Foreign Languages: Modern Gentleman Edition

The ability to converse in several languages is known as multilingualism. Gentlemen who are adept at speaking foreign languages enjoy specific benefits over their monolingual colleagues.

In a contemporary world like the one we live in, it has become ordinary for people to speak multiple languages. It is not rare to come across multilingual people who, not only have a command over their native tongue but also are good in a second or even third foreign language. But does a second or third language really bring any discernible benefit?

Multiple studies have concluded that multilingual people tend to perform better in IQ tests. Furthermore, being bi-lingual has shown to slow down the cognitive aging process and allow men and woman to enjoy intellectual pursuits into older age.

However, and perhaps the most obvious benefit of being multilingual is that you can communicate with a wider range of people. For the multilingual man, asking the attractive woman on the street where they can find the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin becomes less terrifying and catches their attention.

Modern Gentleman Edition

Essential Languages for the Modern Gentleman

1. German

governmental building in Germany

German native speakers are around 90 to 110 million. That might seem like a small number compared to other languages in this article; however, Germany is the most prominent economy in Europe.

Thus, it is a hugely significant language for businessmen who want to succeed in the European market. Germany is also home to powerhouse brands and companies such as Hugo Boss, BMW, DaimlerChrysler, Adidas and Puma to name a few.

That said, German is said to be a bit trickier to learn than the other main European languages, which means it pays to really attend your German courses and take heed.

2. French

pastry shop in france

Approximately 75 million individuals speak French in France and its former territories around the world. While it is not as widespread worldwide as it once was, there is no doubt that French remains a language with huge sex appeal.

In addition to social benefits, French language skills are essential and vital for businesses, and it remains one of the critical languages in the world to study. Akin to Portuguese and Spanish, French comes relatively straightforward to native English speakers.

3. Spanish

hello in spanish hola

With approximately 405 million native speakers, this is the second most widely spoken language behind Mandarin. Studying Spanish opens opportunities in Spain, United States and Latin America.

Without Spanish, we wouldn’t have the moniker ‘Latin Lover’. More good news regarding Spanish is that it is a reasonably simple language for English speakers to handle. It only takes about 600 hours of classroom time or less than six months to become proficient in the Spanish language.

4. Italian

Italian is regarded as one of the simplest languages for native English speakers to study. The sentence structure and grammar are different from English, however simpler. Since both languages possess Latin roots, they also have numerous similar words that sound alike and have the same meanings.

man in armani's clothing

Italy is well known for its food, history and fashion. A fashionable man will know that high fashion labels such as Dolce & Gabbana, Armani and Gucci have Italian ancestry.

There stands very little against learning another language unless you view intelligence and attractiveness as negative traits. This means it’s time to get out there connect with your friends who speak another language and start broadening your horizons.

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