Gift tips for the Modern Gentleman

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Here at MGM we are firm believers that a gift should be something that truly embodies class and tact. Usually, such gifts come attached to a price tag so high it makes one’s eyes water and one’s wallet weep with fear. So you can imagine our delight when we came across Broquet, a website dedicated to high-class, stylish gifts sure to delight any gentleman and their pocketbook. While other sites aim to offer unisex gifts with not a whiff of thought or prestige attached, Broquet has a mission to provide elegant and gentlemanly gifts for gentlemen from gentlemen.

cocktail set giftBroquet’s boast on its homepage is that the gifts found on its database are not simple trinkets to be sat upon a shelf, gathering dust. Instead, all of its gifts are designed to be used by their recipient; be it shaving kits, cooking equipment, or tools, the items offered by Broquet are utilitarian rather than decorative. However, this in no way means that the selection is in any way unattractive. On the contrary, great effort has evidently been put into the craft of each of these items. We’re particularly fond of the beautiful and functional Moscow Mule Cocktail Set, which includes a full cocktail mixing set in addition to ingredients and a recipe card detailing how to mix the eponymous cocktail.

Broquet’s fine selection of gifts cover the range of gentlemen’s activities. From chopping lumber to drinking choice beverages, from cooking up delicious bacon treats to cultivating one’s facial hair, everything sold on the site is uniquely crafted to entice and entrance the gentleman seeking a gentleman’s gift for his equally gentlemanly friend. The company offers its assurances (a gentleman’s agreement, no less) that all products are fully tested and quality assured. They even offer a “gentleman’s guarantee” on their products, which offers a helpline for those who are in any way unhappy with their products. Good show.

Elegant in design and function, Broquet’s website is the digital embodiment of what its products promise to be. If you are in the market for a gift for a friend who fits into the category of gentleman, this is most certainly the site to check out. There is no cheap, throwaway bric-a-brac to be found here. Just good, solid craftsmanship with a noble and genteel purpose. You could even purchase goods for yourself. We won’t judge you at all. After all, it’s excellent stuff.

Other gift tips – A customized phone case

customizable phone caseYou can’t make every gentleman happy with a gift related to drinking, so here’s another idea: A customized phone case. Why not give your stylish friend a phone case with a picture where he is dressed super-sharp? is a website we can recommend for this.

The process to order a custom case at Customize-your-case is dead simple. Just pick the right phone model, upload your picture (re-size a bit if necessary) and you’re there.

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