StrammerMax: modern shapewear for the modern man

As a modern man you face a variety of stressful situations each day: major work presentations, important dinner dates, athletic competitions and more. Even in casual everyday situations, you want to look your best and feel great, whether you’re strolling through a museum or hitting the golf course with friends. helps you present your best side to friends and colleagues, no matter the situation. Available in a variety of cuts including tank top styles and t-shirts, these premium quality shapewear shirts help define your body, alleviate back pain, and keep you cool all day long.

StrammerMax T-shirt in blackStrammerMax V-neck T-shirt in black
StrammerMax V-neck T-shirt in black

A premium-quality blend of so-called “techno-fibres” works to streamline the body and compress trouble zones while also wicking away sweat. Compression zones at the sides and on the belly help to shape the natural contours of your body for a slimmer, more masculine profile. The special “shape up” zone in the back helps support the muscles in the back and the shoulders, encouraging a better posture and helping to alleviate back pain. A better posture not only reduces stress on the spine and shoulders (and therefore the possibility of recurring injuries), it also makes you look taller, slimmer, and more confident. And what man wouldn’t want that?

Meanwhile the anti-bacterial cooling zones ensure that you stay cool, dry and odor-free, allowing you to comfortably wear your shapewear all day long.

StrammerMax 4-zone design
Four zones of compression, cooling and shaping keep you comfortable all day long.

StrammerMax shapewear is perfect for major occasions–to help you look trimmer in a wedding photo, for example, or during an important business meeting with the heads of your company–but it isn’t just for occasional wear. It’s also great for everyday business wear, to help you look and feel more confident during client meetings or interviews. If you’re an avid athlete or are training to get in shape for an event, wearing StrammerMax during your workouts can help you maintain proper posture and stay cool and dry during your training. The compression zones also help stimulate fat-burning, aiding you in getting more out of each workout session.

StrammerMax white tank top
StrammerMax white tank top

StrammerMax offers speedy delivery at low worldwide shipping prices and has a 100% satisfaction guarantee with a 30-day return policy. You can learn more about StrammerMax by visiting their website or by viewing their product video, here.

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