26 Ideas For Men’s Clothing Styles Summer Fashion

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As the temperature rises and the sun shines brighter, it calls for a wardrobe that helps you stay relaxed and present a chic look simultaneously. Whether it’s for a beach day or a casual summer walk, summer offers a wide range of outfits to help you look sophisticated yet classy.

This guide will help you explore the 26 best clothing styles to rock the summer this year and ace like a true fashionista!

26 Clothing Style Ideas for Summer

1. Classic Beach Day 

A beach day calls for a comfortable outfit to let you relax in the glowing sun for a while. For a chic beach outfit, pair a white linen shirt with printed swim trunks. To add to the refinement of the look, add accessories such as hats or sunglasses and there, you’re all good to go!

Shirt: A simple yet elegant plain white linen shirt perfect for a sunny day. 

Shorts: A printed swim trunk with an appealing print, balancing the simplicity of the wearer’s topwear.

Accessories: A chic baseball cap contributes to the overall stylish look of the beach outfit.

Outfit idea for a classic beach day.


2. Urban Street Style

The street style wear in summer lets you offer a nonchalant yet impressive look. For a marvelous street style, pair a graphic tee with denim shorts. To complete the look, consider white sneakers as they add an element of elegance to whatever they are combined with. 

Shirt: A dark gray graphic drop shoulder tee ensuring comfort and style.

Shorts: An oversized denim shorts, perfect for urban street-style wear.

Accessories: A baseball cap, an elegant necklace, a sleek bracelet, and a cross-body shoulder bag uplift the whole look and contribute significantly to perfect urban street-style wear.

Cool outfit idea for urban street style.


3. Bohemian Inspired

Radiate bohemian vibes with a bohemian-inspired outfit. Pair an elegant printed shirt with tailored linen trousers and offer one of the best looks this summer with a chic outfit. 

Shirt: A printed button-down white and blue shirt offering an elegant look.

Trousers: A simple white linen trouser complementing the wearer’s topwear.

Accessories: A pair of chic sunglasses, uplifting the whole outfit look.

Bohemian style outfit idea for summer.


4. Preppy Picnic Look

For a preppy picnic look this summer, pair a pastel-colored polo shirt with shorts and maintain class as well as comfort. To complete the sophisticated look, you can opt for boat shoes and other sleek accessories.

Shirt: A yellow pastel-colored button-down shirt, left unbuttoned from the top, offering a look great for a picnic.

Shorts: A regular-fit black shorts, complementing the pastel-colored shirt well.

Footwear: A pair of blue and white sneakers perfect for a picnic day.

A picnic look with pastel colors.


5. Sporty Outdoor Style

Summer often brings the opportunity to enjoy the marvelous world outside. For an amazing sporty outdoor adventure, pair a tank top with shorts, perfect to combat the heat while remaining fit. Complete the sporty fit with running shoes and take part in physical activities freely.

Shirt: Fitted black tank top highlighting the wearer’s build and adding charm to the outfit.

Shorts: A regular-fit gray shorts, complementing the wearer’s topwear.

Footwear: A clean and neat white sneakers balancing the dark hues of the outfit, while also maintaining comfort. 

Outfit inspiration for a sporty look.


6. Tropical Vibes

Summer without a Hawaiian trip is incomplete. For a classy tropical look this summer, pair a printed short-sleeve shirt with linen shorts. Complete the smart look with a pair of slide sandals and other accessories such as sunglasses and feel free to enjoy the radiating sun.

Shirt: A black and white printed shirt left unbuttoned, complementing the wearer’s build.

Shorts: A pair of pastel pink shorts, ensuring comfort and mobility, perfect for a tropical getaway.

Footwear: A pair of slide sandals maintaining the level of comfort.

Beach clothing style idea for summer


7. Chic Festival Attire

With a graphic tee shirt and denim pants, offer a high-class look this summer, perfect for a music festival. Complete the look with combat boots and a head bandana and there you go with one of the coolest summer fits!

Shirt: A basic white tee shirt with appealing graphics on it, adding to its elegance.

Pants: A pair of baggy denim jeans perfectly complement the white graphic tee.

Footwear: The clean and neat white sneakers uplift the beauty of the outfit like no other!

A trendy look perfect for summer.


8. Rooftop Cocktail Party

For a sharp look for this summer’s rooftop cocktail party, pair a crisp collar shirt with tailored trousers. Complete the classic look with loafers and a sleek wristwatch and spice up the outfit game.

Shirt:  A blue and white horizontally striped crisp collar shirt, highlighting the wearer’s build.

Pants: An off-white tailored trouser uplifting the whole appearance.

Footwear: A classy pain of tan brogue, offering a classy and exclusive appearance.

A chic look for rooftop cocktail party.


