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man and woman out in the sun

Well gentlemen, it’s officially time to say hello to your summer wardrobe.  This should also includes ties.  A true modern gentleman pays attention to every aspect of their wardrobe.  In warmer weather, finding the balance between keeping cool and looking cool can be tricky.

Suit coats don’t mix well with a hot sun, but t-shirts and shorts won’t cut it for the office or special events either. There are plenty of ways you can dress well, wear ties and stay cool during the summer months.  This article will focus on the ties that look and feel cool once the weather warms up.

Make your summer look sizzle by accessorizing with a necktie. While the weather is warm you must put down your winter wool ties, the darker colors and instead opt for vibrant colors, lightweight materials and playful patterns.

Summer patterns can seem intimidating, but once you figure out how to mix and match, they become much easier and you will truly stand out and look forward to wearing ties during the summer. Habit will slowly turn to obsession.

Whether you wear neckties or bow ties, here are our favorite summer trends and the knowledge you need to stay tie stylish for the summer of 2018 and beyond.

Cool Summer Tie Basics

colorful row of neckties

Tie Fabrics

Fabrics such as cotton, linen and silk blend ties are summer classics. Summer ties are versatile, too. You can wear your lightweight tie to a family picnic or add character to your everyday business look.

Tie Patterns

Plaid, and polka dot are definite summer dos. Since it’s summer, make a statement and look for ties in bright seasonal colors. When your tie has so much awesomeness going on, you can even opt for a bow tie, a slim tie or a skinny tie.

Summer plaid and polka dot ties can be bold, so be wary of mixing two very strong patterns together. Instead, complete the outfit with a muted shirt color such as a pale pink or powder blue to emphasize your great taste in ties.

It’s spring, things bloom in the spring, so don’t be afraid to add a little floral design to your tie rotation. It’s fun, laid-back, works for formal or casual, and is very versatile when it comes to what colors you can match it up with.  Plus, ladies love flowers even in ties.

Knitted Ties

man in suit with a red knitted tie

Knitted ties have become all the rage recently, and for a good reason. Knitted ties are at the less formal end of the neck-wear spectrum and can be used to dress down a suit or dress up a more casual outfit.

Knitted ties have a textured, loosely woven appearance and absence of interlining. Knit ties are made with lightweight materials that give your look an easy breezy feel They offer a more relaxed vibe and add texture to your attire.

Summer is the time for travel so knit ties are beneficial because you can find some reversible knit ties.  These will go with multiple outfits. The knit tie is perfect for travel. It won’t wrinkle (remember to roll it!) and it can go with several different outfits.


Do not hang knitted ties or they will stretch, resulting in a very long tie. Always roll knitted ties for storage. You can buy a sock storage box, or even a shoe box to keep your knitted ties looking crisp.

More and more brands are trying our different textures on their ties, Spring and summer means wedding season, and this means that there will be a lot of bowties. Summer bowties that are made with a fine satin, can last years. Be bold, be bright, and stand out.

Unusual Summer Ties

These next two types of ties are a little out of the box.

Pastel Paisley Texture

man in suit with pastel paisley tieTry a pastel paisley print for summertime formal wear, like a wedding. The key is that it must be a bright pastel, a dark pastel paisley print is more of a fall winter look.

Seersucker Tie

Summer is seersucker time. If you can’t quite handle going full-blown Jay Gatsby in a Seersucker suit you can get a seersucker tie that will have heads turning when you wear it to casual locations. Remember wrinkled ties aren’t a look, so be sure to keep these properly hung on a tie rack.

Tie Care & Storage

While you are out looking for your ties don’t forget to get some tie racks. These can be hung on your closet door and they serve a multi-purpose. You can hang your belts, suspenders along with your ties. So, make sure you get one that’s big enough to handle all your accessories or get multiple amounts of racks.  Women love an organized gentleman.

The summer isn’t only for t-shirts and shorts. The modern gentleman can wear ties that are not only cool and comfortable but stylish also.

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Ultimate Spring & Summer Fragrances [2018] Thu, 03 May 2018 14:47:47 +0000 Its spring and the weather is changing. that means it’s time to swap out the cologne. If you are the type of guy that wears only one or two fragrances its time to step your game up. The fragrance you wear is just as important — if not more important — as the unique clothing […]

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Its spring and the weather is changing. that means it’s time to swap out the cologne. If you are the type of guy that wears only one or two fragrances its time to step your game up. The fragrance you wear is just as important — if not more important — as the unique clothing styles you wear when it comes to conveying your personality.

Winter vs Summer Scents

back of man in a snowy forest

Much like your winter wardrobe the heavy strong winter cologne needs to go into hibernation. It’s time for the light, subtle tones perfect for summer. You can’t wear the same scent all year round (no matter how much you love it). The bottom line is much like your fashion routine is important and it changes from winter to summer, so should your choice of fragrance.

Heat causes fragrance to evaporate faster and project further; therefore, summer and winter scents will differ. If a scent is too powerful, it can become overwhelming in summer, so warmer months’ fragrances tend to be lighter and more refreshing, as opposed to winter fragrances which are rich and warm.

Colognes that have the words “blue “and “sport” are a quick reference guide that shows they are tailor-made for the summer.

Colognes Suggestions for Spring & Summer

bearded guy with shades in summer

I am giving you a few suggestions on the colognes you should look for and take a test smell. I have either smelled or bought these and you can’t go wrong with any of these in your collection. Also, these colognes won’t break the bank. You can smell like a million while keeping it under 100 dollars.

I have broken them down to 3 different categories:

HIGHER END COLOGNES –  These tend to be more expensive.  But well worth it.

Eros Blue from Versace

This has a pleasant smell, fresh a people pleaser. Not too complex. This woody fresh scent has a definitive oriental vibe that is daring and adventurous – just like you.

It features a crisp zing of mint oil embraced by fruity green apple and Italian lemon with memorable notes of geranium flowers in a succulently sensuous medley that clings to your skin all day.

This is a great scent, long-lasting and gives different tones as you wear it. The best of the higher end bunch.

Artisan Blu from John Varvatos

Awash with marine vibes, Artisan Blu from John Varvatos gets things off to a citrusy start with top notes of bergamot, lavender, melon and basil.

That segues into a floral heart of geranium, sage and iris. A base that incorporates pistachio, wood, resin and pine keep this top men’s fragrance in clean, masculine form.

This the most distinctive of the higher end group. Once you smell this you won’t forget it. If your goal is to stand out in a great way, this is the scent for you.

D & G Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana

Like a scented spray of Caribbean breeze, D & G Light Blue keeps you cool in hot summer weather.

Zesty top notes of mandarin and juniper give way to a heart of rosemary, pepper and rosewood while base notes like musk and incense keep things discernible masculine.

This cologne is extremely popular for good reason. It is an exhilarating cologne that lasts long and is a pleasure to smell.

THE CLASSIC BRANDS – You can’t go wrong with the classics.

Kenneth Cole Blue

Kenneth Cole Blue is a masculine scent with the intense vibrancy of citrus fruits take hold of your senses as the masculine heart reveals a strong force of ocean waves splashing into subtle warm undertones of cedar wood & amber (my personal favorite).

This is a lighter cologne but distinctive and it is long lasting.

Nautica Voyage and Nautica Blue Sail

Nothing pairs with a hot summer day quite like a cool ocean breeze. Nautica Voyage captures that seaside essence by way of a refreshing, long-lasting apple and lotus accord. Running underneath are notes of wood and musk for a perfect masculine touch.

Blue Sail is an aromatic, woody, fruity and aquatic fragrance for men. It opens with fresh, fruity notes of bergamot, pineapple and peach. The bergamot provides a citrusy freshness that is tangy and aromatic. The heart of this cologne features notes of water-lily and jasmine.

I put both in because they both are great daytime colognes. Not too sweet, not over powerful, perfect for boat rides.

Polo Blue and Polo Blue Sport

Polo Blue is a masculine scent with top notes are melon, mandarin orange and cucumber; middle notes are basil, sage and geranium; base notes are musk, woodsy notes and suede.

Blue Sport has a fresh, vibrant fragrance that makes you think of water. Its notes are Frosted Mint, Mandarin, Crunchy Apple, Crushed Leaves, Cedar Leaf, Water Fern, Ginger, Sage, Amberwood, Musk, Oak Moss, and Sandalwood.

These are Polo’s summer colognes, you can’t go wrong with either one, but these are inexpensive enough for you to get both and have your daytime (sport) cologne and your nighttime (blue) cologne.

