Fashion Trends For The Urban Gentleman

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Who is the Urban Gentleman?

An urban gentleman is a term commonly used to refer to the modern fashion trends applicable to the men of this day and age. To describe the urban gentleman in a slang setting, most people refer to a man with ‘swagger’. As is the trend, most gentleman today are deviating from the complete official or casual look to a simple mix of both official and casual. Today’s gentlemen still retain the same mannerisms (or improved) as those of vintage era but the fashion trends are slowly changing to suit their day to day needs.

What are the Urban Gentlemen Trendsetters in Fashion?

For fashion advice, most gentlemen today look up to the celebrities for advice. For the best choice of urban gentleman wear, you should consider aspects such as individuality, coordination, fitting, color and trendiness. Well, here are the latest additions to the urban gentlemen wardrobe that you should definitely consider!

1. Try Out A Bomber Jacket!

Perfect for a cold day or night out, the bomber jacket is one among the many trending urban gentleman wear today. It fits perfectly with a shirt for a great official look and also matches with a t-shirt for a casual look. If you suspect it might be chilly outside, try out a bomber jacket and immediately transform to a complete urban gentleman. Remember, the key is to MATCH, MATCH and MATCH! Therefore when shopping for a bomber jacket choose a color that coordinates perfectly with the rest of your wardrobe. Whether dark colors such as black or grey or something bright, make sure you don’t color clash.

gentleman with a bomber jacket

2. Leather is Coming Back to Town!

Although a few gentlemen out there may have forgotten about leather, this is one style that never seems to go out of fashion. Perfect for the urban gentleman who can try out a leather jacket (especially for bikers or during cold weather), leather pants (if you love to keep warm) and leather satchels (for the few who want to keep their possessions safe). There are different ways to incorporate leather into the urban gentleman wardrobe but make sure it works perfectly for you!

Man leather jacket


3. Keep Warm in A Wool Sweater!

Wool sweaters are perfect for a great day in the office or simply a day outdoors. Whether you are looking for a casual or an official look, wool sweaters are definitely the best choice. You can either choose wool sweaters parted at the middle or any other design that fits your look! They can match perfectly with a t-shirt underneath or a shirt. For a classy look (especially for sweaters with a wide neck) add a bow tie! This is the best definition so far of the urban gentleman look.

Wool Sweater Men

4. Turn Up The Volume With Bright Colored Pants

Although bright colored pants tend to bring out a more vintage look, they are slowly turning out to be an asset for the urban gentleman. As long as you match them perfectly with either a blazer, a bowtie, a shirt, a sweater or anything else outstanding in your wardrobe, you can pull off this great look in a matter of minutes! As for the shoes, you could always try official shoes or rubbers and you will never go wrong! In most cases, bright colors tend to be left for spring or summer, but these pants can work all year round! There is nothing more urban gentleman like the brightly colored pants, that’s why you should be the first to try them out!

colored pants
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5. Waist Coats- For When Sexy Is Not Good Enough

Turn heads around wherever you go with a perfect waist coast. If possible, go to a tailor and get fitted perfectly to your measurements. Waist coats are in season are definitely here to stay. So there is no reason why you shouldn’t have one in your wardrobe. It’s the perfect look for an urban gentleman, a bridge between the casual outfits and the official. Waist coats can be matched with a shirt or t-shirt underneath, jeans or official trousers, a bow tie or normal tie. Choose whatever suits you best for the upbeat urban gentleman!

Stylish Blue Waist Coat Men

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