Top 5 Stylish Berlin Stores for the Modern Gentleman

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A gentleman knows he must dress well for every occasion, whether it’s a work meeting, a date, or a small get-together. As such, he understands the value of investing in quality, versatile clothing that pairs well together.

And luckily, Berlin has many gentleman-friendly stores to choose from. Stores that focus on materials and combinations that make men effortlessly put together – whatever the occasion.

Here are the top five stores you should look into when in Berlin.

1. Classically Handsome A.D. Deertz

Whether you’re in your late teens, or your mid-sixties, A.D. Deertz has something for every gentleman. Arbor coats made of soft wool, timeless pullovers made of cashmere, tapered fit pants with front pockets and corozo nut buttons – all the classic essentials you could ever want.

Known for its use of warm materials, Deertz has a reputation for being the store to shop at if you’re searching for various pieces, from jackets to socks. It has just about anything a man would want to wear, regardless of his specific style.

Although some eye-popping, artistic designs are sprinkled throughout the store, A.D. Deertz is predominantly focused on its high quality materials and solid use of neutral colors. It’s a must-stop for any gentleman in search of well-made clothing that won’t ever go out of style.

2. The Edgy Darklands

 Edgy Darklands

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There is a common misconception that to dress like a proper gentleman you absolutely need to be devoid of personality. This is something Darklands understands all too well. Known for being the dominant retailer of avant-garde designers like Alexander Fielden and Amy Glenn, it’s safe to assume most of those wearing black clothing around Berlin shop at Darklands.

If you’re an edgy gentleman who values well-made clothing, the store offers all the essentials. Whether it’s casual clothing for lounging at home or stylish attire for a night on the town parties, there’s always something to find. Overlock trousers, one-piece long jackets, button less blazers and cashmere beanies abound.

3. Warm & Welcoming Trueffelschwein

If you prefer more color and pattern, then Trueffelschwein just might be the ideal stop on your Berlin trip. The store selects clothing by different designers every season, all of which revolves around the idea of being adult-friendly, but interesting.

And the store does this well with the proper balance of jewel tones and minimalistic patterns. There are army green striped sweaters, long-sleeved plaid button-downs, olive jackets, even cedar scented cologne.

This means Trueffelschwein is the ideal store for the gentleman who favors a pop of personality in their wardrobe without being over the top. It’s a modern spin on staple pieces that are sure to work together for any number of occasions.

4. The Handy Dunderdon Workshop

If you’re a more rugged gentleman who likes sturdy clothing that holds up to even the toughest of physical labor, you’re in luck. Dunderdon Workshop is the rugged man’s ultimate dream.

Focusing on simple, durable designs, the store carries everything from trousers to jeans, pants with more pockets for work, shirts that don’t hinder mobility, and outerwear that can withstand even the coldest of Berlin days.

5. The Sporty Civilist

Who ever said gentlemen can’t be athletic? The Civilist is proof that sporty attire can be put together appropriately, as long as it’s carefully balanced with more timeless pieces.

For instance, the store carries Adidas track suit jackets and t-shirts, but it also features Norse Projects sweaters and button-down shirts. There are graphic t-shirts with images of Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, but also flat front pants you can wear to work.

And Don’t Forget…

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