Ultimate Fragrance Guide to Attract Women

One of the most overlooked parts of dating and being a gentleman is scent, it makes a big difference. Impress her olfactory senses and you will attract her.  Even when you are with your fellas, there’s no excuse to not be smelling good, or your abode smelling like a locker room.

Times have changed, and new studies show that your scent is what’s the first thing most women are attracted to. You look better to girls when you smell great, and wearing good fragrance is part of proper etiquette.

Fragrance Guide to Attract Women

Countless hotels and casinos, especially the high-end casinos on the Las Vegas strip, have been paying attention to this for quite some time. Pumping fragrances through ventilation ducts at these establishments isn’t anything new. If you like the aroma of a certain place, there’s a chance that you’ll rate your experience there more positively than you would have otherwise.

Scents bring back more emotional and evocative memories than words, sounds, looks, touches — even music. In fact, smells trigger our most emotionally potent memories. So, if you’re trying to make yourself unforgettable to the girl of your dreams, make thinking about you everything you hope it can be by applying a nice fragrance before you try to sweep her off her feet. Then, whenever she smells your fragrance again, she’ll be dying to be with you

So, your scent and the aroma of your environment plays a major role in landing and keeping the lady.  Also, just like when you dress well you have confidence.  When you smell good and your environment smells good you will feel and exude confidence.

Make your home smell amazing

modern gentleman's home, living room design
Let’s start with your environment, your home how does the modern gentleman make sure his home triggers the right emotions for his company and himself.

By and large, homes have always included certain areas that men prefer to inhabit. Masculine zones have been named game rooms, offices, workshops or even smoking rooms.

These territories tend to have more masculine furnishings and is designed with men in mind and generally do not attract women. If you are single your whole house should not be one big man cave though.  Flexibility is the name of the game.  Let’s look at some options for the modern gentleman

First and foremost- CLEAN YOUR PLACE.  All the reed diffusers, air spray, candles etc. will do no good if your place if grimy and dirty. That dirty bachelor pad is as played out as the parachute pants or the leisure suit.

Your first impulse may be to spray air freshener and call it a day. Don’t. If your place stinks, you must find and remove the source of the foul odor before trying to cover it up with something nicer. Otherwise, these odors mix and can turn even worse.

Remove your trash, clean your bathroom, clean your sink and garbage disposal, if necessary clean your dishwasher.  Most stench are found in these areas.  You need to make house cleaning part of your routine. Just like you hit the gym… just like you wash your car… just like you wash your body… WASH YOUR HOME.

If you have not cleaned in a while, then do a deep clean and after that a weekly solid cleaning should happen This means sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, wiping down the walls and counters. It does not take long, in fact throw on a music mix on YouTube.

Open all your windows to air out your place, and you should be done rather quickly and your place will smell better.  Then you will be ready to introduce new and great smells in your home.  Now you can strategically place pleasant aromas that will wow her.

Gentleman hack

After moping and/or cleaning your floors put scented oil in clean very hot mop water.  Then remop your floor, this will give your floor a nice scent that will last a long time after the floor dries

Now that your place is clean what can we use to make your place smell like someplace she will forever want to come to.

Scented Candles

candle fragrance
Right after you clean, it’s the perfect time to have scented candles that have traces of pine, lemon, or clean linen.  These will help give your home a freshly cleaned smell.  Even if you did not do the best of jobs.  These are good everyday smells just in case someone drops by.

Some scented candles will enhance male only environments by reproducing aromas enjoyed by males more than females.  For those who have man caves the type of scented candles you should get should be those with wooden wicks and soy candles., you want more hardwood aromas, manly aromas.

These can include frankincense bergamot, lemongrass, patchouli, crushed nutmeg and tobacco blends. These evokes feelings of quiet studies, thoughtful reflection, favorite books and perhaps a good cigar.  Also, if you like more of a light flavor go for honey, smoke, lavender or leather scented candles.

