Modern Gentleman Style, manners and taste never go out of fashion. Tue, 22 Jan 2019 09:10:34 +0000 en-US hourly 1 48172422 9 Gentlemen Quotes To Live By Mon, 21 Jan 2019 09:42:39 +0000 Sometime over the past few decades, the pursuit of being a true “gentleman” fell from the forefront of the typical man’s life. Thankfully, over recent years, man’s pursuit of what it truly means to be a gentlemen has regained momentum. This has been evidenced partly by the interest shown in sites like The Art of Manliness, Gentleman’s Gazette, and yours truly. Although much has changed over the years, there is always wisdom to be found in looking back to gentlemen (and women) of the past. In this article we will present some quotes on gentlemanly living, and how they apply to our lives today.

quote bob marley style

“The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.”

– Bob Marley

Many of the gentleman quotes and sayings I came across when researching this article spoke for themselves, this one included. “Money can’t buy everything” is an old adage, and integrity is certainly not a trait that can be purchased. Integrity is something that you develop everyday and through every decision you make, especially in the moments where no one is watching. Will you stay true to your beliefs when there is no one there to catch you otherwise? I encougage you to discover the deep satisfaction that comes with making the important daily decisions that lead to a life of integrity.

Anyone, regardless of wealth or social stature, can positively affect those around them. Even when you are down or don’t have two coins to rub together, I encourage you to try and make the life of someone around you better today. In doing so, you will make the lives of others richer. After all, being rich is only partly about the amount of money in your bank account.

william lyon phelps style quote

“The final test of a gentleman is his respect for those who can be of no possible service to him.”

-William Lyon Phelps

It’s easy to show respect to someone who can directly benefit you. In fact, it takes no personal effort at all when you anticipate receiving something of value in return. If you are honest, you are really doing something for yourself. It takes much more effort, however, to serve or show respect for someone that can do nothing physically, for you in return. Again, I encourage you to make serving these types of folks part of your everyday life. You will find a deep sense of gratitude for what you do have, and the satisfaction that accompanies looking beyond yourself and your own interests.

john locke gentleman quote

“Education begins the gentleman, but reading, good company, and reflection must finish him.”

-John Locke

I enjoyed this piece of wisdom, mainly because it encourages us all to continue our education and self improvement throughout our life. Book learning is certainly valuable. By frequenting sites like this, you are already exhibiting a desire to learn. I encourage you to take it a step further, however. Continuing to strive to be gentlemanly through interacting with others, and reflecting often on your rights and wrongs will keep you growing and effective.

rooselvelt on gentleman

“Courtesy is as much a mark of a gentleman as courage.”

-Theodore Roosevelt

Common courtesy for others is a true mark of the modern gentleman. Courage is always important, but each day we have many more opportunities to show others common courtesy. It’s easy for us to think and make decisions with our own best interests in mind. I encourage you to start thinking about how your decisions and actions impact others as well. Society as a whole will benefit.

george bernard shaw style quotes

“A gentleman is one who puts more into the world than he takes out.”

-George Bernard Shaw

What a wonderful thought. All gentlemen must be constantly aware of the fact that our time is finite… to live with the end in mind. When I come to the end of my time, I truly hope that I have added more to this world than I took of it from others! This is one statement that I will personally reflect on in the coming weeks, for sure.

confucius best remarks

“A gentleman would be ashamed should his deeds not match his words.”


And with this statement, we circle back to integrity. Do your thoughts, words, and actions all match up? Are you the same when the “lights and cameras are rolling” as when you are on your own in private? Integrity is key in the modern gentleman’s life. We all make mistakes, but I encourage you to “dust yourself off” when you do stumble, and get back on the road of integrity. You are the sum of the individual choices you make everyday. Make choices that increase your integrity! And remember, yesterday is in the past. Everyday we have the chance to learn from the past, but to chart a new course moving forward. That is one of the true gifts of this life.

gentleman quote from luigi pirandello

“Anyone can be heroic from time to time, but a gentleman is something you have to be all the time.”

-Luigi Pirandello

gentleman quote from ralph waldo emerson

“We sometimes meet an original gentleman, who, if manners had not existed, would have invented them.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

gentleman quote from srinivas shenoy

“Being male is a matter of birth. Being a man is a matter of age. But being a gentleman is a matter of choice.”

-Srinivas Shenoy


I hope you found some inspiration in the words above from our past. The pursuit of being a gentleman is a lifelong journey, but is one that is absolutely worth the effort. We encourage you to reflect daily on what it means to be a gentleman in today’s society, to always keep a hunger to learn and grow, and that you find the courage to put things into practice. If, one by one, men all around the world made gentlemanly living a pursuit, the world would truly become a better place for all.

As I researched quotes on gentlemen for this article, I was amazed by the vast amount of wisdom available online. I encourage you to do your own search, and plan to include more in a future article. As always, if you have thoughts or additional nuggets of wisdom, please share them in the comments below.

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18 Stylish Gentlemen to follow on Instagram [2019 update] Wed, 16 Jan 2019 16:34:29 +0000 Style is more than the sum of stylish parts. Does a Martin Greenfield suit or even a Swiss-made watch help? What about a set of polished Allen Edmonds shoes, the best car in the world, or a well-appointed house? Sure. However that having style needs a touch of the intangible; it’s more of an aura, a great mindset and lifestyle that makes one guy stand out from the others. Some men just have it figured out much better than the rest. These 18 are one of them. Follow them on Instagram for an every day hit of inspiration.



