Hosting a Party the Modern Gent Way

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Hosting a party is the true way for the modern gentleman to shine. There are parties and then there are the modern gentleman’s parties – and we all know the modern gent doesn’t half-do anything.

There’s a lot on the line when it comes to hosting a party and we have all been to a few parties that just did not work out. Whether inviting colleagues, family, friends or love interests, a bad party is something that may tarnish the reputation of a true gentleman.

From a half empty party, to the wrong crowd altogether, there’s a lot that can go wrong when throwing a party. On the flipside however, if done correctly, your guests will be talking about you and your party of the year for a long time to come.

With that in mind, there are a few simple guidelines to follow to ensure a successful party.

Get the word out

The last thing you want is an empty room at your party. Getting the word out and doing so in a classy way, is key to the success of your soiree. Go all out and consider the likes professional invitations or flyers -an online printing company can take care of this for you.

A lot depends on the way in which you invite your guests, and if done in the wrong way, you may attract some unsavoury guests to your special event. Gather your crowd with sophistication.

Food and drink

The next dilemma usually comes down to the food and drinks provided at this not-so-casual affair. Not only do the refreshments and nibbles at your party reflect on you, the modern gentleman, but also on your hosting skills.

cheering with glasses of champagne

Rather than beer and a keg, opt for slightly more refined drinks instead. An Old Fashioned is a drink that requires few ingredients and a very simple technique – this will cover the whiskey drinkers at your party. And for the rest, perhaps a fruity gin cocktail, some of your finest chilled champagne and some non-alcoholic beverages will do just the trick.

As far as nibbles go, perhaps some canapés or olives and cheeses will provide the perfect minimum effort yet sophisticated solution.

The right playlist

Creating the right playlist is often the most difficult part of the evening; it requires getting the mood just right from beginning to end. Start with something a bit more relaxed to begin with for when you are welcoming in the crowds, then work your way up slowly to something with a bit more of a beat as the people start to roll in.

man tuning audio on dj table

You could also take inspiration from those who manage to get it just right. Your selection of music largely depends on your taste. Figure out how to adapt your taste according to your guests and the pace of the evening.

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