9. Casual Business Meeting

Maintain a refined look this summer for a business meeting, offering class and leaving an impact. Pair a chambray button-down shirt with tailored trousers and complete the chic business look with a pair of leathered loafers.

Shirt: A classic chambray shirt tucked in with the top buttons left unbuttoned.

Pants: A stylish gray baggy fit pants, complementing the wearer’s topwear.

Footwear: A pair of chic black loafers, uplifting the whole look.

A smart classy look for casual summer meetings.


10. Poolside Lounging

Summer without a pool hangout is simply incomplete. Relax in the pool with style in a printed button-down shirt paired with shorts. Complete the casual yet appealing pool look with slide sandals and accessories such as a hat or a beach towel.

Shirt: A button-down printed monochromic shirt offering a soft look, perfect for a poolside hangout.

Shorts: A pair of black regular shorts suitable for pool gatherings in summer.

Accessories: A pair of smart sunglasses, a sleek watch, and bracelets contribute to an overall stylish look.

 smart look perfect for poolside lounging.


11.  Summer Evening Date

For a romantic evening date this summer, pair a linen long-sleeve shirt with slim-fit pants. Complete the high-class look with suede loafers and keep the outfit minimal yet fancy with a chic leather belt.

Shirt: A simple light blue button-down shirt offering a casual yet modest look.

Pants: Clean white slim-fit pants go well with the wearer’s topwear and represent elegance.

Footwear: A pair of classic white and brown loafers, adding to the charm of the whole outfit.

A chic look for summer evening date.


12. Art Gallery Style

Stay in the fashion game this summer with cool artistic clothing. To offer an exclusive art look, pair a patterned silk shirt with tailored black trousers. For a complete look, consider monk strap shoes, adding to the class of the outfit.

Shirt: A patterned silk shirt topped with a white undershirt offering a chic look.

Pants: A slim fit black pant offering a chic look, uplifting the top wear.

Footwear: Classy Chelsea boots go well with the whole outfit adding an element of class.

Artistic outfit inspiration for summer.


13. Coastal Dinner Cruise

An elegant outing demands an elegant outfit. For a soothing coastal dinner this summer, pair a striped linen shirt with tailored shorts. Complete the fancy yet soft look with boat shoes and enjoy the coastal dinner in style!

Shirt:  A white button-down shirt with vertical lines offering a chic look, perfect for a coastal dinner.

Shorts: A pair of regular-fit black shorts, helps maintain comfort and mobility.

Accessories: A pair of chic sunglasses and a black necklace cord add to the smartness of the whole outfit.

Outffit inspiration for coastal dinner cruise.


14. Summer Brunch Outing

A casual brunch outing this summer calls for a relaxed yet refined look. Pair a polo shirt with tailored linen trousers for a smart look. Complete this elegant look with a pair of classy boat shoes and other sleek accessories.

Shirt: A plain brown polo shirt radiating positive vibes, perfect for a casual brunch outing. 

Trousers: A pair of khaki cozy trousers that perfectly blend with the wearer’s topwear.

Footwear: A pair of clean white sneakers, ensuing class and comfort. 

A smart look for summer brunch outing.


15. Weekend Getaway

For a fun weekend getaway with your friends this summer, pair a radiant shirt with pants. Complete this fabulous look with white sneakers, adding comfort and refinement to the whole look.

Shirt: A purple colored button-down shirt topped with a plain white undershirt, offering a cozy and stylish appearance.

Trousers: A pair of khaki trousers complementing the wearer’s topwear.

Sneakers: A pair of black sneakers ensuring comfort, perfect for a weekend getaway with your friends.

A casual look for weekend getaway.


16. Outdoor Wedding Style

This wedding season, opt for a classy look to offer. Pair a light gray suit with a white dress shirt and complete the wedding look with a pair of classy loafers or tan brogues. 

Topwear: An elegant white dress shirt topped with a classy tie, followed by a gray waistcoat, and lastly the chic gray blazer, perfect for a wedding.

Footwear: A pair of high-class tassel loafers complement the whole formal look like no other!

A formal look for weddings in summer.


17. Backyard BBQ Elegance

Summer calls for an essential BBQ hangout with your friends. For a BBQ party this summer in your backyard, pair a short-sleeve shirt with cargo shorts. Complete the sophisticated look with canvas sneakers and enjoy.

Shirt: A plain black cargo shirt, offering a simple yet classy appearance. 

Shorts: A pair of black cargo shorts, perfect for a backyard BBQ party.

Footwear: A pair of classy and shiny black boots, essential for comfort and ease.

A monochromic look for a backyard BBQ party.


18. Sunset Hike

Sunsets in summer are something to die for! Witness a beautiful sunset this summer in style. Pair a performance long-sleeve shirt with cargo shorts. Complete the smart look with hiking boots and enjoy the mesmerizing sight. 

