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So often, the woman decides on the interior design of a home, leaving the male partner little choice but to go along with it. Yet, is this fair? Cannot a home be decorated in a sophisticated style that is livable for both the man and the woman in a relationship?

Gender-neutral color palettes

The first thing to decide upon is the color palette of your rooms. This means choosing colors that suit both of your tastes. Pink is obviously out of the question, as it is a decidedly feminine color, while few women would appreciate black as a color choice. Good gender-neutral color choices include a variety of browns and greys, as well as richer colors of greens and blues. To ring in the changes, rooms can make use of several such colors, mixing light and dark browns, browns with green, and blues with grey. Of course, white and creams are also an option for gender-neutral rooms, and they have the advantage of making small rooms seem larger.

Start manly

Man with plotted plants

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Rather than trying to find a middle ground between the feminine and the masculine, it can be easier to start off with a masculine approach, which can them be feminized, rather than working with a feminine foundation that then needs to be manned-up. For example, apply masculine colors to the walls and then soften the effect with a few feminine touches. These can include the addition of soft furnishings, such as cushions on the sofa and throws for use in bedrooms, and even the inclusion of potted plants.

Adding texture

Some rooms may already be decorated in suitable colors, but the accessories make them appear more feminine than some men may like. Rather than changing colors to achieve a more masculine palette, masculinity can be added with the addition of textures. These can include the addition of wood and leather in the form of furniture, such as the inclusion of a stylish swivel chair with a wooden frame and features leather upholstery in the living room. For greater comfort, team this with a similarly styled footstool.


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In terms of furniture, classically styled pieces are a great choice for a gender-neutral interior. Curves and flourishes shout out femininity, so choose pieces that are mostly geometric with straight lines, and go for upholstery that is sophisticated yet not luxurious. For example, leather is a great choice for giving a masculine feel, whereas velvet or silk would imply comfort and thereby femininity. A great choice for modern masculine interior design is an industrial piece, such as ironwork and metalwork. This is great for a home office or living room. These not only add a harder edge to interiors, but can also provide a retro or vintage feel.


Find artwork that appeals to both parties. These can include art that incorporates the color palette of the room, or that is entirely modern, or at least twentieth century in conception. Avoid works by Old Masters or art that has decidedly feminine subject matter.

While an all-masculine room set can appear cold and inviting, a too feminine interior can look quaint. Avoid upsetting your other half by finding an interior design style that suits you bot

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