Sharp suits, footwear and also the occasional watch – that is exactly what MNSWR’s Instagram presents. Expect impeccably dressed men on every post. Fans of streetwear, appear somewhere else.

Follow @mnswrmagazine

Grey Checkered Suit



Maroon coats with pocket square


Fashion Beans has exploded to turn into one of the most influential men’s fashion site up to now providing a massive selection of information from newest news on clothing drops, lifestyle tricks and tips on style and grooming as well as the hottest sales. With excellent images Fashion Beans Instagram account offers valuable information into becoming the ‘timeless gent’ and is sure to provide any new follower with great ideas on their timeline.

Follow @fashionbeanscom

Navy Modern Classic Tailor Made Men's

Men's formalwear

tailor clothing men's fashion


With the idea of making a platform that wants to encourage people to visit places which they have not already been before, in order to taste something different or even wear a thing that they never experienced the courage to wear, Matthew succeeds in doing just that. With an remarkably clean and well-presented Instagram account featuring many different exceptional brands and presenting a unique point of view into the life of a successful traveller and blogger!

Follow @matthewzorpas

Sleeve, Modern Gent

Yellow Suitwear

Black + White Striped+bowtie


Quyen Mike has ongoing to challenge and push himself to develop his craft year on year; making creatively amazing and well curated pieces. This really is more shown on his Instagram account discovering a perfect blend of style, luxury and photography. Making him considered one of our must follow bloggers of 2019.

Follow @qmike

Mens winter street outfits

Menswear Streetwear

London streetstyle



Men’s Fashion Magazine covers a lot of degrees of fashion from exclusive industry news, fashion tips and worldwide vogue trends while also managing popular competitions for their readers. On the other hand, Men’s Fashion Magazine Instagram account continues to be quite limited and with just a following of 17k followers finds themselves placed at number 9 on the list.

Follow @mfminstagram

grey suits

Royal blue & white

suit & navy document holder

Jonathan Daniel Pryce

Pryce today concentrates on paying tribute to stylish men from around the world by showing their style by his influential photo essays. When you will already be pass out over this award-winning photographer’s fashion photos on his blog page, it is his Instagram account that actually shows off his talents.

Follow @garconjon





Moti Ankari

Moti Ankari is The Metro Man.  He is also a NYC fashion blogger and also a freelance article writer GQ whose Instagram account entails fashion from day to night and all across the city.  Spot on with every clothes, Ankari highlights his personal style with flat lays, his incredible shoe collection and front row fashion ranges.

Follow @themetroman

men style, mens wardrobe



Sergio Ines

Sergio’s girlfriend starting up Instagramming his every day outfits then when it developed a great deal of buzz he chose to keep performing it after he and his girlfriend parted ways. His account is a variety of day-to-day outfit collages never failing to post the quality information on every outfit.  From a paisley pocket square into a red skull lapel pin, a tassel loafer to designed sock, every outfit is carefully curated.  His total image is extremely dapper and with this many options to scroll through you won’t be short of an exciting way to mix up your daily suit.

Follow @whatmyboyfriendwore

navy and grey Jacket

formal war + sweet leather briefcase

skinny jeans and a brown jacket

D’ Marge

Luc Wiesman will be the guy behind D’Marge which is a traditional, cultured and adeptly curated men’s fashion blog. D’Marge covers an extensive variety of articles such as professional fashion features, upcoming brands to see, grooming and fragrance, must-have gadgets and technology, lifestyle features, stunning ladies and the newest in occasions and events from around the world.

Follow @dmarge

jacket at Hugo Boss in NYC

blue checkered suit

Turquoise suit

Danilo Carnevale

Menswear style blogger at

Follow @danilocarnevale

Tobacco x Navy x White

 Breasted jacket x double pleats trousers

jacket w/ light denim shirt

Marcel Floruss

Marcel Floruss is not really your typical Instagram user. Using the looks of the model and the sense of style of a stylist, Floruss works one of the powerful male Instagram accounts out there. His images seem like they are out of GQ or Esquire, which is outstanding considering Floruss is only 23 years old and a student at FIT.

Follow @onedapperstreet

Colors make it look fresh and outdoorsy w/out being tired.

winter white


Angel Ramos

Angel Ramos, a top national personalized clothier and designer of high-class clothing based in New York City. As well as known to many as Angel Bespoke, is really a leading man in the role of fashion icon.

Follow @angelbespoke

Mens Black Wool Blend Classic Overcoat


pink suit

Adam Gallagher

Adam Gallagher the man behind I am Galla. Having more than 1 million followers on Instagram and also a famous blog, Adam is a well known figure in men’s fashion, turning into one of the top ten most wanted bloggers in the business.

Follow @iamgalla

Luxury Coats, Suits

Gray Slacks + Black Blazer

Men's Black Blazer Maroon T-shirt

Phil Green

Mr. Phil Green are already showing up all over because of this outstanding styling skills of his that have made him a key figure at Topman and He personified the image of the modern gentleman. Phil Green is another one to add to the collection!

