Modern Gentleman’s Selection of Wine Corkscrews

Corkscrew wine opener

After we have covered some of the best champagnes money can buy we are now turning our eyes to the wine. To be more precise to corkscrews. I am a big fan of good wine and since enjoying wine is a ritual, exceptional wines deserve to be opened with these exceptional corkscrews.


Pultrex Brucart corkscrewPULLTEX Brucart Set

Pulltex name is the renowned name in the sommelier world especially for their top of the line wine equipment. Brucart corkscrew is one of the best of its kind. It is made of titanium and is practically indestructible. It has a special mechanism which is capable of pulling out even the longest corks. It is very easy to use and since it comes in box with a leather bag it can be a great gift.
Price: $62.99 (50 EUR)


Vacu Vin Waiters Friend corkscrewVACU VIN Waiter’s Friend

Waiter’s Friend looks like an ordinary corkscrew but it is not. It is exclusive corkscrew made in limited edition series. Every corkscrew is numerated and is made of japanese steel and ebony. It comes with leather bag and five-year warranty.
Price: $170 (171 EUR)


Vacu Vin Weinmaster Prestige corkscrewVACU VIN Winemaster Prestige

One of the most original corkscrews I have ever seen is Winemaster from Vacu Vin. Four levers do not look promising at first glance but after few up and down moves cork easily slips out of a bottle. It comes with replaceable spiral and on top of a corkscrew there is a foil remover which makes removing the foil much easier. All the problems that you used to have with the foil and the cork will seem distant with this corkscrew.
Price $56.95 (57.50 EUR)


WMF Prosecco Wine CorkscrewWMF Prosecco/Wine corkscrew

Since WMF is renowned manufacturer of kitchen utensils, so it is no surprise that two of its products are on this list. Although corkscrews legs are made of plastic they can be adjusted to fit bottle necks of all lengths. The spiral itself is made of steel with double teflon coating making it very sharp and indestructible.
Price: $37.50 (35 EUR)


WMF Kellnermesser CorkscrewWMF Kellnermesser

Second WMF corkscrew on our list is genuine designers item made of matte polished chrome. It is classical corkscrew and can be used to open cans and other bottles, so it can be the only opener that you need.
Price: $40 (38 EUR)

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