UNDER THE RADAR – These colognes are not as well-known, so they can be a pleasant surprise.

V76 By Vaughn Blue Cedar

The V76 collection is progressively becoming the go-to grooming brand for the modern gentleman. Building on its legacy, the company has just expanded its line with an all-new eau de toilette featuring its trademark fragrance – Blue Cedar.

Exquisite notes of coconut milk, violet, Blue Cedar tree, and leather accents give this cologne a scent that is very distinctive and stands alone. This a harder to find cologne, but well worth the search, it is not super expensive but smells great. Another of my personal favorites.

Dior Homme Sport by Christian Dior

Dior Homme Sport is the apex of aromatic refreshment. This wildly popular and long-lasting summer cologne for men is bursting with floral and citrus fragrance, balanced by deep notes of Virginian cedar wood. Very light, yet a head turner. A daytime cologne.

Gentleman hack

How to Make Your Fragrance Last Longer in the Summer Heat?

You can make your fragrance last longer in summer by using soaps and layering products like body lotion or oil just make sure they are unscented, so your fragrance is not forced to compete.

I have given you have 10 different scents, all for the summer and that will fit into any budget. My suggestion is to go smell each of them and see how they smell on you. Make sure you bring some coffee beans to cleanse your scent palate while you are trying these out.


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Quick Cognac Guide for the Modern Gentleman Fri, 13 Apr 2018 12:46:14 +0000 Warm weather is  coming swiftly, and as usual the modern gentleman will be hosting and invited to many different functions, and all eyes will be on the gentleman because we stand out in this world as beacons of light.  At many of these functions there will be spirits flowing and every gentleman needs to have […]

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Warm weather is  coming swiftly, and as usual the modern gentleman will be hosting and invited to many different functions, and all eyes will be on the gentleman because we stand out in this world as beacons of light.  At many of these functions there will be spirits flowing and every gentleman needs to have knowledge of what they are drinking.

This article will focus on cognac the drink of royalty. We will give a brief history, explain the different types of cognac, explain how to drink it and what glass you should take your cognac in. Cognac is a good choice because a good bottle is as affordable as comparable other types of liquor (usually in the $25-$50 range), but you can also buy a $40,000 bottle of Remy Martin Louis XIII Rare Cask if you have that laying around.

Cognac is, basically, a type of brandy. That means it’s made by distilling wine, and then aging the resulting spirit in wood barrels. The main difference between Cognac and your basic brandy is the Cognac label can only be applied to the spirit if it was produced in a specific geographic region—the fittingly titled Cognac region of western France, a couple hundred miles southwest of Paris, and just a bit north of Bordeaux. Cognac was invented when farmers removed the water from wine to make it more portable on journeys (and cheaper when taxed by volume).

While some companies have their own unique ways of categorizing their Cognacs, here are the four most common categories, ranked by age, expense, and (usually) quality: V.S. – Very Special these cognacs are very young and is at least two years old.  V.S.O.P. – Very Superior Old Pale these are at least 4 years old. X.O. – Extra old and are at least 6 years old.  There are X.O. cognacs that are over 20 years old.

Drink it straight – if you dare

Water tends to make cognac somewhat bland, the ideal way to serve the spirit is neat, and at room temperature or slightly cooler.  This is the best way to drink cognac.  If you must use cognac in a cocktail, don’t waste money use only VS, the cheaper of all cognacs. The reason for this is because when you mix it with different chasers you lose the effect of the aging of the cognac.
Now I know you want to run to the store and get some different types of cognac, but before you go you must make sure you have the correct glasses for cognac, there is nothing worse than whipping out a bottle of cognac and putting it in a wine or a 12-ounce glass, you will hear chuckles and get side eyes.  Also, you don’t want to be walking around a party with a mixed cocktail glass with a few shots of cognac in it, not only would that get pricey, but you would not look like a gentleman who has knowledge.

There are many glasses but I will focus on 2 main ones the snifter and balloon glasses.  These are the glasses that if you have in your possession you cannot go wrong when drinking cognac.



If you are into a contemporary look combined with old-fashioned elegance, then check out this glass.  This Cognac glass is a balloon style.  This one is also made of thick glass and therefore gives the feeling of holding something substantial in your hand – very nice!  This glass has a heavy base and relatively thick rim.  It really is the modern take on the classic Cognac snifter.  If you have expensive cognac, this is the glass to use



This is the most classic Cognac glass is the balloon glass. Normally, balloon glasses, which have an extra-large bell and close inwards towards the top, are made of thin glass, this glass with a low base and a large surface for the Cognac to unfold its bouquet, with this glass you can’t go wrong.   It’ll be especially appreciated by those with a traditional approach to drinking Cognac.

The truth is that Cognac never goes out of style, much like gentlemen it is always good to have a cognac glass in your hand. Even cooks can use it, it can add smoke to cream sauces, such as those that bind porcini to pasta but now is the perfect time if it is going to have a moment.  So, the best thing about cognac is the fact that it is flexible enough that a modern gentleman can not only use it for after dinner drinks, it works with a cigar, with dinner or with as a cocktail.

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Ultimate Fragrance Guide to Attract Women Tue, 09 Jan 2018 07:00:03 +0000 One of the most overlooked parts of dating and being a gentleman is scent, it makes a big difference. Impress her olfactory senses and you will attract her.  Even when you are with your fellas, there’s no excuse to not be smelling good, or your abode smelling like a locker room. Times have changed, and new […]

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One of the most overlooked parts of dating and being a gentleman is scent, it makes a big difference. Impress her olfactory senses and you will attract her.  Even when you are with your fellas, there’s no excuse to not be smelling good, or your abode smelling like a locker room.

Times have changed, and new studies show that your scent is what’s the first thing most women are attracted to. You look better to girls when you smell great, and wearing good fragrance is part of proper etiquette.

Countless hotels and casinos, especially the high-end casinos on the Las Vegas strip, have been paying attention to this for quite some time. Pumping fragrances through ventilation ducts at these establishments isn’t anything new. If you like the aroma of a certain place, there’s a chance that you’ll rate your experience there more positively than you would have otherwise.

Scents bring back more emotional and evocative memories than words, sounds, looks, touches — even music. In fact, smells trigger our most emotionally potent memories. So, if you’re trying to make yourself unforgettable to the girl of your dreams, make thinking about you everything you hope it can be by applying a nice fragrance before you try to sweep her off her feet. Then, whenever she smells your fragrance again, she’ll be dying to be with you

So, your scent and the aroma of your environment plays a major role in landing and keeping the lady.  Also, just like when you dress well you have confidence.  When you smell good and your environment smells good you will feel and exude confidence.

Make your home smell amazing

modern gentleman's home, living room design
Let’s start with your environment, your home how does the modern gentleman make sure his home triggers the right emotions for his company and himself.

By and large, homes have always included certain areas that men prefer to inhabit. Masculine zones have been named game rooms, offices, workshops or even smoking rooms.

These territories tend to have more masculine furnishings and is designed with men in mind and generally do not attract women. If you are single your whole house should not be one big man cave though.  Flexibility is the name of the game.  Let’s look at some options for the modern gentleman

First and foremost- CLEAN YOUR PLACE.  All the reed diffusers, air spray, candles etc. will do no good if your place if grimy and dirty. That dirty bachelor pad is as played out as the parachute pants or the leisure suit.

Your first impulse may be to spray air freshener and call it a day. Don’t. If your place stinks, you must find and remove the source of the foul odor before trying to cover it up with something nicer. Otherwise, these odors mix and can turn even worse.

Remove your trash, clean your bathroom, clean your sink and garbage disposal, if necessary clean your dishwasher.  Most stench are found in these areas.  You need to make house cleaning part of your routine. Just like you hit the gym… just like you wash your car… just like you wash your body… WASH YOUR HOME.

If you have not cleaned in a while, then do a deep clean and after that a weekly solid cleaning should happen This means sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, wiping down the walls and counters. It does not take long, in fact throw on a music mix on YouTube.

Open all your windows to air out your place, and you should be done rather quickly and your place will smell better.  Then you will be ready to introduce new and great smells in your home.  Now you can strategically place pleasant aromas that will wow her.

Gentleman hack

After moping and/or cleaning your floors put scented oil in clean very hot mop water.  Then remop your floor, this will give your floor a nice scent that will last a long time after the floor dries

Now that your place is clean what can we use to make your place smell like someplace she will forever want to come to.

Scented Candles

candle fragrance
Right after you clean, it’s the perfect time to have scented candles that have traces of pine, lemon, or clean linen.  These will help give your home a freshly cleaned smell.  Even if you did not do the best of jobs.  These are good everyday smells just in case someone drops by.

