Dottling Guardian – Portable Watch Safe

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Dottling Guardian portable watch safe

Dottling is German company specialized in production of finest safekeeping products, and if it’s German, that means high quality. Dottling is proud of its craftsmanship since they deliver hand-made high quality products since 1919. Although they produce safes of all kinds and shapes one took my attention, because I did not see anything like this before. It’s called Guardian and it is traveling safe for watches.

In my opinion it is a great idea, because all of you that travel a lot and carry around some of your expensive watches are in a constant worry about them. If you put them in your luggage and it gets lost who knows what can happen to them.

Dottling Guardian portable watch safe

Guardian is 35 cm long and it has a diameter of 13,5 cm. It weighs around 4 kg and you can carry it with you on a plane as a personal luggage. If you are so unlucky and someone steals it, Guardian has in-built GPS tracking device so you can always know where it is. Although the thief who might steal it will have hard time opening it since it is made out of cut proof materials, like carbide which is hard as diamonds, aramid carbon fiber and polycarbonate.

These materials are used for bullet proof vests and on police shields. The same aramid carbon fiber was used on the door of the Guardian which can be opened by a 3 digit code. The mechanism is pretty complex with high gloss polished steel bars. So I can say that your watches and jewelry will be pretty safe.

Doettling Guardian Portable Watch Safe

The cylinder case is wrapped in finest leather and you can customize its look the way you like it. Crocodile skin is one option. Guardian can store up to six watches and if you remove the central cushion you can place some jewelry and even some important papers in it.

Prices start at $18.000 and if you personalize it a bit, such as in crocodile leather price can go up to $22.000. Small amount for safety of your precious watches and other valuables.

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