25 Stylish Gentlemen to Follow on Instagram (2024 Update)

Style is more than the sum of stylish parts. Does a Martin Greenfield suit or even a Swiss-made watch help? What about a set of polished Allen Edmonds shoes, the best car in the world, or a well-appointed house? Sure. However that having style needs a touch of the intangible; it’s more of an aura, a great mindset and lifestyle that makes one guy stand out from the others. Some men just have it figured out much better than the rest. These 25 are one of them. Follow them on Instagram for an every day hit of inspiration.



Sharp suits, footwear and also the occasional watch – that is exactly what MNSWR’s Instagram presents. Expect impeccably dressed men on every post. Fans of streetwear, appear somewhere else.

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Grey Checkered Suit

Maroon coats with pocket square
Two gentlemen
A man in a brown suit
A man in a dark blue suit
A man in a brown suit


Fashion Beans has exploded to turn into one of the most influential men’s fashion site up to now providing a massive selection of information from newest news on clothing drops, lifestyle tricks and tips on style and grooming as well as the hottest sales. With excellent images Fashion Beans Instagram account offers valuable information into becoming the ‘timeless gent’ and is sure to provide any new follower with great ideas on their timeline.

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Navy Modern Classic Tailor Made Men's

Men's formalwear

tailor clothing men's fashion


With the idea of making a platform that wants to encourage people to visit places which they have not already been before, in order to taste something different or even wear a thing that they never experienced the courage to wear, Matthew succeeds in doing just that. With an remarkably clean and well-presented Instagram account featuring many different exceptional brands and presenting a unique point of view into the life of a successful traveller and blogger!

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Sleeve, Modern Gent

Yellow Suitwear

Black + White Striped+bowtie

matthew wearing coat

matthew wear proper attire and seating

matthew in the street with taxi

matthew in the red wall in street


Quyen Mike has ongoing to challenge and push himself to develop his craft year on year; making creatively amazing and well curated pieces. This really is more shown on his Instagram account discovering a perfect blend of style, luxury and photography. Making him considered one of our must follow bloggers of 2019.

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Mens winter street outfits

Menswear Streetwear

London streetstyle

Mike in a proper suit

Quyen Mike brown suit

Quyen Mike terno suit

Quyen Mike wearing a black suit



Men’s Fashion Magazine covers a lot of degrees of fashion from exclusive industry news, fashion tips and worldwide vogue trends while also managing popular competitions for their readers. On the other hand, Men’s Fashion Magazine Instagram account continues to be quite limited and with just a following of 17k followers finds themselves placed at number 9 on the list.

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grey suits

Royal blue & white

suit & navy document holder

Men’s Fashion Magazine in suade coat

Men’s Fashion Magazine wearing a coat and sunglass

Men’s Fashion Magazine wearing a coat and sunglass

Men’s Fashion Magazine, men waring a checkerd coat.


Jonathan Daniel Pryce

Pryce today concentrates on paying tribute to stylish men from around the world by showing their style by his influential photo essays. When you will already be pass out over this award-winning photographer’s fashion photos on his blog page, it is his Instagram account that actually shows off his talents.

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Jonathan Daniel photography

Jonathan Daniel photography men wearing purple.

Jonathan Daniel in a jeans.


Moti Ankari

Moti Ankari is The Metro Man.  He is also a NYC fashion blogger and also a freelance article writer GQ whose Instagram account entails fashion from day to night and all across the city.  Spot on with every clothes, Ankari highlights his personal style with flat lays, his incredible shoe collection and front row fashion ranges.

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men style, mens wardrobe



Sergio Ines

Sergio’s girlfriend starting up Instagramming his every day outfits then when it developed a great deal of buzz he chose to keep performing it after he and his girlfriend parted ways. His account is a variety of day-to-day outfit collages never failing to post the quality information on every outfit.  From a paisley pocket square into a red skull lapel pin, a tassel loafer to designed sock, every outfit is carefully curated.  His total image is extremely dapper and with this many options to scroll through you won’t be short of an exciting way to mix up your daily suit.

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navy and grey Jacket

formal war + sweet leather briefcase

skinny jeans and a brown jacket

Sergio Ines fashion

Sergio Ines fashion attire

Sergio Ines fashion checkerd coat

Sergio Ines fashion suede coat

Sergio Ines fashion pink coat

Sergio Ines fashion beige coat

D’ Marge

Luc Wiesman will be the guy behind D’Marge which is a traditional, cultured and adeptly curated men’s fashion blog. D’Marge covers an extensive variety of articles such as professional fashion features, upcoming brands to see, grooming and fragrance, must-have gadgets and technology, lifestyle features, stunning ladies and the newest in occasions and events from around the world.

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jacket at Hugo Boss in NYC

blue checkered suit

Turquoise suit

Danilo Carnevale

Menswear style blogger at dcthebeautylover.com.

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Tobacco x Navy x White

 Breasted jacket x double pleats trousers

jacket w/ light denim shirt

D'marge men fashion

D'marge men fashion with a brown coat

D'marge men fashion with brown coat

D'marge men fashion with blue coat

D'marge men fashion white pants

D'marge men fashion beige coat

Marcel Floruss

Marcel Floruss is not really your typical Instagram user. Using the looks of the model and the sense of style of a stylist, Floruss works one of the powerful male Instagram accounts out there. His images seem like they are out of GQ or Esquire, which is outstanding considering Floruss is only 23 years old and a student at FIT.