Some scented candles will enhance male only environments by reproducing aromas enjoyed by males more than females.  For those who have man caves the type of scented candles you should get should be those with wooden wicks and soy candles., you want more hardwood aromas, manly aromas.

These can include frankincense bergamot, lemongrass, patchouli, crushed nutmeg and tobacco blends. These evokes feelings of quiet studies, thoughtful reflection, favorite books and perhaps a good cigar.  Also, if you like more of a light flavor go for honey, smoke, lavender or leather scented candles.

Remember setting the mood in your man room is TOTALLY different than when you are with a woman or even if you are just cleaning up.  Don’t expect that woodsy candle to have the romantic effect on Valentine’s day that you may be looking for.

Stay away from cheap candles.  Much like cheap cologne the candles do not last and usually have an overpowering artificial smell.

Reed Diffusers

A reed diffuser is a small glass bottle in which you can pour in scented oil and put three or four reeds in and as the reeds soak up the oil it diffuses the smell of the scented oil [source].

These usually work very well in small areas. They are very light and is not as strong as other ways to diffuse scents. Plus, you can easily change the smell by using different oils and new reeds.

Wax melters

My personal favorite. You plug these up or light a tea candle under the container and put some scented wax cubes in them and after a few minutes voila, your whole area is smelling perfect. There are many different types of melters. Some of you use tea candles.

I personally prefer the electric ones with the bulb these work great. Wax cubes are inexpensive and you can also use essential oils.

Bottom line this type is my favorite because of its flexibility and unlike candles (although I have a ton of candles) a woman won’t automatically think that I am trying to bed them when these are on.

You can put one in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living area to allow you and your guests to have different pleasurable scents depending on where they are at in your home.

Air spray

Avoid these. I don’t use these unless I am sick and I am spraying Lysol to kill germs. Even in my bathroom I have a wax melter to kill any unpleasant odors. These only mask odors and really does nothing to give longevity to your place smelling good.

Gentleman hack

Leave dryer sheets tucked away in corners of your room, in your closet, dresser drawers, under your bed, or at the bottom of the trash can. They smell nice without overpowering you.

If you noticed I mentioned essential oils a lot.  These are essential to the modern gentleman. (I will get to this more in an upcoming article on the autumn cologne for the modern gentleman).  Essential oils are important due to the flexibility of use.  From your mop to your car essential oils are very important.

Find your manliness smell

Below are some of the major scent categories, (I am an Herbaceous person myself) go to an oil shop and smell the different smells to see what you like. Make sure you smell coffee grounds to clear your nasal palate.

If you cannot find an oil shop you can go on amazon and purchase some inexpensive oils and to test one of these combinations on plain scent candles, just drip one drop of essential oil on the wax that pools around the wick after it’s been burning for a minute or two and see if it suits you.

Everyone has a preference.

Citrus – bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, lime, mandarin, petitgrain, sweet orange, tangerine

Herbaceous – basil, bay (laurel, West Indies), cajeput, carrot seed, catnip, clary sage, coriander, eucalyptus (globulus, lemon, smithii), lavender, lemongrass, oregano, palmarosa, peppermint, rosemary, sage, tea tree, thyme

Rich Base Notes – copaiba balsam, frankincense, myrrh, oak moss, oak wood, patchouli, Peru balsam, sandalwood, vanilla, vetiver

Spice – allspice, anise, black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon leaf (use leaf instead of bark for all topical applications, cinnamon bark is too irritating to put on the skin), clove bud, ginger, nutmeg

Woods – black spruce, cedarwood (atlas, Virginian), cypress, fir needle, juniper berry, pine

Gentleman Hack

Use the free cologne or perfume samples found in magazines to give your car a nice and different smell every time.  Open the sample and wipe it on the dash, vents or storage compartments.  You can also open the samples and leave it near the vents on your floor, to give your car a nice smell that changes often.

Understand that while you are in your place your nose become accustomed to the smell, so after you have been gone for a while be mindful of how your place smells when you walk in the door.

That’s when you will notice if there is trash that needs to be taken out, is there food in the garbage disposal and refrigerator that needs to be disposed or if those dirty clothes need washing now.

Being clean and having a good smelling place is important to winning and keeping that lady.  There is nothing worse than having a woman having to  use the rest room and it smells like a locker room.  Highly embarrassing and highly avoidable. If you want to win the girl win the nose first.

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The Only Suit Buying Guide You’ll Ever Need Thu, 19 Oct 2017 07:12:43 +0000 When someone pictures a gentleman, certain things come to mind.  Dashing, distinguished, and the attire most people think of when they think of a gentleman is the suit.  Yes, the suit is the single most must have attire for the gentleman. A good suit enhances Mother Nature’s gifts: it’s like wearing an Instagram filter, or […]

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When someone pictures a gentleman, certain things come to mind.  Dashing, distinguished, and the attire most people think of when they think of a gentleman is the suit.  Yes, the suit is the single most must have attire for the gentleman.

A good suit enhances Mother Nature’s gifts: it’s like wearing an Instagram filter, or walking around with flattering lighting constantly overhead. Slip it on, and suddenly you’re a new, better-looking man, as if God Himself has dressed you.

Don’t think that you can just go to the nearest department store grab a few suits off the rack and call it a day.  When you wear an ill fitted suit it will look as bad as a well fitted suit looks good.

This article will give you what you need to know about suits so the next time you head to the store you will have all the information you need to walk out the store with the perfect suits, and your closet will have the perfect foundation for a modern gentleman.

Suit Types

There are many different types of suits, picking the right suit for the right occasion is important.  Here are some of them

Suits can be divided by where the inspiration of the suit came from England, Italy or America.

  • Italian styles typically had padded shoulders, no vents, were full-chested and had a V-shaped jacket and “slash” – or flapless –pockets, and an ideal choice for slimmer builds.
  • In comparison, a British suit has padded shoulders, two vents, a pinched waist, flap pockets and came in striped or plaid patterns. This style is considered perfect for more athletic builds.
  • The American variety has natural shoulders, a single vent in the back, straight-hanging lines and flap pockets is the style recommended for men with larger frames.

Suits are more commonly divided into the following three categories: two-piece, three-piece and tuxedo.

The two piece is exactly how it sounds – a suit made of two garments, a jacket and the pants. The three-piece includes the vest, but not always, in the same fabric or pattern as the suit.

difference between suit and tuxedo

Now your next choice is whether to have a single or double breasted suit. The most common style of suit, the single-breasted, comes with a single row of buttons down the front, which only overlaps enough to permit buttoning.

These suits can come with anywhere from 2 to 5 buttons.  To keep it stylish with two buttons and formal with the 3 buttons.  Any more buttons than 3 you fall into the faddish area.

As a modern gentleman we try to stay away from fads. This is the go-to style for corporate environments or men who prefer a simple, yet no less stylish, aesthetic.

comparison of single breasted and double breasted suit

In comparison, double-breasted suits have two rows of buttons, with the front overlapping significantly to allow for both rows to fasten.

While becoming more common in some offices, double-breasted jackets are, generally, perfect for events where a more dramatic look is required.

Gentleman Hack

A word on the rules of buttoning a single breasted jacket One button: Always closed except when sitting. Two buttons: Use the top one and leave the second button undone. Three buttons: Button the center and top ones and leave the third button undone. In other words: Never button the bottom button of a suit jacket.


The tuxedo, in either two- or three-piece format, is the eveningwear.  Never worn before 6pm, and almost always black. Tuxedos are ultra-formal and the ultimate in the suit line.

It can be stylized for the ceremonial wear. Can be worn with a cummerbund, same color or of some dark royal tone in satin preferably.

Choosing your pants are different from the complexity of jackets, pant styles are a basic choice of either pleated or flat-front, cuffed or straight leg.

pleated vs flat front pants, cuffed vs straight leg

While a cuffed leg can add some weight to the leg of your average suit, a tuxedo always has a straight leg. Pleats are nice with more formal suits, while you do not need them for casual or business suits.

The Suit Fit Guide

Now that you understand the different types of suits, in order to look like a true gentleman, you must get the correct fit. It really is all about the fit. The saying “the suit makes the man” is right: an ill-fitting suit can make you look less dressed up than wearing no suit at all.

There are many different fits:

Extreme Slim Fit

The Extreme Slim Fit is perfect for a trim slim guy who wants to wear his suit, not the other way around. The jacket features a narrower chest and waist that is form-fitting without being constricting. The trousers are slim-fitting with a low rise. Only slim guys should wear these suits.

