Spotlight on Aigle: French But Wild

The truly enlightened gentleman possesses an abiding respect for nature coupled with an inquisitive mind and a taste for fun. All these timeless characteristics are on display in the first set to launch in October for the venerable French clothier Aigle. More short, aspirational film than standard TV commercial fare, the piece is designed to reinforce the company’s new brand signature “French But Wild” and takes the viewer on a lighthearted, uplifting romp through ever more spectacular vistas by means of a spirited game of badminton played by three friends. Here’s the commercial:

Life Without Boundaries

A life without boundaries, where man and nature coexist in harmony is the message the French But Wild campaign seeks to promote. The company’s high quality outdoor garments as presented here are an elegant response to the harshest conditions, providing freedom of movement and effortless protective ability while retaining their stylish cut and contemporary awareness.

The French But Wild campaign will be a multifaceted effort encompassing a number of electronic media including TV, social media and, of course, the company’s own website. As part of that effort Aigle will launch a simultaneous Instagram contest on October 3rd intended to reinforce the new brand signature wherein contestants will have a chance to win a fabulous trip.

The Way of the Aigle

It’s hard to believe that this is the first international TV spot for Aigle (French for “eagle”) who have been such an essential commercial expression of the French Patrimony since 1853. But it is. And as such the company were keen to ensure this piece established for an international audience the company’s core values and unique vision. To assist them in their efforts they enlisted the services of director Sean Meehan of Paris based production company Hellostranger. Since their founding in 2013 Hellostranger have gained a considerable reputation for their clean, engaging visuals, strong compositions and lack of artifice, which made them the perfect choice to handle Aigle’s first international foray.

Director Meehan and the creative team at Hellostranger delved deep into the culture of Aigle in search of its essential values. The resulting film/commercial is an expression of what they found. A leading edge clothier born of a simpler time that has found purpose in a world desperately in need of simple truths: style, practicality, an enduring appreciation of detail and complete lack of pretentiousness. The Aigle presented here is the holder of the flame; the spiritual descendant of the great clothier’s past whose focus and dedication to their craft trumped a blind pursuit of profit.

Celebrate Nature/Celebrate Life

Be a part of history when Aigle launch their first ever international TV spot on October 8, 2016 and don’t forget to sign up for an opportunity to celebrate life by winning an amazing travel opportunity through their parallel Instagram contest.

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