Follow @mrphilgreen

Electric Blue Suit have a vintage feel

Suited and booted for the day

Blue & White suit jacket, pocket square

Curtis Newkirk

Newkirk one the main guys behind Beckett & Robb. Each presenting a continuous source of various outfit combinations, the right way to mix top end designers with street wear, different accessories to brighten up any outfit and most significantly, a new perception on every day fashion.

Follow @curtisanewkirk

Men's jacket with check pattern

Green and grey

Maroon flecked flannel

Steven Onoja

Nigerian-born Steven Onoja identifies a couple of things (or twenty) regarding the power of color. From navy blue tweeds to orange and burgundy ties and pocket squares, Onoja’s Instagram page is usually a lesson in color play.

Follow @stevenonoja


orange and burgundy ties and pocket squares


Parc floral shirt

Bilal Güçlü

With more than 40K followers and a knack for fitting a muscular body to a T, it’s impressive that Instanbul-based blogger Bilal Güçlü’s name is not on the concept of more tongues in menswear. Fitting a larger frame, particularly in the legs, is a huge undertaking indeed. You want to show off the meaning that you have worked so hard for, however, you should also maintain a clean, sleek look.

Follow @bilalgucluu

Grey with black



Fabio Attanasio

Calls himself an “Artisanologist”, the founder of The Bespoke Dudes – Fabio Attanasio is one classy gentleman you should be following on your Instagram. The Italian fashion influencer has over 3000 posts on classic men’s style and fashion so head on over there if you need some inspiration!

Follow @fabioattanasio

classy gentleman outfit with a modern touch

fedora hat, long coat and suit

man posing in brown vest and black suit


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The Glasses Trend: Why Spectacles Are Cooler Than Contacts Tue, 11 Dec 2018 02:19:17 +0000 Silent movie star Harold Lloyd knew how to make a spectacle of himself, hanging from the minute hand of a giant clock, high above Hollywood traffic, his trademark round tortoiseshell glasses firmly in place.

He was the first star to recognize the power of glasses as accessory and he sparked a twenties craze for tortoiseshell specs. Of course, he didn’t need them, in fact the ones he wore on set didn’t even have glass in them, they were pure accessory.

man in spectacles

Glasses Make Your Look

Movie spectacles became an accessory for all seasons: they could signify loveable nerd, think Jerry Lewis or Woody Allen or they could signify smouldering sensuality, check out Marilyn Monroe’s use of nerd-chic glasses way before it was fashionable.

They’re a gesticular prop for profs and their slow removal a sultry signal that the temperature is rising as the prim librarian unbuttons her top button.

The Mystery of Sunglasses

man in sunglasses

As for sunglasses, they’ve been around since prehistoric Innuits wore flattened walrus ivory specs as protection against snow glare. Where would rock stars and poolside divas be without them? Whole careers have built on the mystery they bestow on the wearer.

Whether you need them or not there’s no doubt that specs have never been cooler, so rest assured, when you pop on those aviators, no one’s going to be shouting ‘Hey, four eyes’ at you.

Spec fashions come and go but in this glorious post-modern bazaar that we live in there’s no such thing as out of fashion, there’s just another retro look waiting to be disinterred. You want oversized seventies gogglers, go for it and surely it won’t be long before some star is sporting the pince-nez of a fourteenth century monk.

man wearing shades

The likes of Eddie Redmayne and Kit Harington positively revel in their specdom and so can the rest of us. If your eyesight is poor, you no longer have to pretend it’s twenty twenty by inserting slivers of lens onto your eyeballs each day. So, celebrate your infirmity, flaunt those specs.

Stop thinking of them as a utility item, like a toothbrush and enjoy their infinite variety. There are actually some practical reasons why you might choose specs over contacts, quite apart from the fact that those irritatingly fiddly little things are a recipe for bad temper.

The increased popularity of prescription sunglasses is in part due to the recognition that the wearing of contact lenses on the beach or in the sea can pose a high threat of eye infection. Spectacles are actually so much more convenient than contacts and let’s face it, if you are laying out some hard-earned cash you want some enjoyment for it, not something which is invisible to everyone else.

When you buy a pair of specs you open up a whole new avenue of enjoyment to saunter down. So, go on, reinvent yourself and splash out on a range of specs to suit your mood, be it nerd-chic or super cool, it’s your call.

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When the going gets tough, the tough do something out of left field Fri, 10 Aug 2018 03:40:10 +0000 Dee Murthy moves in a rarefied atmosphere. There aren’t many people who write the business plan as part of a class and then decide to go ahead and do it. The other guy founded FedEx so Murthy is in good company.

Men don’t know what to buy

Murthy’s industry-changing business idea is not rocket science. Men don’t know what to buy when it comes to clothes. Murthy and his business partner, Andres Izquieta, decided to find a way to make it easy and keep it hip.

Their success was over twelve years in the making. On the way, they learned a thing or two about selling clothes to men. Men buy clothes as a sort of necessary evil. The shopping part is the bit they don’t like. Having the clothes is great, and buying fashion is ok. It’s the shopping which is the problem.

Take away the issue

man shopping in store

The revolutionary idea has two smart elements to it. One part is obvious; if men don’t like to go shopping take the shop to them. But the truly brilliant idea is how the club funds the business.