Slim Fit

This fit is extremely popular now. Slim Fit is fitted closer to the body, without excess fabric. That doesn’t mean it fits like a bodysuit; Slim Fit can be worn by a lot of different body types.

If you have a thicker frame you will have to move up a size or two to look right in a slim fit suit.  For instance, if you wear a size 46 suit that is a classic fit or modern fit, you need to buy a 48 or 50 in slim fit.

Modern Fit

Modern Fit falls between Slim Fit and Classic Fit: it’s not too boxy, but it has more room than a Slim Fit. Modern Fit is a great choice for guys who want something a little more fashion-forward than Classic Fit, but are not sure they can pull off Slim Fit. Fitted correctly it can look like a Slim Fit suit.

Classic Fit

Classic Fit is comfortable and easy to wear. It’s cut generously through the chest and waist, which means less constriction for you, but still maintains a clean body shape. Most men will fall in this category.

Athletic Fit

One size doesn’t fit all. Athletic Fit is perfect for guys who prefer even more room to move than our other fits offer. The jacket features ample room in the chest and body while the full leg of the trouser offers maximum comfort.

This suit usually has broader shoulders and a v shape.  If you hit the gym show it off in this type of suit.


While most men are concerned with how the suit looks up front, for the modern gentleman it’s equally important to get it right on your back side.  When a modern gentleman is seen in public he is looked at from the front and the back.

no vent vs center vent vs side vent suits

CENTER VENT- As the name implies, the cut goes up the middle of the jacket. It should lie closed when you are wearing your jacket or the jacket fit is not right.

SIDE VENT – Side Vents let you put your hands in your pants pockets without the jacket bunching up and allow the jacket to lie smoothly in the back when seated. Side Vents can also make a jacket appear slimmer. This will be seen in most cuts above extreme slim fit suits

NO VENT- Some jackets do not have a vent. This is a fine choice for those who want a clean, sleek look, but can make for a less forgiving fit.  This will be seen in Extreme or Slim fit suits.

Suit Color Choice

Now that you have an understanding of suits, now you can choose your suits.  Here are the Suits that every modern gentleman must have.  As a modern gentleman you must have more than one suit.

You can’t wear a black suit everywhere for every occasion.  (technically you could but who wants to only have one suit).  So not only will I tell you what colors you need but also since most men do not have money to burn, what order to buy them in. When it comes to suits and colors, some suit colors are simply more useful and versatile compared to others.

Since most gentlemen have the black suit already, we will assume that you already have that and let’s look at the next suits you must get.

navy blue light gray charcoal gray suit men

1. Navy blue suit

All stores specializing in men’s dress clothing will carry a navy-colored suits. Navy suits are ideal for the man who wants to fit in. He wants to be recognized for the effort that he puts in and not necessarily what he puts on.

This is the basic business suit. If you wear suits to work every day you need multiple navy suits. This is where your tie shirts and pocket squares come into play.  Another advantage to a navy suit is that if a gentleman wants to mix it up a little you can wear different color pants due to navy being so versatile.

2. Light grey suit

A light grey suit is distinctively lighter compared to its other grey brethren. This suit works well for spring, winter, summer and fall wear. Its versatility is why its ranked so high. The light grey suit is more casual but with the right tie shirt and pocket square it can look very formal.

Light grey suits look very good with a vest so get this in a single breasted suit. You can wear almost any color vest and give different looks. This shade is a great way to break up the monotony of wearing the more usual shades such as blue, black or charcoal grey.

The lighter the shade the easier it is to introduce pattern-such as checks or herringbone-into the suit as the patterns are easily more visible. Which is another reason this is the third suit you should buy.

3. Charcoal grey suit

This suit color  is just about as versatile as navy. Charcoal grey is extremely easy to match. As that charcoal is firmly on the grayscale (absent of color – a neutral) it goes well with a wide range of colors allowing a man to be more adventurous with the shirts and ties that he pairs this suit with.

This is ranked as number 3 due to the fact that it is very close to the color black. When it comes to formality – this color is great for work, church, weddings, funerals, or meeting the president.

Having the three suits mentioned above plus the black suit you will already have make for an extremely versatile wardrobe. This is the foundation, the must have colors of suits.  My suggestion is that you have mix up your single and double breasted suits (only light grey must be single breasted).  With vests and different ties, you can really have quite a versatile wardrobe.

These next 4 colors are great to round out your wardrobe.

dark brown suit or medium gray suit

light brown or tan khaki suit vs white suit

4. A dark brown suit

This suit can be effective in adding a little bit of color. This suit has to be very dark. This suit is to add versatility to your wardrobe.

5. Medium grey suit

Since there are many shades of grey which means that there is a marked difference between charcoal grey and medium grey.

A medium grey suit will be a little lighter compared to charcoal, and what separates it from light grey is that you will not be able to get this color with any designs that you can get in light grey.

This suit is almost as versatile as the other greys due to the fact you can wear lighter color vests and this look very good with light accent colors.

6. Light brown/tan or khaki suit

A tan and khaki suit falls under the category of a brown suit as they fall within the same color family. This suit is worn primarily in the summer or fall. This suit is used primarily as an accent suit.

7. White suit

The white suit draws attention to oneself, therefore it can be ideal for events like white parties, or when you have to make a major presentation and really command everyone’s attention.

These can only be worn during the summer or in tropical climates. In other words, this suit is a non-formal casual suit.

8. Any other color

These include any other color of the rainbow or any other color you can imagine that was not covered earlier. Burgundy, light blue, peach, purple etc. these are like white, non formal and should only be worn for special occasions and casual settings.

There may seem to be a lot of rules and different suits, but once you learn the rules and start seeing all of the looks and compliments that you will get you will be addicted to wearing suits and dressing up.

As modern gentlemen you must have the foundation, and that foundation is what you wear and what you should wear and be comfortable with wearing is a suit.  So enhance the gifts that mother nature gave you and wear a suit.


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Shorts and The Modern Gentleman, do the two mix? Wed, 06 Sep 2017 06:41:11 +0000 Few items in a man’s wardrobe seem to elicit as much questions as shorts do. From what types of to wear, the length of the shorts and how should I wear them. There are those who feel that men can wear shorts all the time from the winter season to the summer season, they just […]

The post Shorts and The Modern Gentleman, do the two mix? first appeared on Modern Gentleman.

Few items in a man’s wardrobe seem to elicit as much questions as shorts do. From what types of to wear, the length of the shorts and how should I wear them. There are those who feel that men can wear shorts all the time from the winter season to the summer season, they just love them. Then you have those that feel men should not wear shorts at all.  If I had to choose one extreme I would wear the shorties all year round.  But since we are not extreme we will offer some much-needed guidelines on the how, what, where, and why of wearing shorts. Guidelines that based on what I see in the streets need to be followed.

Brief History

Shorts as a piece of comfortable, casual summer wear for men did not become fashionable until the 1950s. Even then the idea of men wearing shorts took a long time to catch on as fashionable there are still plenty of men alive today who remember them being basically clothing for young boys.

Nowadays when a man can leave an air-conditioned house to get in an air-conditioned car and drive to an air-conditioned building this man can wear pants mostly. This could leave a man thinking why even bother getting multiple pairs of shorts.

During the summer months you will be outside doing outdoor activities, and it is not a good idea to only have some athletic shorts only. So let’s get into these guidelines in which we speak about when and how to wear shorts.

When to Wear Shorts

Shorts should be a staple of a gentleman’s summer wardrobe. So when to wear them?

The answer is simple there are two rules of when to wear shorts:

  1. Wear shorts when there’s a good reason to i.e…When it’s warm, you are outside, at a casual event, or any time you can afford to dress down. Recreation with family and friends is always a good time to wear them.
  2. Do not wear them when attending a formal ceremony/event, or conducting formal business not on a golf course. Never wear shorts with a sports coat or blazer or anytime a blazer or sports coat is expected.

Just remember if wearing shorts when traveling the world, it may mark you as a tourist and may draw unwanted attention.

How to Wear Shorts Correctly

Now let’s move on to how to wear shorts correctly.  (This is needed). As a lesser-worn piece of menswear, shorts prompt all kinds of questions: How long should they be? How baggy? How many pockets? Belt or no belt? There are many issues and guidelines that are necessary to stay as a modern gentleman.

First let’s take a look at the different types of shorts.   Each type of shorts needs to be worn similarly.

  • Denim  –(jorts)
  • Athletic
  • Cargo
  • Linen
  • Cotton

We will first go over some basic rules and we will hit each of the above types of shorts.

