Dress to Impress on the Golf Course

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“A bad day golfing is better than a good day’s work”


Golf is a gentleman’s sport, one that deserves to be undertaken in luxury and in style. There is something so appealing about how graceful golfers look out on the green. If you sit back and really take notice you may be able to see the swirls of stress leaving the bodies of those who choose to spend their days relaxing with golf club in hand.

Travel the World

An avid golfer has a passion for the game and may even use this as his escape from the usual trudges of daily life. This is where he feels one with nature. Following this passion can take you to places in every corner of the world where there are adventures waiting to unfold.

You may be surprised at where the next golfing challenge may lie and what’s more, your family can travel along with you. golf holidays will open your eyes to a world of possibilities for you to improve your handicap and become a world traveler extraordinaire.

Explore, Relax and Enjoy

While golf holidays may not instantly appeal to the entire family, give them time, they will come around. Once they discover the wonders that await them in the distant countries of the world, they’ll be packed and ready to go before you have your gold clubs loaded.

A golf holiday in Spain is really having your cake and eating it too. Do your homework to find out where the best spots are in Spain to bang that ball about while still keeping your wife completely satisfied. The perfect vacation is only a click away. Your wife gets her romantic trip to a foreign city and yes, you get your time to unwind. This is definitely a win-win situation.

Dress to Impress on the Golf Course

Golf Attire

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One thing about golfers is how well-dressed they always appear. These are men that take pride in how they look. Looking the part is half way to success perhaps. Wearing the perfectly fitting golf shoes or polo shirt specifically designed for golf can be the difference between feeling good and feeling great.

Golf clothing, including pants and shirts that perfectly complement each other (hover here for some stylish golfing shoes to finish off the outfit) while still allowing you the freedom to move as required, can boost your confidence tenfold and help you improve your handicap. And isn’t that the goal of every golfer?  You can be the best-dressed man while you parade the greens and strut your stuff.

After all, how does that saying go? A bad day golfing is better than a good day’s work – right? Follow your passion, dress the part, improve your skills and see the world.


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