Their brilliant idea was to found a club. With thousands of members on a subscription they generated immediate cash flow, and it is a brilliant idea.

>> Visit Menlo Now <<

The Club

Like all the best ideas, it is remarkably simple. The club members indicate the sort of clothes they lean towards and fill in their measurements and shoe size.

Then in return for their monthly subscription, items of clothing, footwear and accessories turn up on their door step and they get to keep the full package.

Fashionable men

fashionable man

What makes Murthy and his team so successful is over time the member gets a wardrobe that works together and is coordinated. But at the same time, the company and its designers get an insight into what sells in men’s fashion.

They have an immediate handle on the market, and they get it in 30 days. No wonder there’s a line of designers hoping to work with them.

>> Visit Menlo Now <<

House brands

Their model leaves them a lot of room to maneuver. They have a range of standard brands which form the basis of the collections and which the members know intimately. But beyond the brands, they have the flexibility to work with external designers on special collections.

A campaign with Chris Paul from the Houston Rockets, for example, was curated to stress the power of individuality.

They can work in sales as they need to or want to, and as there’s a parcel going out to every member every month, they have the shipping down too.

In-house Design

Besides the two founders, another key team member is Mark McNairy who came on board to head their design aesthetic for some time before also launching their shoe brand, New Republic by Mark McNairy. But even with an in-house designer, they can still pivot creativity by adding brands.

This is possibly the most innovative of all their ideas. Items can be added to one of the house brands, but if it has the potential to be a stand-alone, all they need to do is add another brand.

Five Four

Murthy’s original brand is Five Four, although now it falls as a line under the Menlo Club umbrella. With Five Four the team offers the foundations of the range, but still has the power to nudge it in a direction for a while.

Five Four x Nick Wooster is a collection under the basic brand. Another collection is Five Four x Hotel 1171. This idea allows them to play with styles and price and keeps the brand fresh and exciting.

Grand AC

This brand was founded in 2016. The AC stands for Athletic Club, inspired by the laid-back Los Angeles culture of clothes leaning towards sportswear as everyday clothing.

At the launch, Murthy said “Everywhere you go you see guys wearing workout gear, even if they aren’t heading to the gym. So, we sought to create an entire brand that offers guys something more on-trend and stylish that they can wear to the gym, at a very accessible price point.”

New Republic

New Republic is both a testament to the tractability of their concept. The official name is New Republic with Mark McNairy. Murthy has no false ego and is willing to share the limelight.

New Republic stands on its own as its own brand, but of course, there’s a section of the main website dedicated to it as well.


Oshenta is the most recent brand launch by Murthy and Izquieta, which falls under the sunglasses category. Sunglasses are one of the most difficult accessories to choose. What looks good, do they ‘go’? But of course, the members can be comfortable these ones too because it’s a brand that they can trust due to the connection to the other Menlo House brands.

What looks good, do they ‘go’? But of course, the members can be comfortable these ones do because they come from the club and they trust the club.

The special relationship

The Menlo Club founders have a huge respect for the thing they created. They understand the power of their member base and treat it respectfully. There is the sense it’s never taken for granted, in fact as a member there are few rules. You can leave whenever you want to.

Caring for the brands is one of their jobs. Nurturing their members is perhaps even more important. The company is adept at using social media to underscore and develop a relationship with the members on an individual basis. They clearly know what they are doing.

>> Visit Menlo Now <<

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Grooming Tips for the Modern Man: The Routine to Keep You Fresh Fri, 27 Jul 2018 07:36:39 +0000 Practising your personal hygiene is an important part of every modern man’s life today. A man’s appearance must always be attention-grabbing and to do that, there’s a certain routine that keeps a man fresh and desirable.

From skincare to hair care and fragrances, we’re going to go through a few essential grooming tips that each modern man should incorporate in their daily routine to remain fresh every day.

Even though it may seem like an easy thing, a grooming routine isn’t something that comes overnight. It takes time, just like fine wine, but the older it gets, the better it is. Most men think that grooming is for ladies only but they are wrong.

Modern men should take care of their body and personal hygiene almost as much as women do, so let us go through some grooming tips that will make you a heartbreaker in less than a heartbeat.

This daily routine is something that needs to become a habit to have any effect. Only if you remain consistent with it will you see some real results.

Skincare for Face, Private Parts and Body

a man shaving beard in front of mirror in bathroom

Start your daily skincare routine with the face. A man should always look presentable and smelling fresh. To do that, all it takes is to moisturize and wash your face, along with a few good tips that you should apply every day.

Cleaning your face regularly removes dead skin cells and stimulates the growth of new ones. A nice cleanse in the morning not only wakes you up, but also refreshes you.

The perfect choice would be to pick a wash with glycolic acid. Never forget your moisturizer after cleansing. A lotion should do fine, but pay attention to your skin type.

Most moisturizers are oil-based, which is good for normal skin but if you have oily skin, water-based products are more suitable. It’s also important to stay properly hydrated during each day, so make sure to drink at least six glasses of water and avoid too much sugar.

When it comes to your private parts, whatever you do, don’t overdo it. The trick is to keep yourself healthy and hygienic. Each time you take a bath, take care of your ”down there” area by cleaning your private parts with running water. Avoid anything beyond a mild cleanser and lukewarm water.

