Business Essentials You Need When Travelling

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business trip accessories for men

Business trips can often be rushed and last-minute affairs. From catching early morning flights to grabbing a taxi to checking into your hotel, the process of travelling can be a stressful and hectic process. To mitigate the intensity of frequent flying and travelling, it helps to have your everyday carrying essentials packed down pat. Not only will this make every trip that you take more enjoyable, it’ll mean that you’re not carrying any extraneous items that will weigh and slow you down. With that in mind, we’ll look at the most essential items to take with you on a business trip:

A travel adaptor

travel adaptor

If you’re travelling locally this isn’t that much of a big deal, but for international trips, a travel adaptor is a crucial piece of kit. This is especially true considering that many of the items you work on – laptop, tablet and mobile phone – are electronic. Without a travel adaptor, you’re going to be unable to recharge your gadgets and continue working.

A high-quality pen

Since these trips will be for business, it’s highly likely that at some point you’re going to either need to fill out a form or sign a document. For this, you’re not going to want to be without a good pen. However, a pen fulfils more functions than simply being a writing instrument. It’s also a status symbol and should be viewed through the same lens as something like cufflinks when being purchased. Pens from reputable brands such as Montblanc serve a dual purpose as a quality writing instrument, but also to show that you’re a discernible gentleman of refined tasted.

Some form of entertainment

businessman reading news

Waiting for boarding gates to open, queueing for customs, not to mention commutes to and from the airport and lengthy hotel stays – business trips often necessitate travelling alone for extended periods of time. It’s therefore prudent to pack some form of entertainment for those inevitable quiet spots while on the road. Whether it’s a book, Kindle, or tablet to watch movies on, always pack something in your carry-on to keep your mind occupied.

A portable keyboard

portable keyboard

If you’re going to be working while you travel, then a portable keyboard is an easy and cheap way to turn a tablet or mobile phone into a laptop. They’re light and compact and will make churning out emails a breeze. For a list of great options, Digital Trends put together a list of six of the best Bluetooth keyboards available.

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