How Long Should Shorts Be?

Short enough that your knees are visible or just slightly covered if standing still. Long enough that you’re not showing the world you rarely tan your thighs; if I have to be specific, I would go more than 2-3 inches above the knee

Anything past the knees has ceased to be “shorts.” Those are high-cut pants, which is something else entirely called Capri and no gentleman should be wearing those.

Shorts that do come up to mid-thigh should be limited to lightweight athletic shorts, and should only be worn in athletic settings. Running shorts get more leeway than casual ones because the expectation is that you’re not going to walk into a store or restaurant wearing them. Exercise devotees should bear this in mind, and should go home and change (and shower) before inflicting themselves on the public outside of gyms, courts, or bike paths.

Shorts should lean towards a slim fit. The key here is to buy a slim fitting pair that don’t bloom out at the bottom. You want your short to be consistently slim. You should have a bit of space to breathe but not a lot of excess material flapping around.

Below is how different lengths look.

diff shorts

It’s obvious that there are some shorts a gentleman should not wear.  Pay attention to length, much like you would not wear pants that are too short, you don’t want shorties that are crotch huggers. The picture on the left should never be worn. The picture on the right is o.k. but, a modern gentleman should wear the one in the middle.

If you are an extremely hairy person you will need to at least shave or Nair your legs.  The wolf man look is not attractive

What type of belts to wear?

These should obviously always be belted.  This is probably the easiest and most lax guideline. You can wear any belt but shorts look best with a canvas and leather belt.

What shoes to wear?

Now that you know the rules of picking a great pair of shorts, it’s time to go over other shoes and socks that compliment really well. This is extremely important. As we will see below wearing the wrong shoes can destroy your outfit.

The best shoes that go with summer shorts are:

  • Boat Shoes
  • Slip On Shoes
  • Canvas Shoes (Chuck Taylor converse are preferred)

Make sure with all your footwear you’re wearing a pair of no-show socks. You can go sockless but remember that there are some things you need to have done.  First make sure your feet are clean and manicured,  Second, you need use some foot powder so your feed do not sweat, you do not want to have an odor when you take your shoes off.

Now if you’re wearing sandals, which are what you’d expect when it’s hot enough to need shorts, skip the socks. Nothing says old man and out of the loop than wearing socks with sandals.  Do not wear sandals to any place but the most relaxing locations, the beach or a pool party is preferred.

sandals socks

Shorts are casual, so the shirt should be too. Don’t wear a long-sleeved, button-fronted, collared shirt with them. Even with the sleeves rolled up it’s too much of a stylistic mix-and-match.

Collared polo shirts, collared button up short sleeve shirt, Henley shirts and t-shirts all can be worn with shorts. Use the shirt as the focal point of the outfit.

Athletic shorts

Athletic should only be worn in athletic setting. As a gentleman you should not walk into a store or restaurant wearing them. These can be a little longer but cannot be any shorter than right above the knee.

Exercise devotees and gym rats should bear remember this, and should go home or take the time at the gym to shower and change before heading out to the public just because you enjoy the gym smell does not mean others do. Only wear athletic shoes with these types of shorts.

Linen Shorts

Linen tends to wrinkle more than cotton, but the distinctive creases are part of the style, like the bumps in seersucker. Don’t bother trying to smooth them out. With this understanding know what goes well with a slightly wrinkled pair of shorts, a tee-shirt or an opened up button up shirt.  These shirts should be light weight and linen

Cargo Shorts

Cargo shorts” or safari shorts with side, front, and back pockets used to be all the rage, especially in urban settings.  But much like parachute pants these have outlived their time.    These are great for hiking, camping and where you will need multiple pockets.   These baggy, multi-pocketed shorts don’t look great in social settings and screams out I am trying to be cool but really am out of touch.

Cotton or cotton blend

Solid colors such as tan, khaki, white, navy, olive, and off-white are the most traditional styles for men’s shorts. This summer the hot color is pastel and there are a lot of cotton and cotton blend shorts that fill this need.  Get the flat front shorts and do not put a pleat in the front by ironing.  Plaids, especially plaids with a white base should be paired with at least a polo shirt or a tee-shirt and you will not look like a 1980’s yuppie. Wear a brighter color you can take things from boring to eye-catching.

Jean shorts

Jorts were once considered nerdy or something only dads would wear, but in recent years have become very popular. A pair of denim shorts will definitely look more appealing when fitted to the leg, as opposed a loose board short fit which can look quite sloppy so no baggy jean shorts.

You should also consider going for a higher cut or even putting a hem or cuffing gives a nice look.  An inch or two above the knee is as high as you should go.

Now let’s look at what not to do with shorts and what not to wear with them

  1. Shorts worn with closed-toed shoes usually look best with no-show socks do not wear ankle, mid calf or knee-high socks.
  2. Do not wear black socks.
  3. Shorts should not go to the calf, those are called Capri’s and men should not be wearing those.
  4.  Since you are wearing shorts do not fall into the trap of wearing flip-flops particularly the thong flip-flops. These should not be worn outside the beach or pool areas.
  5. As stated earlier do not have your short pants a baggy and sagging that is not appropriate as a gentleman

Wearing shorts is for the modern gentleman and is one of the best ways to beat the summer heat and look stylish while doing so. You can fill up your closet for not too much money. Shorts can fit into many occasions that the modern gentlemen find themselves in during the summer.  So don’t be afraid to show those legs and calves this summer.  Just make sure you take care of those legs.

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Male Rompers – The new fad of 2017. Is it for the modern gentleman? Wed, 12 Jul 2017 15:27:20 +0000 Have you heard what the hot trend is for men- is it a new shoe, nope, a new hat, nope, a new cologne scent that everyone is wearing and driving the women wild, nope.  It’s the Romphim or the Male romper.  Do you know what it is? A romper is a young child’s or toddler’s […]

The post Male Rompers – The new fad of 2017. Is it for the modern gentleman? first appeared on Modern Gentleman.

Have you heard what the hot trend is for men- is it a new shoe, nope, a new hat, nope, a new cologne scent that everyone is wearing and driving the women wild, nope.  It’s the Romphim or the Male romper.  Do you know what it is? A romper is a young child’s or toddler’s one-piece outer garment or a one-piece outer garment for adults, typically worn like overalls it was popular for women in the 1950’s but fell out of style but it was always used a for little children.  But the male romper is for adult men.

The latest fuss about these all-in-one garments started earlier this year when a small team of entrepreneurs launched the RompHim, a male equivalent of the familiar women’s romper, on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter.

The RompHim set the Internet ablaze, causing people to debate and joke on social media, at work and elsewhere about the merits (and design faults) of rompers in general. And what started out as a desire for $10,000 in funding for the cheeky RompHim one-piece — it comes in polka-dot patterns and pastel hues — has now brought in more than $350,000 in seed money, with more expected. 

We were looking for something different that didn’t already exist for guys,” Elaine Chen, one of RompHim’s founders, told GQ magazine. “We think this is a way for guys to have a new option in their wardrobe.”


The question of the summer, how should we feel about male rompers?  Should a gentleman wear a RompHim?  More importantly, since summer is the time for LOVE, would a woman date a man that wears a romper?  I have not met a lady personally that think this fad is attractive, but that’s just me.


It’s easy to say why a gentleman should not wear this fad based on the looks only.  Yes, this is an article of clothing that a toddler would wear and it is getting passed off as something that is o.k. for a man to wear.   

On social media, you may have noticed an explosion of romper-related jokes, particularly involving the difficulty in using the restroom, (you have to totally undress to use the restroom, sounds like big fun in a stadium or public restroom setting.)

I could go on but in this article I will attempt to make the case to wear a male romper.

Similar outfits have been around for a long time.  Even Sean Connery as James Bond in 1964’s “Goldfinger,” wore a thigh high blue terry one piece male romper.  If it is good enough for 007 isn’t it good enough for us.

james bond

Another reason to wear a romper is that especially if you work out.  You can show off your legs and you can partly open up the top part to show off your hard work in the gym.

gym romper


Bottom line you have to have an abundance of self confidence, probably too much, to wear something that is usually made for toddler. Further if you do wear these you know for sure you will stand out.

Also, there are many people who like to live outside of gender norms or are gender neutral.  A male romper is perfect for them.  If you are a person who likes to be risqué this is an outfit for you.

