Ultimate Spring & Summer Fragrances [2018]

Its spring and the weather is changing. that means it’s time to swap out the cologne. If you are the type of guy that wears only one or two fragrances its time to step your game up. The fragrance you wear is just as important — if not more important — as the unique clothing styles you wear when it comes to conveying your personality.

Winter vs Summer Scents

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Much like your winter wardrobe the heavy strong winter cologne needs to go into hibernation. It’s time for the light, subtle tones perfect for summer. You can’t wear the same scent all year round (no matter how much you love it). The bottom line is much like your fashion routine is important and it changes from winter to summer, so should your choice of fragrance.

Heat causes fragrance to evaporate faster and project further; therefore, summer and winter scents will differ. If a scent is too powerful, it can become overwhelming in summer, so warmer months’ fragrances tend to be lighter and more refreshing, as opposed to winter fragrances which are rich and warm.

Colognes that have the words “blue “and “sport” are a quick reference guide that shows they are tailor-made for the summer.

Colognes Suggestions for Spring & Summer

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I am giving you a few suggestions on the colognes you should look for and take a test smell. I have either smelled or bought these and you can’t go wrong with any of these in your collection. Also, these colognes won’t break the bank. You can smell like a million while keeping it under 100 dollars.

I have broken them down to 3 different categories:

HIGHER END COLOGNES –  These tend to be more expensive.  But well worth it.

Eros Blue from Versace

This has a pleasant smell, fresh a people pleaser. Not too complex. This woody fresh scent has a definitive oriental vibe that is daring and adventurous – just like you.

It features a crisp zing of mint oil embraced by fruity green apple and Italian lemon with memorable notes of geranium flowers in a succulently sensuous medley that clings to your skin all day.

This is a great scent, long-lasting and gives different tones as you wear it. The best of the higher end bunch.

Artisan Blu from John Varvatos

Awash with marine vibes, Artisan Blu from John Varvatos gets things off to a citrusy start with top notes of bergamot, lavender, melon and basil.

That segues into a floral heart of geranium, sage and iris. A base that incorporates pistachio, wood, resin and pine keep this top men’s fragrance in clean, masculine form.

This the most distinctive of the higher end group. Once you smell this you won’t forget it. If your goal is to stand out in a great way, this is the scent for you.

D & G Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana

Like a scented spray of Caribbean breeze, D & G Light Blue keeps you cool in hot summer weather.

Zesty top notes of mandarin and juniper give way to a heart of rosemary, pepper and rosewood while base notes like musk and incense keep things discernible masculine.

This cologne is extremely popular for good reason. It is an exhilarating cologne that lasts long and is a pleasure to smell.

THE CLASSIC BRANDS – You can’t go wrong with the classics.

Kenneth Cole Blue

Kenneth Cole Blue is a masculine scent with the intense vibrancy of citrus fruits take hold of your senses as the masculine heart reveals a strong force of ocean waves splashing into subtle warm undertones of cedar wood & amber (my personal favorite).

This is a lighter cologne but distinctive and it is long lasting.

Nautica Voyage and Nautica Blue Sail

Nothing pairs with a hot summer day quite like a cool ocean breeze. Nautica Voyage captures that seaside essence by way of a refreshing, long-lasting apple and lotus accord. Running underneath are notes of wood and musk for a perfect masculine touch.

Blue Sail is an aromatic, woody, fruity and aquatic fragrance for men. It opens with fresh, fruity notes of bergamot, pineapple and peach. The bergamot provides a citrusy freshness that is tangy and aromatic. The heart of this cologne features notes of water-lily and jasmine.

I put both in because they both are great daytime colognes. Not too sweet, not over powerful, perfect for boat rides.

Polo Blue and Polo Blue Sport

Polo Blue is a masculine scent with top notes are melon, mandarin orange and cucumber; middle notes are basil, sage and geranium; base notes are musk, woodsy notes and suede.

Blue Sport has a fresh, vibrant fragrance that makes you think of water. Its notes are Frosted Mint, Mandarin, Crunchy Apple, Crushed Leaves, Cedar Leaf, Water Fern, Ginger, Sage, Amberwood, Musk, Oak Moss, and Sandalwood.

These are Polo’s summer colognes, you can’t go wrong with either one, but these are inexpensive enough for you to get both and have your daytime (sport) cologne and your nighttime (blue) cologne.

UNDER THE RADAR – These colognes are not as well-known, so they can be a pleasant surprise.

V76 By Vaughn Blue Cedar

The V76 collection is progressively becoming the go-to grooming brand for the modern gentleman. Building on its legacy, the company has just expanded its line with an all-new eau de toilette featuring its trademark fragrance – Blue Cedar.

Exquisite notes of coconut milk, violet, Blue Cedar tree, and leather accents give this cologne a scent that is very distinctive and stands alone. This a harder to find cologne, but well worth the search, it is not super expensive but smells great. Another of my personal favorites.

Dior Homme Sport by Christian Dior

Dior Homme Sport is the apex of aromatic refreshment. This wildly popular and long-lasting summer cologne for men is bursting with floral and citrus fragrance, balanced by deep notes of Virginian cedar wood. Very light, yet a head turner. A daytime cologne.

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How to Make Your Fragrance Last Longer in the Summer Heat?

You can make your fragrance last longer in summer by using soaps and layering products like body lotion or oil just make sure they are unscented, so your fragrance is not forced to compete.

I have given you have 10 different scents, all for the summer and that will fit into any budget. My suggestion is to go smell each of them and see how they smell on you. Make sure you bring some coffee beans to cleanse your scent palate while you are trying these out.


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