Wear only cotton underwear that improves air circulation and prevents any fungal or bacterial infections.

As for the rest of the body, pretty much everything is the same as for your face. Knowing your skin type is essential to proper skincare. It all comes down to using the right products. Regular showers and moisturizing should do just fine.

There are multiple products today that are both a bath and a moisturizer, making your skincare much easier. Pay special attention to your lower legs, shoulders, knees, and elbows because your skin dries out the fastest there.

Taking Care of All that Hair

man with slick black hair

Now, think about your hairstyle. Depending on your age, there are different hairstyles and products you can go with. If your hair thins out, use suitable products to make it look more manageable and thicker.

A matte styling clay or paste are just perfect for such a task. For a perfect hairstyle, timing is of the utmost importance. Before adding wax, cream, or paste, lay a base layer such as serums, sea salt sprays, or mousses.

It’s important that you don’t rub your hair after washing, but rather just pat it dry to avoid breakage. Beard grooming is as important as your hairstyle. There are ways to optimize your beard quickly and easily and make it look resplendent. Feel free to try Ultra Soft Elite Beard Shampoo by Hilee Bio Cosmetics, one of the best products for men around.

Make an investment by buying a good trimmer, beard brush and a comb. Pick a good technique for beard maintenance and wash it regularly but, most importantly, remember that beard oil is your best friend.

You might want to consider buying a cool hip flask that goes well with your beard. Go here to read more about cool hip flasks. Your mustache needs love just like your beard, so you’ll need a medium-hold wax and a pair of grooming scissors.

It takes a little patience but it’s more than worth it. Your beard should match the shape of your face and pruning is essential here, as seen on this site.

Add a Final Touch with Fragrances

Wearing deodorant is always a good idea but never overdo it. Choose between a spray on or a roll on, depending on your personal preference. The best thing to do is to combine a bit of both.

Roll-ons are the best for armpits while sprays provide all-around protection. Perfumes and cologne are something completely different.

When it comes to Eau de Parfum, or any other type of fragrance, there’s only one rule: less is always more. You don’t want to be overwhelmed by the scent but rather appreciate it. Most men prefer the less concentrated Eau de Cologne according to recent studies.

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Time to be Different with a Filippo Loreti Watch Fri, 13 Jul 2018 09:41:52 +0000 Filippo Loreti watch closeup

It takes a certain amount of chutzpah to take on an industry which has been around since 1770 is worth over $40bn in exports annually and is chock-full of names who have a lot more power and influence than you do. You have to have a certain level of personal confidence, you might develop a mantra and then you have to sit down and think.

The gentlemen behind Filippo Loreti did just that. It started with an idea; the belief that a luxury level watch should be something that was available to all. Everyone should have the opportunity to have the look and feel of a remarkable timepiece strapped to their wrist. From there it was easy to make leaps forward.

  • Idea #1: Question the route to market: Between the watchmaker and you, there are a lot of people making a living. By the time it’s your hand in your wallet, lots of salaries that have been paid and lots of profits made. How much of the cost reflects the chain to market?
  • Idea #2: Identify the elements that make a luxury brand: It’s things like clean lines, attention to detail and good materials. Then juxtapose ideas within those factors to create something unique.
  • Idea #3: Find the cash: You can work hard, but you have to have some cash behind you if you need to buy parts, and make things. What’s the modern way to go about that?
  • Idea #4: Make something beautiful – but a lot of people have to think it’s beautiful: So simple, so logical yet so ground-breaking. From these ideas came a tiny company which made the big-name watch companies turn and look with something akin to jealousy.

Standing on the shoulders of giants

If they did develop a mantra this could be it. Their website uses words like democratized and they harnessed the ideas that others had used before but combined a mix of different ingredients to produce something out of the ordinary.

Their influences come from the Renaissance greats and their technology uses ideas that others have proven. What makes Filippo Loreti different is how they pulled everything together and made it a cohesive design and business philosophy.


This was a stroke of brilliance that opened the way to everything else. Getting the funds was helpful of course, but that was only a part of it. The backers provided two other invaluable parts of the puzzle. They gave the nascent company immediate feedback and once the product was ready, they were a ready-made customer base.

Filippo Loreti’s second round of funding drew 18,000 backers most of whom turned into customers. That volume of initial customers in the luxury brand world made Filippo Loreti the subject of one of the best whisper campaigns of all time.

Route to market

It would be easy to say that Filippo Loreti challenged the route to market, because in some ways that is what they did. In other ways what they really did was to take advantage of being a 21st century company and not one from the 1700’s.

Their customers buy directly from them and they ship direct. Without the internet, without online banking, without the big delivery companies, this would not have been possible.

Twenty-five years ago this route to market only just existed and was still embryonic and working out the kinks. Now it’s smooth, global and, most importantly, the customer base is used to it.

Remove unnecessary costs and add in value

Without a distribution chain, the line of incidental charges which make their way onto the price tag just isn’t there. That means when you do pay the price, what you’re paying for is their design cachet, the materials, and quality.

Filippo Loreti is so confident in their materials and craftsmanship that they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and an almost unheard of 10-year guarantee.

Remember Idea #4?