Another thing that we can look at is how there are many things that were made for women at first but now is ok for men to have. Loofahs, lotion, shower gel, and even leggings (only wear these to the gym or while exercising please). So who’s to say that this fad will not follow the same route and become acceptable to most men.  The biggest example of the change of thought of things that are masculine vs. feminine is in colors. 

There was a time in which a man who wore pink was ostracized.  Now if a man is comfortable wearing pink or any other pastel color he is seen as self confidant and as a gentleman you should be comfortable wearing those colors. Remember that decades ago women wearing pants was taboo, needs to wake up and get with the times.

They are relatively inexpensive.  You can get an outfit for less than 40 dollars.  Of course to get a higher end male romper it will cost more, but being able to have a summer outfit for less than 40 dollars that’s a great deal.

If you like to dress like famous people there are plenty of famous people who where male rompers, from Television personality Andy Cohen, to American basketball player Lebron James are on the cutting edge of this fad.  They can be seen wearing male rompers.

It’s the Summer of the Romper—for anyone who wants it to be.

I hope I laid out some points to think about, and maybe even got you to think that it may be ok for a gentleman to wear a male romper.

Now we come full circle, should the modern gentleman wear male rompers?


In addition to the fact that no matter what this is still a toddler’s outfit.  There is no place that a male romper fits in and looks nice.  You can’t wear one to the office, wearing one to the beach goes against the purpose of the beach, to swim or tan.  A male romper covers too much.  It’s too casual for a formal night out, and trying to use the restroom for a casual night out is not a good idea.

But most of all, one of the main rules of being a gentleman is not to get caught up in fads.  Looking at the must have for every gentleman the black umbrella, the classic cuff links, the vests, tailored suits, boat shoes, correct cologne for the season, nice tailored khakis or jeans or shorts, proper masculine grooming etc..these things will never not be in style.  These things will always look stylish. 

Will the male romper look good next year, or in ten years.  No. Don’t believe me, would you wear a leisure suit that was stylish in the 1970’s or what about the rompers for men that was in style then.  (see below).

old romper


As a gentleman you must be timeless.  Take the money that you would spend for a fad and buy something that will still look great in 2018 2028 and 2038.

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Pastel Colors: The 2017 Summer Trend for Men Tue, 06 Jun 2017 11:57:31 +0000 It’s Summer and Summer Colors are Hot…Or Better yet Cool – Pastels are in The start of summer is here, the flowers are blooming, people are outside exercising, and activities start popping up on your calendar.  The modern gentleman must be prepared for whatever comes, and must be on the cutting edge of fashion.   We […]

The post Pastel Colors: The 2017 Summer Trend for Men first appeared on Modern Gentleman.

It’s Summer and Summer Colors are Hot…Or Better yet Cool – Pastels are in

The start of summer is here, the flowers are blooming, people are outside exercising, and activities start popping up on your calendar.  The modern gentleman must be prepared for whatever comes, and must be on the cutting edge of fashion.   We must be one step ahead of the masses.   This article will help you do this.  We will speak about the hot colors for spring and summer.  This article will help you recognize and choose the colors will help you stand out from the crowd.  And possibly find that love that is supposed to be in the air.  This article will deal with the hot colors for the summer.

Just like choosing the best clothing for your body type and life style, the correct color will only accentuate the way those clothes look on you. So, ladies, move over… you are no longer the only ones who know how to apply this essential aspect of “dressing” to maximize looking your best!

What are the hot colors?

First and foremost the first color that is a must have in your closet is stone – this color hits between white and sandy beige. The great news is that it’s not only a fantastic color for a suit (especially one for you’ll wear on the weekend), but it’s also a sun-friendly alternative to stark from white jeans to blue jeans and will warm up all skin types. This color works well whether you are wearing any type of clothes because this color also matches well with most other colors in the rainbow.  In case you cannot find the color stone, try beige or a light tan. This will go with anything and expand your closet.

The number two color that a gentleman must have is pink. Pink is not just for girl anymore. In particular the warm, dusty rose color.   But the below spectrum is all in the pink family.

pink spec



The most popular way to wear it was in full summer suit form. A pink suit would make you stand out this summer , but if you’re looking for a way to incorporate the trend easily without getting quite so bold, simply add a burst of it by slipping a pink crew neck T-shirt under your tailoring.  Wearing a v neck shirt or a Henley shirt in the pink family color is the look of summer.


Different types of pastel colors

Now we don’t want your closet to be full of pink and beige only.  For summer your closet should be full of pastels colors.  Below are the different types of pastels.

  Soft pastels

soft pastels


 Hard pastels

hard pastels


Hard pastels –are pastel in which their colors are not as intense. You can wear both soft and hard pastels at the same time.  Try it!!!!

mixed pastels


From sky blue to soft tangerine, coral to lemon sherbet, pastels have made a serious comeback. If the thought of wearing such shades is enough to turn you pastel white, buck up – because this season’s spectrum is markedly more masculine than in the recent past. It’s worth remembering, though, that while versatile, pastels don’t lend themselves to a head-to-toe approach in the same way that earth tones can.  What this means is that you need to wear pastels with a contrast color.

Match your skin tone with the right color.

Now since we know that you know what the hot colors are for the summer, let’s take it a step further by discussing the various skin tones and the color clothing they look best with. A topic and detail many men never think about; it’s time we enhance our image and wardrobes by delving deeper into the world of color. So, ladies, move over… you are no longer the only ones who know how to apply this essential aspect of “dressing” to maximize looking your best, the age of the gentleman is here. I doubt guys give it much thought. But if you’re spending time picking out some nice clothes to wear, why not take that extra step to pick colors that look best with your skin tone?

Skin tone” means the color of skin, which is primarily determined by the amount of melanin it has – higher amounts in dark skin; lower levels in light skin. Look around and notice the many skin colors you see every day. Everyone owns a different shade or tone, and each of these tones can be grouped into a category that specifies which colors complement it best. Since this article deals with clothing and clothing goes on skin and contrast the skin color it is important that we pick the right color and fill our closets with the right colors.

The colors that harmonize with or accentuate our skin color are valuable to know and utilize because, like great fitting clothing that boast our best features, complimentary colors enhance our entire look. Like turning on a light, complimentary colors have the ability to highlight eye and hair color, minimize facial blemishes and scars, take us from looking tired to well rested, and even make us look thinner. For instance, if you are very light and have an acne issue having a closet full of bright red would not be a good idea. For the same reasons we blend and match colors within our wardrobe, the use of complimentary colors that flatter our inherited, natural born color gives harmony and unity to our entire presentation


There are three different skin tones for the most part.  Light medium and dark skin tone.

Light Skin Tone: This is the palest skin color that typically has ivory, blue, or pinkish undertones. Typically found on Caucasians, this skin tone burns easily before tanning. Hair tends to dramatically contrast this fair skin color, and is often black or very dark brown; however, blonde hair is not uncommon. Eye colors typically include blue, shades of green, grey-blue, black, or light brown.

Complimentary colors are cool colors, which include blues, greens, pinks, and purples.  Pastels look great, so for the summer you will look right in the cool pastels avoid red though.  A light pink is the closest that you should go for in the red family.

Try to avoid: Black and white. The stark contrast is too much for your skin and will only accentuate the lack of color. White and black clothing can wash light skin out and is best avoided

Medium Skin Tone: Yellow, yellow/peach, and olive undertones make up this skin tone. Asians, Latinos, Mediterranean, or dark, mixed race people normally have this skin, which tans more easily, without as much burning. Hair colors are normally brown, black, various shades of red (auburn, strawberry blonde), and blonde. Eyes are typically brown, hazel, or green.

Complimentary colors are warm colors, which include the earth tones: browns, tan, khaki, yellow, green, orange, gray, blues, and some reds. Other flattering colors are cream, black, and navy blue. So how does a person of this skin tone work with the style of the summer, pastels. First and foremost go with hard pastels (as seen above) and stay in the green family, beige is good, orange, red and blue will work very well.

Try to avoid: White and black, soft pastels, any kind of faded color. These don’t work well with your complexion.

Dark Skin Tone: Various shades of brown with yellow, red, or blue undertones belong to this skin tone. Typically found on people of African and Indian decent, this skin tans without burning. Hair colors are usually black or dark brown. Eyes are normally various shades of brown, including amber and black.

Complimentary colors are white, khaki, eggplant (dark purple/plum), red, gray, light blue, orange, pink, and gold. Soft pastel is what looks best on you. You can wear dark colors, but incorporate a bright complimentary color: black suit/bright necktie. Opt for clothing that contrasts skin color, in order to bring out dark eyes and hair.

Try to avoid: Earthy tones and washed out colors; these don’t do anything for you.

