakers.

31. Embossed Leather Oxfords

This stylish footwear features exciting patterns on the top, adding texture and offering a contemporary look. The classy appearance of embossed leather Oxfords is the ideal choice for the formal gathering of a wedding. 

A classy look with embossed leather Oxfords.

32. Hand-Painted Leather Loafers

Embrace the hand-painted designs with a pair of hand-painted leather loafers, offering a timeless and versatile look. The personalized look adds an element of sophistication and elegance to the outfit, making it perfect for formal gatherings.

A smart look with hand-painted loafers.

33. Perforated Leather Shoes

Similar to brogues, make a bold statement with a pair of perforated leather shoes. The sleek and stylish look of this footwear makes it a versatile choice for weddings.

A bold look with perforated leather shoes.

34. Patent Leather and Velvet Dress Shoes

Combine the glossy look of patent leather shoes with the elegance of velvet. The sleek combination is all you need to up your fashion game this wedding season. 

A sleek look with patent leather and velvet dress shoes.

35. Metallic Finish Dress Shoes

Make a bold statement with the classy and glossy look of metallic finish dress shoes. The bold appearance of this formal footwear makes it perfect to be styled for weddings.

A sleek look with metallic finish.

36. Leather Mules

With the practicability and easygoing look of mules, they are the perfect fit for both casual and formal settings. These classy footwear features a slip-on style, making them offer both comfort and style at the same time. 

A bold look with leather mules.

37. Leather Sandals

The versatility of leather combined with the comfort of leather is exactly what you need to up the fashion game. The carefree look of this footwear is perfect for weddings with a casual and relaxed setting. 

A laid-back look with leather sandals.

38. Brown Shoes for Tan Suits

Opt for a pair of brown shoes in a sleek shade, perfect to be styled with tan suits and those in similar shades. The contemporary hue of such dress shoes makes them the favorite of many, and rightfully so. 

A classy look with brown shoes.

39. Black Shoes for Charcoal Suit

Go for bold and sleek black-shaded shoes, perfect to be paired with a charcoal suit and those with similar shades. The modest and sophisticated black color is the classiest option when it comes to weddings. 

A contemporary look with black shoes.

40. Dark Brown Shoes for Blue Suits

Make a bold appearance this wedding season with dark brown shoes paired with stylish blue suits. The contrasting yet classy look is exactly what you need for this wedding season. 

A bold look with dark brown shoes.

41. Light Brown Shoes for Beige Suits

Make a bold statement with lightly colored beige suits paired with the elegant hues of light brown shoes, offering a polished outfit. The light brown shoes offer a calm yet fancy look, uplifting the overall look with unmatched perfection. 

A sleek look with light brown shoes.

42. White Shoes

Nothing can go wrong with the sleek and versatile look of white-colored shoes, which are ideal for formal settings such as weddings. The minimal yet bright shade of white is the classiest option when it comes to weddings in warmer months. 

A sophisticated look with white shoes.


While the choice of dress shoes for a wedding is a difficult decision to make, the wide range of formal footwear makes it somewhat convenient. From classy Oxford shoes to laidback sandals, there’s an option for every taste and personality. With this helpful guide, make sure to offer a flawless look for the big day and leave everyone in awe!

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