This is great business model is modern and smart, but it would have disappeared in an instant had it not been for the excellent product; the watches, themselves. Danielius and Matas Jakutis took their inspiration from local architecture which happened to be the magnificence of Venice, Rome and Milan where art, architecture and design all fuse.

The Venice Series

Filippo Loreti watch with moonphase

At the heart of Filippo Loreti collection is the Venice Series, inspired by the Basilica di San Marco’s graceful arches with a touch of (and this is their word) whimsy. The complications add balance to the face and the Moonphase Complication just adds a delight of detail. Really, you know when it’s night without looking at your watch. But it adds charm and it’s immensely attractive.

Equally appealing is the ability to swap out watchbands (on certain of the Venice range) and change the look from metallic band to understated fine Italian leather. It is a nice touch, and it’s hard to imagine another luxury brand offering the same.

The back plate

The Venice Serice Basilica de San Marco on Filippo Loreti watch

The touch that truly sets a Filippo Loreti Venice watch apart from others is the back of the watch case. Most often, back plates don’t get much attention. If you’re wearing a watch now do you really remember what is on the back plate? You will with a Filippo Loreti watch. In fact, you’ll probably be taking it off to show it around.

The Venice watches carry a 3D relief artwork depicting San Marco, the inspiration for the collection. The artwork on the Rome series incidentally is the Piazza del Campidoglio — this is what ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’ means. It is also the gift of what the Jakutis men have realized. Take the best of what there is and harness it all together.

Listen to the customers

From the very start, the philosophy was to listen. Clearly, both gentlemen have a great eye for design, but the key they say is to listen to what the initial backers, and now the entire customer base, have to say.

The result is a range of choices and options which is another astute move on their behalf. There isn’t just one watch, there’s a range. The pricing is such that you could consider having two or more, and if you do, Filippo Loreti will provide you with a display box, currently at no additional charge.

It is brilliant. There, in one simple move is the idea that your customer will be a return customer owning several watches simultaneously

Overwhelmingly positive?

There were some hiccups in the early days. Problems with delivery, for example, caused some negative feedback. But now Filippo Loreti reviews are getting the attention of the business market in a big way.

Articles which discuss the ways in which the old watch industry behemoths need to change to survive are a reflection of how this crowdfunded business bucked the industry, did it with panache and to date seems to be getting away from it.

Wearing the watch is wearing a discussion piece. People ask about it, you end up showing the back plate to ooh’s and ahh’s and you do want to talk about it because, in this day and age, it is so rare to have something different.

A doctoral thesis or an exit strategy?

At some point, a postgrad is going to write this as a doctoral thesis. In the meantime, the brothers have a brilliant exit strategy. Some of those behemoths have immensely deep pockets, and the fastest way for them to do what Filippo Loreti is doing is to go and get a Filippo Loreti. The reviews don’t lie.

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How to Ball Out and Travel in Style Thu, 12 Jul 2018 08:53:22 +0000 man carrying bags in airport

Got some cash that’s weighing your pants down? Liberate that green and treat yourself to a luxury holiday. Everyone loves to spend money – whether it’s on a luxury watch or a brand new car, so why skimp on travel too?

This is not a guide to being thrifty and getting the most bang for your buck. This is all about avoiding hostels, never once preparing a meal yourself and not even considering taking that two-for-one special on hamburgers down at the local grill.

Stack those dollar bills – it’s time to make it rain.

Get a Driver

driver in the car

No one in their right mind would rent a car when they’ve got stacks of cash, and you shouldn’t either. Let somebody else take the wheel and drive you to your hotel in style.

But even regular holiday goers will a taxi to take them to and from the airport, and you shouldn’t limit yourself to such standard vehicles.

Companies such as Blacklane as well as UberLUX allow you to book private chauffeurs with luxury vehicles to take you to your destination.

It’ll be more expensive than a regular taxi, but that’s the name of the game, isn’t it? Who wants a Toyota Corolla when you could be rolling in a Mercedes Benz C Class instead?

Book a Private Jet

Nothing, absolutely nothing, says “baller” more than a private jet. Not only is it pretty pricey to hire one, but you get the added benefit of skipping long lines at the airport and never having to worry about missing a connecting flight.

Dropping money on this type of thing is essential if you want to make your friends jealous and display a true indifference to the amount of money you’re spending. It’s also hassle-free if you go with a company like JetApp that lets you book a charter flight online in advance.

Stay in a 5-Star Hotel

hotel with outdoor pool

Hostels? Please. A modest Airbnb? Move over. The only place to stay on a money bender is in the lap of luxury in a five-star hotel.

Forget sharing showers and bathrooms with an entire floor of other guests, for you to be a true baller you’ll want your own bathroom with a Jacuzzi, bathtub and a shower so large you can do sprints in it.

Egyptian linen should be on all the beds and your hand should constantly have a phone in it with a direct line to room service. Charge it? You bet.

Eat at a Michelin Star Restaurant

If you’ve got cash then eating at Burger King on your travels just won’t cut it. Instead, seek out a Michelin Star restaurant for some of the best possible wining and dining around. Lobster, caviar, abalone, Kobe beef – these are all staples when you’re eating like a king (or queen)!

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Summer time, Summer ties Thu, 28 Jun 2018 07:32:33 +0000 man and woman out in the sun

Well gentlemen, it’s officially time to say hello to your summer wardrobe.  This should also includes ties.  A true modern gentleman pays attention to every aspect of their wardrobe.  In warmer weather, finding the balance between keeping cool and looking cool can be tricky.