These guidelines are not hard-set rules, so if you want to wear a color that’s not on your skin tone color pallet, please do. I’m not suggesting you clear your closet of clothing that doesn’t meet your color recommendations. This article’s purpose is to simply give insight into another valuable aspect of dressing for your type. Gentlemen, regardless of your skin color, make it an asset by dressing to compliment it!



Now we are not saying that you have to do a total makeover of your closet. If you can afford to that by all means shopping is fun.  You can spice up your closet by adding shirts (short sleeve polo shirts, Henley shirts, t-shirts) that are in the color that suits your skin tone. What you can also do is add pastel ties if you want to start updating your closet.

This article should help you get ready for your vacation, party, concert or outdoor event.  You will know what to wear and what color looks best on you so you can stand out and look your best during the summer months.



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How to Pick the Right Sunglasses in 2017? Wed, 15 Mar 2017 01:53:09 +0000 “Education begins the gentleman, but reading, good company and reflection must finish him.” – John Locke We are coming to the end of winter, and as we work out in the gym with an eye to the summer body.  We must not forget the basic accessory that makes summer time fashion hot, that accessory is sunglasses. […]

The post How to Pick the Right Sunglasses in 2017? first appeared on Modern Gentleman.

Education begins the gentlemanbut reading, good company and reflection must finish him.” – John Locke

We are coming to the end of winter, and as we work out in the gym with an eye to the summer body.  We must not forget the basic accessory that makes summer time fashion hot, that accessory is sunglasses. No longer is it just fine to have one pair of expensive sunglasses.  As a gentleman, you need to be able to accessorize.  Ladies are not the only ones that can accessorize, a change of sunglasses can change your look totally.

The American Optometric Association says you “should always don sunglasses during the daylight hours because: They protect your eyes against the sun’s UV rays, which could otherwise lead to cataracts. They protect against “blue light” from the solar spectrum, which could increase your risk of macular degeneration.”

So yes, wearing sunglasses is important we see that there is even a health benefit to wearing sunglasses. But this article is how to choose stylish sunglasses that fit your face and accentuates your sense of style. We at the modern gentleman magazine care about not only your healthy but also your style.  Be prepared to buy multiple sunglasses.  The days of one expensive pair is over. So first let’s look at some of the new trends of 2017.

Metal Frames are Back

The biggest trend you can get your hands on is the comeback of metal frames. They have made a huge circle back from retro styles to current fashion style. You will enjoy the slim lines and lightweight feel of metal frames versus acetate ones.


metal 1metal2


As for color, black sunglasses will dominate this year’s sunglass styles. But you will also look good in brown, or even mirrored sunglasses.  I have seen blue, green, and many different frame colors.  Metal frames allows this flexibility.  So, get many pairs.

Round Sunglasses

Round sunglasses are making a serious comeback this spring. They have metal shapes nodding to the ‘70s, and smaller-framed styles channeling the ‘90s grunge look. These sunglasses look good where ever you go in a casual setting.

round 1

Aviator sunglasses

Avaitor sunglasses never go out of style because they never leave the fashion scene.


This style is perfect for adding that chill, cool edge to a simple outfit. That’s because they’re sporty and classic. The aviator shape has gone through some changes over time. In 2017, you will see the rise of the modern oversized aviator. These are very versatile, going from casual to semi-formal and dressy.  A must have for any gentleman.

Wayfarer the classicwayfarer1

Trends come and go, but a classic is a classic. If you want shades that are sure to go with everything you own, choose a Wayfarer style. It’s such a timeless piece and a classic hipster look. If you only have one pair of sunglasses, this is the pair to have. As a modern gentleman you need moere than jus tone pair.  Also, you can find different colors.  At the very least you need a black and a brown pair.


Classic cool Clubmasters clubmasters 1

The D-frame shape is making a comeback. Clubmasters are a timeless symbol of coolness in sunglasses trends! The result of a fusion between casual and fashion statement, they have become essential to any man’s wardrobe.  I personally love these. You can wear these casual to formal.  These are the go to glasses that everyone loves.

Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

tortise 1

This shade of tortoise radiates with orange hues. Is the right amount of casual-cool that will brighten any look. The color sparks interest everywhere you go. Make sure to do them justice with a proper outfit.

The bright colors of the tortoise is a style statement that should not be taken lightly. These can also add a very subtle pop of color to a rather neutral look.

 Wood Sunglass Frames

The hottest trend this year is that wooden look on sunglasses, there are many celebrities wearing wood sunglasses to their events and thus showcasing this popular trend.  The use of wood frames for sunglasses is actually not new, as it is only now that they have become popular. You should be careful with the wooden look, but when done right it adds a distinctive look to your outfits.  Another great thing about wooden sunglasses is that there are many different types of wood. You can get lighter shades, or darker shades, which will give you many different options when it comes to how to accessorize your outfits.


Clear Frames

There’s something so effortlessly cool about clear frame sunglasses. Many brands offer most classic sunglasses shapes and styles with clear, or translucent-colored, frames. The frames will instantly update any look and add a touch of modern minimalist edge to whatever you wear. If you’re new to clear framed specs, I recommend a clear frame wayfarer-style pair for the perfect mix of classic-meets-modern.  Much like wooden frame sunglasses if you are not used to the clear frame look you must understand that you cannot wear this as your only everyday pair, but as a change of pace look.


Now since you have an idea of what type of glasses are hot for 2017 you must remember all sunglasses do not fit all faces.   Finding a pair of sunglasses that suit you face shape, are versatile enough, protect your eyes and will ultimately last longer than just the few months of summer is a lot easier said than done. Let’s look at the rules for wearing sunglasses that fit your face.


To create definition and offset facial contours it’s best to opt for wide, geometric shapes as these helps to give a round face a longer appearance. Think along the lines of timeless classics like Wayfarers or Aviators and you won’t go far wrong.


The easiest to find sunglasses or any glasses for, people blessed with an oval face can pretty much get away with wearing whatever frames they wish. Either go with a pair of failsafe Ray Ban, Iconic Clubmasters or push the boat out and invest in some extremely expensive sunglasses of any type because you will look right.



To compliment an oblong face shape and balance out the contours it’s advisable to stick with either round or square frames with blunt edges.  Square aviators but you cannot go too big or you will look like a bug and make sure they don’t extend beyond the widest part of your face and that they’re the right size so they don’t look like they’re cutting off the bloody supply to your brain.



Those with a particularly defined jawline are best sticking with round or oval shapes as they help to soften and frame the face, although rectangular frames with soft edges can also work just as well.



If you’ve got a defined, pointed chin with wide cheekbones then a pair of old school, rectangular frames are ideal as they’ll help to elongate your face and even out your proportions.

Here are some tips:

HAVE MORE THAN ONE PAIR: we have shown you multiple styles that are hot for 2017, along with your face shape you can add different type of frames, such as clear, wooden or metal.  Different types of lenses, such as light, dark black or even mirrored.  Each pair is needed for different situations. Every dandy would agree with you.

TRY ON A LOT: as men, we like to be able to go in and go out when shopping.  Trying on sunglasses are quick and easy and is well worth the time.  even if you then go back online to buy your perfect pair for the best price (remember to note the model number

CONSIDER YOUR HAIRSTYLE AND LENGTH– hair covers much of our head, so it’s important to remember that it has the potential to completely change the shape of our face. Long hair can often soften features whilst short hair will leave them completely exposed. All frames do not look good with bald heads either.

REMEMBER THE CLASSICS – classic frames are considered as such for a reason. They work and have done for decades so don’t be afraid to try a certain style just because lots of other people are already wearing them. You can always mix up the colors.

HAVE SOME STASHES–  Keep pairs of sunglasses stashed at your desk at work and in your car for surprise occasions.  Have pairs of classic wayfarers and/or aviators on hand always.


Finding the perfect pairs of sunglasses can seem like a daunting task, but it is a challenge worth undertaking. Not only is it hugely important that we protect our eyes from the sun but they can also become a trademark of your personal style.  Much like our scent and our other accessories, sunglasses are important item that is in the modern gentleman’s closet.


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How to Measure for a Suit and Other Clothes (+ 2 Hacks) Mon, 30 Jan 2017 03:43:08 +0000 “I was brought up to be a gentleman. That means you know how to walk, talk and dress the part.” Brian McKnight The above quote is extremely true currently. In my opinion there is nothing sadder than an adult male at a department store with no idea what size shirt they need. They have no […]

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“I was brought up to be a gentleman. That means you know how to walk, talk and dress the part.” Brian McKnight

The above quote is extremely true currently. In my opinion there is nothing sadder than an adult male at a department store with no idea what size shirt they need. They have no idea if they are a 16 or an 18-inch neck, a 33 or 37-inch sleeve.  I have seen men who do not know what the size of a sportscoat mean are they a 46 Regular, Long or Short.

