10 Essentials for the Modern Gentleman

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“A Gentleman is a prime example of what a man should be.” – Pontius Joseph

Today we are bombarded with advertisement saying “you must have this” “you need that”.  If you were to listen to the media, your life would be incomplete without the latest hair trimmer or vegetable slicer.  As a gentleman we know that there is a need to have certain accessories, but modern gentlemen do not live in clutter and have things that are not useful in our lives.  How many of us have dated women who have bought clothes or shoes never to wear them?  We as modern gentlemen cannot do that with our clothes or accessories.  Everything must have a purpose.

With that being said we as modern gentlemen must have a core, a foundation, basic things that are needed in our lives.  We are gentlemen inside and out, inside we have a foundation of chivalry and respect.  Outside there are the must have accessories that every gentleman should have in their possession.  Today we will list 10 must have accessories, with some honorable mentions.  These are in no particular order due to the fact that these are the core basics that a gentleman needs.  Also, these accessories can be easy to find and not expensive.


Now for the 10 essential accessories that every gentleman must have:

#1. A Tailor

Men tailor suit
Photo Credits: @jkmacatti

I know what you are thinking, Fred how is this an accessory.
The definition of an accessory is a thing that can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile, or attractive.

A tailor is essential to a gentleman and he makes your clothes more useful, versatile and attractive.  Having a relationship with a tailor is extremely important to a gentleman.  The reason is that correct fitting clothes are to the gentleman.  We are not slaves to baggy jeans, or ultra-tight, skinny jeans.  Being a modern gentleman means that we are not slaves to fashion.  Tailors have been trained to fit you in a classic way.  By building the relationship with a tailor you will get great advice on what looks right on you and what does not.  Also you will be able to get custom fitted clothing.  Suits, shirts, pants will be fitted for your body and yours alone.  This will expand your closet.  For instance, let’s say you buy a shirt and you decide to have it altered to fit you perfectly.  Ask for the tailor to make a cuff link hole next to the button.  Now you have a regular shirt and can add cufflinks to if you like.  So a tailor is of upmost importance.

#2. Cuff links

Men cuff links
Photo Credits: @cufflinksdotcom

Since we just spoke about a tailor adding the ability to wear cufflinks, so having cufflinks is a must have.  Why you ask, being a gentleman means you stand out and having cufflinks is a must have to stand out.  It shows you put thought into your presentation.  It also can make a 20 dollar shirt look like a 100 dollar shirt with the right cufflinks.  Also you cufflinks can be an extension of yourself for example when I feel like a king I wear the king cufflinks found at www.myclassicaccessories.com

Above all cufflinks add a touch of class and sophistication to your outfit.  You can match your cufflinks to your tie, shoes etc.  It’s a must have for every gentleman. Well worth the cost, French cuff shirts can be worn everywhere a button up shirt is worn.  Also in causal situations having cufflinks will set you apart, if you notice the style now is to have cuffs rolled up with a different color, giving a French cuff look. People are starting to understand how distinguished the French cuff look is.

#3. Ties

Men's ties
Photo Credits: @smalltowndapper

Ties are essential for every gentleman.  As a gentleman you MUST have multiple ties of different colors and types. Bow ties, and straight ties, along with pocket squares is a fundamental look for the modern gentleman.  Bow ties give a different look than straight ties, but both types command respect, and respect is what a gentleman exudes.  Also a gentleman must be able to tie different knots and have multiple bowties.  Remember your tie must be darker than the shirt you are wearing.  You want your tie to pop and be the first thing someone sees.  Wearing different color ties and shirts can make your suit look totally different. So invest in many ties.

gentleman essentials hack


GENTLEMAN HACK:  Learn how to tie a straight tie to a bow tie.  You can find it on you tube or contact me and I can send you a special made video.  By doing this you are able to double the amount of ties you have because of the different look a bow tie gives versus a straight tie.

#4. Belts

Men's belt
Photo Credits: @clothesmentornovi

Much like ties belts are essential.  Also as a gentleman you MUST have multiple belts.  Your belt need to match your shoes, and match the event.  A dress belt at a casual event can take away from the rest of your outfit.  Also a gentleman’s belt would be non-tattered and in good condition.  The length should be long enough to tuck under the first belt loop, having a long “tail” is not gentlemanlike.  Store bought belts should be two sizes too large.   You want the belt to hold up your pants and not be too short.  For instance if you wear a size 34 buy a 36 inch belt.  Here is another place that having a tailor is essential.  Let’s say you don’t want to wear a belt or you don’t have a belt.  Suspenders are a stylish alternative, have your tailor put suspender buttons in your pants, (you can always get a clip on suspenders they cost less but those do not have the same flair as suspenders that button in the pants). Suspenders are also well worth an investment.

#5. A Black Umbrella

Man with black umbrella
Photo Credits: @marcelfloruss

They may not seem like an essential but it is.  As gentleman you always want to be prepared.  The best way to be prepared is to have a solid, black umbrella.  Do not go to the dollar store to get a flimsy one, or you will be embarrassed at the wrong time.  A classy lady will have a black dress that can be worn anywhere, think of the umbrella as the same thing.  Also, holding a lady close under an umbrella is a very romantic thing and will score points for you.