Suit coats don’t mix well with a hot sun, but t-shirts and shorts won’t cut it for the office or special events either. There are plenty of ways you can dress well, wear ties and stay cool during the summer months.  This article will focus on the ties that look and feel cool once the weather warms up.

Make your summer look sizzle by accessorizing with a necktie. While the weather is warm you must put down your winter wool ties, the darker colors and instead opt for vibrant colors, lightweight materials and playful patterns.

Summer patterns can seem intimidating, but once you figure out how to mix and match, they become much easier and you will truly stand out and look forward to wearing ties during the summer. Habit will slowly turn to obsession.

Whether you wear neckties or bow ties, here are our favorite summer trends and the knowledge you need to stay tie stylish for the summer of 2018 and beyond.

Cool Summer Tie Basics

colorful row of neckties

Tie Fabrics

Fabrics such as cotton, linen and silk blend ties are summer classics. Summer ties are versatile, too. You can wear your lightweight tie to a family picnic or add character to your everyday business look.

Tie Patterns

Plaid, and polka dot are definite summer dos. Since it’s summer, make a statement and look for ties in bright seasonal colors. When your tie has so much awesomeness going on, you can even opt for a bow tie, a slim tie or a skinny tie.

Summer plaid and polka dot ties can be bold, so be wary of mixing two very strong patterns together. Instead, complete the outfit with a muted shirt color such as a pale pink or powder blue to emphasize your great taste in ties.

It’s spring, things bloom in the spring, so don’t be afraid to add a little floral design to your tie rotation. It’s fun, laid-back, works for formal or casual, and is very versatile when it comes to what colors you can match it up with.  Plus, ladies love flowers even in ties.

Knitted Ties

man in suit with a red knitted tie

Knitted ties have become all the rage recently, and for a good reason. Knitted ties are at the less formal end of the neck-wear spectrum and can be used to dress down a suit or dress up a more casual outfit.

Knitted ties have a textured, loosely woven appearance and absence of interlining. Knit ties are made with lightweight materials that give your look an easy breezy feel They offer a more relaxed vibe and add texture to your attire.

Summer is the time for travel so knit ties are beneficial because you can find some reversible knit ties.  These will go with multiple outfits. The knit tie is perfect for travel. It won’t wrinkle (remember to roll it!) and it can go with several different outfits.


Do not hang knitted ties or they will stretch, resulting in a very long tie. Always roll knitted ties for storage. You can buy a sock storage box, or even a shoe box to keep your knitted ties looking crisp.

More and more brands are trying our different textures on their ties, Spring and summer means wedding season, and this means that there will be a lot of bowties. Summer bowties that are made with a fine satin, can last years. Be bold, be bright, and stand out.

Unusual Summer Ties

These next two types of ties are a little out of the box.

Pastel Paisley Texture

man in suit with pastel paisley tieTry a pastel paisley print for summertime formal wear, like a wedding. The key is that it must be a bright pastel, a dark pastel paisley print is more of a fall winter look.

Seersucker Tie

Summer is seersucker time. If you can’t quite handle going full-blown Jay Gatsby in a Seersucker suit you can get a seersucker tie that will have heads turning when you wear it to casual locations. Remember wrinkled ties aren’t a look, so be sure to keep these properly hung on a tie rack.

Tie Care & Storage

While you are out looking for your ties don’t forget to get some tie racks. These can be hung on your closet door and they serve a multi-purpose. You can hang your belts, suspenders along with your ties. So, make sure you get one that’s big enough to handle all your accessories or get multiple amounts of racks.  Women love an organized gentleman.

The summer isn’t only for t-shirts and shorts. The modern gentleman can wear ties that are not only cool and comfortable but stylish also.

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Gentlemen, Hats and the Hair Thing Tue, 26 Jun 2018 08:16:40 +0000 man in fedora hat

There was a time when a gentleman would not be seen without his hat. It was the last thing added before he left the house, and he would never have worn it inside under any circumstances.

Now attitudes have changed but they remain rather ambivalent, and say more about us than hats themselves do. Wearing hats reached its peak (so to speak) in the 1920s after which they declined, (not the hats themselves, that would be silly); slowly at first, but then rapidly.

The decline of the hat

After the Second World War, men stopped wearing hats more than ever. It was a response to having to wear one when they were in uniform.

But the real blow came when most families had their own car. Once people were taking their car to and from work there wasn’t the need for a hat any more.

That tricky old hair thing…

Now hats were uncommon, if a man wore one there had to be a reason. And perniciously came the association that wearing hats equaled hairlessness. It was a cover up thing. A hat was hiding something a little bit shifty. Men with a full and gorgeous head-of-hair would show it off, men without, well…

In the winter men sans thatch needed a hat for warmth. In the summer, heads needed sun protection and thank heaven there was a certain Hemmingway-esque flair about a Panama.

Sporting Origins

man wearing cap backwards

Then we entered the era of the baseball cap. First worn in the mid 1800’s by baseball teams in the US, these hats became more than just simple sports apparel. The boom for caps as fashion really took off in the 1980’s with various celebrities and well-known figures appearing on television sporting them. Today, you would be hard pressed to walk down any city street in the western world and not find people wearing a form of the baseball cap. To capitalise on this ever-growing fashion, the offer of custom hats allows the gentleman to also partake in some casual attire however naturally with his own customized flair.”

