The Best Cities in Europe for a Wild Bachelor Party

If you’re planning a bachelor party for your best friend, then there are obviously loads of great cities in the US of A where you can have a memorable time! But if you really want to do something special and different, then it has to be a bachelor party in Europe.

Bachelor party

Trouble is… there are a lot of fantastic cities in Europe, so how are you supposed to choose? We’ll provide some suggestions for some of Europe’s best cities where you can have the bachelor party that dreams are made of! So, searching for cheap flights to Europe, pack your bags, and get your

Wild Bachelor Party

Low on Cost, Big on Thrills

There are several cities in Eastern Europe that are very cheap to visit, but can still deliver the goods when it comes to drinking, eating, partying, sightseeing, and events. Prague (Czech Republic), Budapest (Hungary), and Warsaw (Poland) all have their fair share of vibrant night clubs, thermal baths, pub crawls, gentlemen’s clubs, and even things like shooting ranges and beer bikes! You can get by with English here, as these cities get millions of tourists each year.

Must-See Destinations:

  1. Prague: Charles Bridge
  2. Budapest: Széchenyi thermal baths
  3. Warsaw: Łazienki Park

Sunniest Spots

barcelona spot
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If partying and sunshine are essentials for you for a good bachelor trip, then Europe has a lot to choose from. However, if you’re after partying, sun, and some exciting stuff to check out along the way, then we suggest either Lisbon (Portugal), Barcelona (Spain), or Athens (Greece).

These places are rich in history and have many great attractions, but if you come towards the end of summer, then you can soak up the sun all day long, then party in the evening (all whilst wearing just a T-shirt).

You should also hit up the beaches, as these cities are all on the coast (or at least close to it), so you can practice your cannonballs during the summer sun. Don’t forget to dress the part to blend in and look stylish always.

Must see:

  1. Barcelona: Park Güell
  2. Lisbon: Belém Tower
  3. Athens: Acropolis

Expensive, but YOLO

Got cash to splash? Then Europe can certainly deliver on that front. If you don’t mind spending a lot to have an epic bachelor party, then it’s got to be either in London (England), Zurich (Switzerland), or Reykjavik (Iceland). Obviously, London is perfect if you want to stick to somewhere with English is the native language, but you’ll have no problem in Zurich or Reykjavik.

London and Zurich are practically tailor-made for bar hopping and visiting all types of lavish clubs, as well as some fun sightseeing and restaurants with delicious food from all over the world. Reykjavik has great city life and loads of beautiful scenery, and don’t forget that average daylight in summertime lasts for around 20 hours, and on some days, where the sun never sets!

Must see:

  1. Reykjavik: Hallgrimskirkja
  2. London: Tower Bridge
  3. Zurich: Grossmünster

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