This article will go into explaining what you need to know about your measurements which measurements mean what and the different type of cuts for shirts pants and jackets.  So, get out your measuring tape and take notes.

Know Your Measurements

You need to know your clothes measurements, plain and simple. Keep a notebook, or better yet, memorize them. You’ll be best served by learning about your body’s quirks and needs, and how clothing needs to adapt.  You also will need to know what you are comfortable in and what looks best on you.


Make sure to keep these numbers on a Post-it, and keep it in a file on your hard drive, and shop online with confidence, armed with the knowledge of your own measurements. 


Here is how you are to measure yourself.  First grab some tailors tape.  Measuring tape will not do at all, invest in a tailor’s tape that has both metric and standard measures just in case you are ordering clothing from outside of the United States.  Keep track of both types of measures.  For most of these it is better that you have someone to measure them for you to get an accurate measurement.  It is simple to do so you can have your significant other do this with you.  You will score some brownie points and, she will know what your size is to surprise you with outfits.

It is always good to have your lady dress you sometimes.  This is for your personal measurements if you go to a tailor then your biceps and thighs will be measured, but for our purposes the following is all you will need.

Start with your neck, you measure around your neck over the Adams apple. This gives you your collar size.


Find the bone at the end of your left shoulder and measure from left to right to the other bone at the end of your shoulder.  (you will need help on this one, since you must do this from the back).  Follow the natural curve of your back.shoulder

Sleeve length

Measure from the base of the neck, across the traps to the shoulder, down the arm, to your wrist bone


Measure the widest part of your chest, usually across the nipples. Wrap the tape measure around your body (here is another time you may need some help)

Some places give you measurements that look peculiarly small. For example, you may see a garment listed as having a 20″ chest measurement. Well that just means they measured across the chest without doubling the measurement. So, your 40″ chest is 40″ because you went all the way around your body.chest


Measure from the inside of your thigh to the heel. (a lot easier with help).  This is your length of your pants.


Use the tape to circle your waist (sort of like a belt would) at your natural waistline, which is located above your belly button and below your rib cage. (If you bend to the side, the crease that forms are your natural waistline.) Don’t suck in your stomach, or you’ll get a false measurement.  Be honest with yourself if you don’t like your waist size, do something about it.


Where your pants typically sit. If you finger that area you can feel your hip bone. Your tape should come right across there, parallel to the ground.  This measurement is important since this will decide what type of cut you will have based on how you like your pants to fit and the occasion that you are attending.

Suggested reading: Cocktail Attire for Men – This is how you Impress


If you want to track changes, measure your waist monthly. This can be useful for monitoring your health or any changes to weight if you need to wear tailored clothing for a special occasion such as a wedding, a prom, a night out or if you just have your clothes tailored often.



  • When taking measurements, the tape should be held flat against the body; it should be held snug enough so not droop, but never so tight as to feel restrictive
  • All measurements should be taken to the nearest quarter (.25) inch
  • It’s important to make sure the tape is level as your significant other or friend is wrapping it around your body parts. If it isn’t straight, chances are you’ll get a skewed measurement
  • You want to feel the tape wrapped around you. If it’s too loose, most likely it’s also not straight, so you’re going to get an inaccurate measurement no matter what
  • You want to feel the tape wrapped around you, but you don’t want to cinch it so snugly that you can’t breathe. Remember you are trying to get an accurate measurement not a measurement that you wish you had

Now that you know how to measure and have your measurements let’s look at the different type of cuts of clothing.


For dress shirts, here are the different fits:

Full Fit Dress Shirts

When laid flat, a full-fit dress shirt widens slightly from the base of the yoke to the hem of the shirt. This is more comfortable and flattering for men who carry extra weight at the abdomen or who have a solid, stocky build. This shape is sometimes called comfort fit or relaxed fit by some manufacturers.

Traditional Fit Dress Shirts

When a shirt is labeled traditional fit, or classic, it has side seams that are straight or only slightly tapered at the waist. Some manufacturers taper the waist more than others, so it is wise to try on the shirt or pay close attention to waist measurements when buying a shirt with a traditional fit. This may also be called a straight fit, natural fit, or classic fit.

Slim Fit Dress Shirts

A dress shirt with a slim fit has marked tapering at the waist and is narrower from shoulder to shoulder. It is meant to fit a slimmer body comfortably and closely. This shirt’s sides curve inward noticeably giving a more custom tailored look.

Athletic Fit Dress Shirts

Cut more broad around the shoulders and with larger armholes to fit a more muscular physique, athletic-fit men’s dress shirts have a fitted, tapered waist that differentiates them from full-cut dress shirts with the same neck size and sleeve length.

If you are at a store that does not have the neck size on the shirt the chart below is a thumbnail guide to what size shirt you should get.

Neck Size (inches)

14-14.5 15-15.5 16-16.5 17-17.5 18-18.5 19-19.5 20 22


Small Medium Large XL XXL 3X 4X 6X



American Cut Suits

This type of men’s suit cuts feature natural shoulders (not padded), its distinctive features are the single vent at back, with classic flap straight pockets, higher arm whole which gives the sack suit its appealing appearance, no darts and no padded shoulders giving you softer silhouette also these suits are very baggy, the pant of the suit have no pleats the smaller padding and straighter cut makes the sack suit ideal for most men, as it creates a uniform body line.  They are perfect for important business activities and any formal occasion, it will surely make you look classic. American outfit is both classy and sophisticated

British/English Cut Suits

The British Cut Suit is slightly more shaped around the waist than the American suit.  British style suits are cut closer to the body with tight fitting sleeves ending with cuffs and a high arm hole. British style suits can give you both an elegant fit look; coat usually has two-button front along with dual rear vents. They have slightly narrower and defined shoulders which also featured thick shoulder pads.  Pants are cut generously with the high waist and two or three pleats. British suits will give you more fashionable, and stylish appearance and you will look more fitted. This modern style suit can work best in any formal parties, gatherings, business meetings or at any occasion to offer you more formal look and dashing appearance in the center of all attention.

Italian Cut Suit

The Italian suit also refers as European cut suits are the trendiest one then two previous cut. This is the cut everyone knows about and is the most popular cut of them all. It is tightly fitted to your body with tapered trousers to give you nothing but stylish look. The jacket also features padded shoulder while lapel, button is positioned the bit higher than British and American cut. The V-shape is what makes this cut distinctive. The pants have tapered waist and hips are snug to the body. You can wear Italian cut suit when you go out to a classy place or a casual event where you can be dressed up.

It is good to keep at least one of each of these cuts in your closet.

Suggested reading: Characteristics of Suit Types: American vs. British vs. Italian


Normal / Relaxed cut pants

Pants that have a regular cut can be worn by most body types: they are a little boxy and roomy, but still structured and fitted at the same time.

Straight cut

also, called “straight leg pants” usually stand at your natural waist and are thin through the seat and the thighs.

Skinny cut

Skinny pants feature a very tight cut. Usually, skinny pants look snug and look best on very thin men. Anyone can pull off a skinny jean, but they are generally not associated with serious men. GENTLEMEN DO NOT WEAR SKINNY PANTS


Slim pants are like skinny pants, but are not that tight altogether. They are a good alternative for those who like a very fitted pair of pants but either don’t like skinny pants.


Boot cut pants feature a cut that allows you to easily fit over boots, without having any extra fabric. These pants are perfect for the winter time or for whenever you wish to wear high boots. The more exaggerated version of boot cut pants are the so-called “flared pants”, which have dramatic, bell openings.

You also can go to to see all the different cuts of Levi pants and see how they fit per pant number.

I know this seems like a lot but once you understand the cuts and have your correct measurements the world of fashion opens to you.  For instance, to save money vintage stores small tailor shops or flea markets in larger cities like London, New York, Los Angeles or Hong Kong often provide quality clothing at a fraction of the retail price.

Of course, it usually takes a bit of time to find something good, but if you do and the fit is ok, your alterations tailor can do the rest.  You can look for these in your city.  Once you understand your body type and cuts then you can dress per your body type instead of following what looks good on someone else, and shopping takes a lot less time due to the fact you don’t have to spend a ton of time in the fitting room and you can find deals online and won’t have to worry about the fit of your clothing.

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