#6. A Grooming Kit

Men's grooming kit
Photo Credits: @brandlessindia

Some may feel that a grooming kit would make a man rather metrosexual.  That’s not the case, a gentleman must be well groomed and smell nice and clean.  This begins with having a routine in which you clean and groom yourself.   First you need a face cleanser along with a body cleanser.  They should be different due to the harsh cleansing ingredients in traditional soap can strip the skin of its natural moisture, leaving it feeling tight and dry. Use a mild, moisturizing cleanser or beauty bar can help to preserve skin’s natural moisture. Many stores have facial products just for men.  Well worth the investment. Next you must have shaving products.  Whether it is a razor, or electric shaver this is a must have along with after shave lotion. Also a must have is a micro trimmer.  This is for the eyebrows, nose hairs and ear hairs that are very unattractive and take away from the well-groomed look.  Essential are nail trimmers along with a nail file, pumice stone, and along with a nail buffer that will give your trimmed nails a constant fresh manicured look.  Lastly in the kit should be some coconut oil or something similar in order to keep your skin felling hydrated and fresh.  This kit goes where you go, if you have any possibility of spending the night outside of your home, bring this kit with you. Also, keep a ready- made kit for when you travel. It should ONLY be used on vacation, build it now so all you have to do is grab it when you are packing and you don’t forget anything.

#7.  Cologne

While we are on grooming.  Cologne is very important.  Don’t just grab one and wear it forever, (you should not still be wearing Safari, Original Drakkar or Hai Karate).  As a gentleman thought goes into what you put on your body and how it is perceived by others.  Your winter scent which should be more woodsy and heavy should be different from your summer scents which should be lighter and citrusy.

gentleman essentials hack

GENTLEMAN HACK Keep a bottle of cologne in your car, along with some hand sanitizer and moist toilettes.  Having these things will keep you fresh and always smelling good.  This will allow you to freshen up at a moment’s notice and impress the ladies, because nothing is better than a clean man.

#8. A Wallet

men's wallet
Photo Credits: @sam.product

This may seem like a no brainer, but now having a simple wallet is not as common as you would think.  With the advent of cell phone cases where you can put all of your credit cards and necessary items there it could take away from needing a wallet.  But, as a gentleman there is nothing more classic than reaching into a neat wallet and pulling out a wad of cash or credit card.  That is the look of a man that has his things together.  No man purses, that is not classic nor a gentleman.  That is blending men and ladies, a gentleman knows his place.

#9. Watches

Men's watch
Photo Credits: @randallgriffin

This again may seem like a no brainer, but cell phones have caused the regular wrist watch to become obsolete in some people eyes.  Much like having a wallet, having a wrist watch is necessary for the modern gentleman.  A nice watch accents your outfit and can be a conversation starter.  As a gentleman you will at times wear a vest, this is when a pocket watch will definitely set you apart from the masses. A true conversation starter.  More importantly to take a quick glance at a watch looks better than pulling out a phone and looking distracted. You will lose eye contact for a shorter period of time versus pulling out a cell phone.  That will help your flow of conversation.  It also looks very good when a lady comes to see you and you have your watches organized and ready to be chosen.

#10. Socks

Men's sock
Photo Credits: @dahlgrensocks

This again may seem like a no brainer. When I say socks I do not mean just the old-fashioned cotton whites, or plain black dress socks.  These should not be the only socks in your wardrobe.  That is a fashion FAUX PAS. You must have multiple types (no-show, ankle, calf) and multiple colors (they should accent the shoes you are wearing).  Picking socks to wear is an art form and many men would rather make thing easy and just go basic, but as a gentleman we must take care of our appearance from head to toe.


If you don’t have all ten suggest you go to the store online or brick and mortar. Each one of these things can be had inexpensively. These are the basics, the MUST HAVES for every true gentleman.


Honorable mention:

Sunglasses – much like socks, it is great to have multiple types of sunglasses. These accent your wardrobe and add an air of mystery to a gentleman.  It is not the cost of the sunglasses that make the man but the look and how he matches them up to his outfit. If you buy one expensive pair of sunglasses and wear them everywhere there will be places where those glasses will not fit the occasion.

Scarf – this can be used as a fashion accessory to add flair to your outfit and keep you warm on cold days.

Business card holder – always be prepared, you never know who you may meet and who you may network with. Always keep business cards with you for the above reason.  Plus, pulling out a business card holder looks very elegant and says to people that you are a VIP.

Candles – this may seem out of place but, having candles in your home will bring peace and calmness to you. Also, having multiple candle scents can change the mood of your domicile.  Much like having different color lights changes moods, so do different scents. Make sure you use candles that has a top on them so when you blow them out you won’t have a smoky smell.

Anyone can be heroic from time to time, but a gentleman is something you have to be all the time – Luigi Pirandello

There it is, the 10 musthave essentials for all gentlemen. If you have anymore be sure to leave a comment.

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