When the hat fits

It remained a little quirky to wear a hat. They were relegated to weddings, where the people who rented out the groom and party’s tails insisted on the need for a topper, which added to the price. The damn thing was carried in the crook of the elbow, or raised in a jokey photo – never actually worn.

A Renaissance

Of late though, hats are making a comeback – particularly custom hats made to fit.

Let’s face it they are stylish, they reek of manly confidence and when worn well look so very on point. If you’re not sure what I am alluding to take a look at any of the pictures of Prince Harry in 2018. (The same is almost true of his brother, but then there is that Windsor-hairline-thing going on with him – although he did have the sense to shave it, and we all breathed a sigh!)

How to pull it off…

Wear the right hat for the occasion; don’t wear a boater if you’re not wearing a striped blazer and cream trousers. Hats have such power they make an amazing first impression when you get it right. Lastly, imagine how it would feel when you, sir, get to raise your hat to the love of your life.

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How French King Louis XVIII Changed What You Wear Thu, 21 Jun 2018 04:16:41 +0000 Louis XVIII had an interesting life. He was the King of France during the time Napoleon wanted to be its emperor, which meant he spent time in palaces and time in exile too. He died a pretty disgusting death; obesity, gout and gangrene no less. But he had one habit which still influences us today.

Louis XVIII liked horse-racing

Much like the Queen of England and the Windsor family, Louis liked horse racing and was an avid racegoer.

He liked to watch his own horses and of course he needed to be able to measure their times. He asked the “watchmaker to the king” to create something to help, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Enter the Chronograph

man adjusting watch

A chronograph is a watch with a timer added and is incredibly popular. But why? Today you can strap something on your wrist that can track your pulse and heart rate, it can show you when the phone is ringing, or it can vibrate when an email arrives and it can remind you to stand up and move about once an hour if you really want it to.

At the end of the day, it can tell how many steps you took, and get this, you could leave your phone at home but link your watch and still get the alerts. (Call us crazy, but aren’t you leaving your phone at home so you don’t get alerts?)

Nowadays there are so many other ways in which we can find out what the time is that we really don’t need a watch anymore. Yet the watch has not gone the way of the dodo. As a Chronoexpert can tell you, about 1.2 billion watches are sold every year and show no possibility of slowing down.

With all of this available, why would anyone want a chronograph?

Have you ever wondered what your wristwatch has to say about you? It is a subtle yet definite barometer of the inner man. It speaks to your sense of style and about what you think is important. It suggests your outlook and the pace at which you live life.

Watches are more than a timepiece. They are an article of expression. Not sure how? Think of the watch a rapper might wear. This is the watch as bling. A diamond encrusted watch is going to cost you, but what does it say about you?

Telling the time is almost not the point

Think back to the scene in Doctor Strange when he opens the drawer and chooses his watch. He is dressed in evening wear, and for the record, that is one nicely cut DJ. His tie is not a clip on (real men can tie a bow tie) and the shirt is bespoke.

The final piece of the outfit is his watch. He then takes a drive which changes his life forever. Throughout the movie, we return to the watch as a representation of his moral barometer. At the very end, he wraps the beautiful but flawed watch onto his wrist as a reminder. It is there to remind him to stay in touch with reality and understand the difference between right and wrong.

Another famous watch aficionado

Not surprisingly, James Bond has never been faithful to one type of watch, flipping effortlessly between preferred brands according to the film and the Bond too. But each watch (with the possible exceptions of the digital ones) reflects Bond’s suave sophistication. He might be a killer, but it’s unavoidable in his fight against the bad guy.

His watches are often chronographs, sometimes with a little extra functionality added in for good measure, but the basic is the chronograph.

Why is a chronograph so popular?

It’s just a watch with a stopwatch, so why all the fuss? Actually, that is kind of the point.

(Sidebar – in watch speak anything added to a watch beyond the basic time-telling function is known as a complication. Having a date window is a complication.)

The chronograph remains an uncomplicated watch, but it does usually have two modules; the time telling one and the stopwatch. It seems to be the myriad of ways and number of options in the way these two can be combined that appeals to gentlemen.

The two modules give the watch a rugged feel about it. It has to be on the chunky side to get them both in. There is a nice satisfying weight about it, you know you’re wearing it.

It suggests you’re a man of action

black watch on display

Just having a stopwatch means you’re a man of action. You’re not going down to the stud to check out your racehorses, but you are doing something requiring split-second timing and accuracy. Exactly, it’s your Bond tough guy mixed with your Dr. Strange good guy side coming together.

A gentleman loves a thing of beauty

A chronograph is a thing of beauty. Let’s face it, gentlemen get to wear elegant things. They get to wear refined things. They get to show their sophistication in fine brandy or whisky. But they never get to be beautiful and that, my friends, is where the chronograph comes in.

Wrapped around your wrist is something that is beautiful. Its mechanisms and timekeeping are, yes, a thing of engineering beauty. Its look is obviously gorgeous. A chronograph says you are not a nerd or a flash-bastard, you’re just being you.

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