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Colors make it look fresh and outdoorsy w/out being tired.

winter white


Angel Ramos

Angel Ramos, a top national personalized clothier and designer of high-class clothing based in New York City. As well as known to many as Angel Bespoke, is really a leading man in the role of fashion icon.

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Mens Black Wool Blend Classic Overcoat


pink suit

Adam Gallagher

Adam Gallagher the man behind I am Galla. Having more than 1 million followers on Instagram and also a famous blog, Adam is a well known figure in men’s fashion, turning into one of the top ten most wanted bloggers in the business.

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Luxury Coats, Suits

Gray Slacks + Black Blazer

Men's Black Blazer Maroon T-shirt

Men wearin black attire


Phil Green

Mr. Phil Green are already showing up all over because of this outstanding styling skills of his that have made him a key figure at Topman and FarFetch.com. He personified the image of the modern gentleman. Phil Green is another one to add to the collection!

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Electric Blue Suit have a vintage feel

Suited and booted for the day

Blue & White suit jacket, pocket square

Curtis Newkirk

Newkirk one the main guys behind Beckett & Robb. www.BeckettRobb.com. Each presenting a continuous source of various outfit combinations, the right way to mix top end designers with street wear, different accessories to brighten up any outfit and most significantly, a new perception on every day fashion.

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Men's jacket with check pattern

Green and grey

Maroon flecked flannel

Steven Onoja

Nigerian-born Steven Onoja identifies a couple of things (or twenty) regarding the power of color. From navy blue tweeds to orange and burgundy ties and pocket squares, Onoja’s Instagram page is usually a lesson in color play.

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orange and burgundy ties and pocket squares


Parc floral shirt

Man wearing all white

Man in a stripe coat in the side

Man in a hat and wearing coat.

Man with a colorful scarf wearing a coat.

Bilal Güçlü

With more than 40K followers and a knack for fitting a muscular body to a T, it’s impressive that Instanbul-based blogger Bilal Güçlü’s name is not on the concept of more tongues in menswear. Fitting a larger frame, particularly in the legs, is a huge undertaking indeed. You want to show off the meaning that you have worked so hard for, however, you should also maintain a clean, sleek look.

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Grey with black


Gentlemen with a white pants

Gentlemen wearing sunglasses and coat

Gentlemen wearing black suit

Gentlemen with a beige coat and attire.

Gentlemen with green pants

Fabio Attanasio

Calls himself an “Artisanologist”, the founder of The Bespoke Dudes – Fabio Attanasio is one classy gentleman you should be following on your Instagram. The Italian fashion influencer has over 3000 posts on classic men’s style and fashion so head on over there if you need some inspiration!

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classy gentleman outfit with a modern touch

fedora hat, long coat and suit

man posing in brown vest and black suit

Fabio Attanasio men fashion

Fabio Attanasio men fashion wearing white coat.

Fabio Attanasio men fashion stripe coat

Fabio Attanasio men fashion in the street wearing proper attire

Fabio Attanasio men fashion in white pants.


Mariano Di Vaio

Mariano epitomizes the essence of modern Italian elegance with his penchant for tailored suits, jackets, and vests. Effortlessly chic, he exudes the sophisticated charm of a true European gentleman.

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Gentlemen in a brown coat

Gentlemen in a green pattern jacket and motorbike

Gentlemen in a brown stripe attire


Adam Gallagher

Adam, originally from New York but now a resident of Los Angeles, launched his fashion blog at the tender age of 17. Through his travels around the globe, he captivates his audience with his impeccable street style and keen eye for fashion.

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Gentlemen in a white pants and leather jacket

Gentlemen wearing jacket.

Gentlemen in a brown suede jacket.

Jim Chapman

As a contributing editor for GQ UK and a successful vlogger, Jim meticulously curates his Instagram feed, seamlessly blending casual chic style, captivating travel adventures, and authentic life moments. The result is a feed that deeply resonates with his audience on a personal level. His posts have served as a wellspring of inspiration for countless outfit combinations whenever individuals find themselves seeking a creative spark.

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Gentlemen in black and white theme

Gentlemen wearing white top and blue trouser

A gentlemen in orange outfit

Gentlemen outfit

High Fashion Men

Explore high fashion men’s outfit ideas curated for the modern trendsetter. From tailored elegance to avant-garde streetwear, find looks that redefine style

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Man posing in black coat

A men with a white outfit

A man is walking with a brown street style outfit

Luxury Mens Fashion Style Book

Explore the height of luxury men’s fashion,a timeless elegance and flawless craftsmanship, upgrading your wardrobe with sophistication.

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gentlemen with a black outfit

gentlemen with red suede outfit

gentlemen with white jacket outfit

gentlemen with olive jacket

Rowan Row

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Gentlemen wearing turtle neck and a coat

Gentlemen wearing coat with a hat

Gentlemen wearing checkerd outfit

Gentlemen wearing coat and scarf

Johannes Huebl

Johannes Huebl is rising in the fashion world as a successful model, shoe designer, and photographer. Best recognized for his relationship with Olivia Palermo, he’s making a name for himself beyond being part of a stylish duo.

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Men wearing white and blue in the inner.

Men wearing scarf and a coat.

Men wearing all white.

Men wearing checkerd coat outfit.

Men wearing in modern sharp outfit.

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