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Modern Gentleman is my personal view on the world of men. Words and images that I share on this site are part of my personal taste and behavior. In todays modern world where true style, manners and taste have lost its place, and are replaced by kitsch, snobbery, tasteless fashion and insensitive behavior between man and woman, Modern Gentleman will do its best to promote and reinstall these virtues where they belong, and that is at the top of every man’s list.

You may think that taste and style are not the virtues important to men, but if you think good enough you will see that they are. Having a style is not about flashy clothes or fancy accessories. To have a style is to show respect to fellow men and women. To show up at a meeting on time, to dressed for the occasion, to show respect with your clothes, behavior and actions. Don’t all these things represent personal style?

I believe that every man should be a gentleman. First thing that turns man into gentleman is his manners and his behavior towards other people. This is the foundation on which you can build and create your personal style according to your taste. Founder and editor-in-chief of Modern Gentleman, Nikola Mileta will help you in your efforts to become a better man. Better dressed, with more taste and with manners that will leave every person in your surroundings speechless.

And to describe it even better I will quote this sentence from an unknown author which states:

“A well-dressed gentleman knows that, once he has left a party, it is not his clothes that will be remembered. Instead, his friends, new and old, will comment on the pleasure of his company and the charm of his conversation.”

I hope you will find something useful on these pages and that you’ll have a pleasurable stay.


* I do not own some of the pictures on this web site and if you own copyright of some of them and want them removed please contact me and I will remove them immediately.

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