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Hats are making a major comeback in the fashion world. Arguably, a hat is the most powerful accouterment in a man’s arsenal, and depending on how it is worn, it can either make a convincing or a regrettable impression. You don’t want anything to do with the latter, so learn the rules of wearing a hat and wear it the gentleman way. Whether you’ve just purchased your hat, or you’ve been wearing it for ages, there are some essential rules and tips on wearing a hat that you probably don’t know. In this article, you’ll learn how to wear a hat correctly and the etiquette of wearing it. Read on.

Hat-wearing Etiquette

how to wear a hat gentlemen

Hat-wearing, just like many other things, has its set of rules. While it’s not a must that you strictly stick to these rules on every single occasion, you’re expected to abide by them when attending formal events. Below are some hat-wearing rules you need to know:

1. Removing the hat

A gentleman should take off his hat when indoors—it’s acceptable. However, if you are in a pub, you can get away with it—no one will bother whether you’ve removed your hat or not. Outdoors is where the problem comes in. Under what circumstances should a man remove his hat? Well, it is generally accepted that a gentleman should remove his hat when he’s being introduced or when he’s saying goodbye to a woman.

It’s surprising, however, that some gentlemen don’t do this. If our forefathers adhered to this, who are you not to? As a gentleman, you need to know the situations which you are required to take off your hat!

2. Tipping the hat

hat tip gentlemanTipping of hats is an etiquette you cannot afford not to have as a gentleman. You must have noticed that some men tip their hats. Well, tipping of hats has been and is still an important way of expressing gratitude or acknowledging something. And although it is only done to ladies, it is considered very polite. When you are required to give a profound apology, just tip your hat. Similarly, when a lady thanks you, tip your hat.

3. Hat-wearing confidence

This is more of a necessity than a rule. As a gentleman, you need to wear your hat with a lot of confidence—it’s the only way you’ll be able to pull it off and look good. If you need inspiration on this, consider watching the white and black films of the 50’s.

How to wear a hat correctly

Are you wearing your hat correctly? Perhaps you’re not. Wearing a hat correctly goes beyond merely fitting it on your—it’s more of matching your hat with the current situations. Here are tips on how to wear a hat correctly:

1. Figure the angles

Many hats look good when tilted at a particular angle. Sun hats look best when tilted towards the back of the head while fedoras look best when tilted towards the eyes. A beret, on the other hand, looks best when angled towards the side. If you feel that a hat does not look right, angle it in one direction or another. Try to personalize it.

2. Change your hairstyle

Most hats look best with hair styled around the face or those drawn back. If you are to avoid �hat head’, then opt for sleek designs. As a gentleman, you are in charge of your hair, and no one should force you to choose a particular hairstyle. However, consider changing your hairstyle when you decide to wear a hat—it’s for your own good.

3. Wear the right hat for the right clothes

You want to wear your hat like a gentleman, right? Be cautious of the type of hat that you wear. Does it go well with your outfit? Common sense will always guide you to choose the perfect hat for the right outfit; therefore, if your common sense tells you that a particular hat does not go with your outfit, the chances are that it doesn’t! You can’t, for instance, put on a wool suit and wear a straw garden hat. That will be odd!

4. Match your hat with the season

If you are like most men, then you hate looking odd. Honestly, how will you feel when people refer you as an odd-looking fellow just because of a hat? Of course, it hurts, and you may even be tempted to throw the hat away. But you don’t have to; just match your hat with the current season. For instance, if it’s winter, wear a hat meant for the winter. If you have a sun hat, put it way until the winter is over. Doesn’t be a walking fashion disaster; protect your personal image by wearing the right hat at the right time.

5. Match your hat with occasions

So, you want to take your girlfriend out to watch movies. Great! But what kind of a hat are you going to wear? Men, this is just a piece of advice, don’t wear tall hats to the movies. Similarly, if you have an indoor event, don’t wear a sun hat.

There are many types of hats that you can choose to wear. The above tips will not only guide you on how to wear a hat correctly but also help you to know the rules of wearing a hat. If a hat is not for you, well then you could always try one of these new and trendy snapback caps.

A Few Gentleman’s Hat Suggestions

men wearing a hat
Photo Credits: @thehatstore

When it comes to being a gentleman, the hat you wear should symbolize this distinction. Not every hat is considered elegant, so you should know which styles to invest in for your wardrobe and which ones to avoid.

Trilby Hat

This hat can be worn with your everyday outfits. They have a short brim that curves upwards subtly in the back and downward in the front to keep the eyes shielded from sunlight.


For more formal occasions, the fedora is a nice go-to. It has a wide brim and its raised height gives off a slightly dominating appearance.


The bowler is part of a more traditional era of gentleman’s hats; the style was designed in 1849. It is hard with a very short brim that is rolled and features a grosgrain band.


This hat is worn strictly as a formal hat and works best in the evening. The brim curves upwards all around and it also has a grosgrain band, though it is thicker than the band on bowler hats.

Flat Cap

This hat is one of the more casual traditional hats for gentlemen. They are usually made of tweed, a firm yet soft fabric, and the style is versatile, so it can be worn informally in most practical situations.

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