Shirt:  A white long-sleeve shirt with sleeves rolled up offering a marvelous look.

Shorts: A pair of khaki cargo shorts allow mobility and comfort, which is quite needed during a hike.

Footwear: A pair of khaki espadrilles offering much-needed comfort and add to the beauty of the outfit.

A casual look for a sunset hike in summer.


19. Vintage Elegance

For a touch of timeless sophistication this summer, pair a classic tweed blazer with a crisp white dress shirt, combined with high-waisted trousers. Complete the exclusive look with leather brogues and don’t forget to add vintage accessories.

Shirt: A plain white dress shirt topped with a gray tweed blazer with an addition of a radiant scarf-like cloth, adding to the vintage element of the outfit.

Pants: A regular-sized black dress pants, go well with the wearer’s topwear.

Footwear: A pair of classy Oxford shoes add to the exclusiveness of the outfit.

A vintage look for summer.


20. Morning Coffee Run

Stay relaxed for this summer’s morning coffee run with a basic tee shirt paired with athletic shorts and running shoes. In this scorching heat, don’t forget to grab your sunglasses and enjoy the caffeine!

Shirt: A plain white tee shirt offering a simple yet classy appearance.

Shorts: A pair of regular-sized cream-colored shorts balancing the wearer’s plain topwear.

Accessories: A black baseball cap with a sleek wristwatch adds an effortlessly cool element to the fit.

Outfit inspiration for a morning coffee run.


21. Yacht Club Lunch

For a sophisticated look this summer for a yacht club lunch, pair a seersucker blazer with a white dress shirt. Finish the outfit with classy tassel loafers and a sleek wristwatch. 

Shirt: A plain white dress shirt topped with an off-white blazer overall contributing to a fancy look.

Pants: A slim off-white dress pants complementing the topwear like no other!

Footwear: A pair of chic derby shoes uplifting the whole posh outfit.

Outfit idea for yacht club lunch in summer.


22. Road Trip Comfort

Summer calls for long road trips to beautiful destinations with a comfortable and cozy surrounding. This summer, for a relaxed yet stylish outfit for road trips, pair a relaxed-fit tee with pants. Complete the relaxed outfit with slip-on sneakers.

Shirt: A tee shirt with a mixture of orange and pink, offering vibrant hues and radiating positive energy. 

Pants: A regular-fit simple white pants balancing the vibrant hues of the wearer’s topwear and offering a regulated look.

Accessories: A classy wristwatch on one hand with cool bracelets on the other offers a minimalistic yet smart look, perfect for a road trip.

A relaxed road trip look for summer.


23. Surfing Adventure

Summer and surfing go perfectly well together. This summer for a surfing adventure, style a two-piece beach wear. Complete the adventurous look with sandals and ride in style!

Shirt: A mesmerizing blue printed silk beach wear ensuring comfort.

Shorts: A pair of shorts with the same print as the topwear, providing a unique and fancy look.

A classy outfit idea for a surfing adventure.


24. Mediterranean Dinner Night

For a Mediterranean dinner night, pair a linen button-down shirt with linen trousers. Complete the relaxed yet stylish look with a pair of leather sandals and enjoy the night in style.

Shirt: A simple yet elegant button-down white shirt offering a soft look.

Pants: A Khaki trouser, go perfectly well with the simple look of the button-down shirt.

Accessories: The accessories such as a pair of chic sunglasses and a sleek wristwatch add to the beauty of the outfit.

Outfit idea for a Mediterranean dinner night.


25. Camping Adventure

This summer, go on a camping adventure in style. For a chic camping outfit, pair a camp shirt with camp pants. Complete the adventurous look with hiking boots and enjoy the camping life. 

Shirt: A button-down khaki shirt with a vertical design with the sleeves rolled up providing a modest appearance.

Pants: Khaki pants complement the wearer’s topwear well with similar shades, contributing to a chic camping look.

Outfit inspiration for a camping adventure for summer.


26. Retro Motorcycle Vibes

This summer, ride your classy motorcycle in a classy outfit. Pair a vintage-inspired leather jacket worn over a fitted tee shirt with rugged denim jeans. Complete the iconic look with classic leather boots and ride in style!

Shirt: A fitted white undershirt topped with a classy black leather jacket, radiating retro motorcycle vibes.

Pants: A regular-fitted denim pants go perfectly well with wearers topwear.

Footwear: A pair of classy chukka boots add to the fabulous look of the whole outfit.

A cool look giving retro motorcycle vibes.



Summer with this scorching heat, calls for a breathable yet stylish outfit. It is essential to look for outfit aesthetics and look out for new trends to stay in the fashion game. Whether for a backyard BBQ party or a camping day, we’ve got you covered with these amazing 26 clothing styles that can be your perfect go-to outfit this summer.

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