Remember setting the mood in your man room is TOTALLY different than when you are with a woman or even if you are just cleaning up.  Don’t expect that woodsy candle to have the romantic effect on Valentine’s day that you may be looking for.

Stay away from cheap candles.  Much like cheap cologne the candles do not last and usually have an overpowering artificial smell.

Reed Diffusers

A reed diffuser is a small glass bottle in which you can pour in scented oil and put three or four reeds in and as the reeds soak up the oil it diffuses the smell of the scented oil [source].

These usually work very well in small areas. They are very light and is not as strong as other ways to diffuse scents. Plus, you can easily change the smell by using different oils and new reeds.

Wax melters

My personal favorite. You plug these up or light a tea candle under the container and put some scented wax cubes in them and after a few minutes voila, your whole area is smelling perfect. There are many different types of melters. Some of you use tea candles.

I personally prefer the electric ones with the bulb these work great. Wax cubes are inexpensive and you can also use essential oils.

Bottom line this type is my favorite because of its flexibility and unlike candles (although I have a ton of candles) a woman won’t automatically think that I am trying to bed them when these are on.

You can put one in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living area to allow you and your guests to have different pleasurable scents depending on where they are at in your home.

Air spray

Avoid these. I don’t use these unless I am sick and I am spraying Lysol to kill germs. Even in my bathroom I have a wax melter to kill any unpleasant odors. These only mask odors and really does nothing to give longevity to your place smelling good.

Gentleman hack

Leave dryer sheets tucked away in corners of your room, in your closet, dresser drawers, under your bed, or at the bottom of the trash can. They smell nice without overpowering you.

If you noticed I mentioned essential oils a lot.  These are essential to the modern gentleman. (I will get to this more in an upcoming article on the autumn cologne for the modern gentleman).  Essential oils are important due to the flexibility of use.  From your mop to your car essential oils are very important.

Find your manliness smell

Below are some of the major scent categories, (I am an Herbaceous person myself) go to an oil shop and smell the different smells to see what you like. Make sure you smell coffee grounds to clear your nasal palate.

If you cannot find an oil shop you can go on amazon and purchase some inexpensive oils and to test one of these combinations on plain scent candles, just drip one drop of essential oil on the wax that pools around the wick after it’s been burning for a minute or two and see if it suits you.

Everyone has a preference.

Citrus – bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, lime, mandarin, petitgrain, sweet orange, tangerine

Herbaceous – basil, bay (laurel, West Indies), cajeput, carrot seed, catnip, clary sage, coriander, eucalyptus (globulus, lemon, smithii), lavender, lemongrass, oregano, palmarosa, peppermint, rosemary, sage, tea tree, thyme

Rich Base Notes – copaiba balsam, frankincense, myrrh, oak moss, oak wood, patchouli, Peru balsam, sandalwood, vanilla, vetiver

Spice – allspice, anise, black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon leaf (use leaf instead of bark for all topical applications, cinnamon bark is too irritating to put on the skin), clove bud, ginger, nutmeg

Woods – black spruce, cedarwood (atlas, Virginian), cypress, fir needle, juniper berry, pine

Gentleman Hack

Use the free cologne or perfume samples found in magazines to give your car a nice and different smell every time.  Open the sample and wipe it on the dash, vents or storage compartments.  You can also open the samples and leave it near the vents on your floor, to give your car a nice smell that changes often.

Understand that while you are in your place your nose become accustomed to the smell, so after you have been gone for a while be mindful of how your place smells when you walk in the door.

That’s when you will notice if there is trash that needs to be taken out, is there food in the garbage disposal and refrigerator that needs to be disposed or if those dirty clothes need washing now.

Being clean and having a good smelling place is important to winning and keeping that lady.  There is nothing worse than having a woman having to  use the rest room and it smells like a locker room.  Highly embarrassing and highly avoidable. If you want to win the girl win the nose first.

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