10 Habits of a Stylish Man

man in suit looking at watchMen’s fashion changes every now and then but if you’re a stylish man, you’ll have specific habits that will make you stand out anywhere you go.

Apparently, taking care of yourself and being fashionable are great ways to boost your self-confidence and make you comfortable socializing with other people.

If you look up to Tom Ford and other famous, fashionable men, you’ll also want to be stylish and well-groomed all the time.

For some tips, here are 10 of the most common habits of stylish men.

Looking After Their Underwear

A stylish man takes care of all his clothing staples, especially his underwear. He always keeps his clothing in great condition and regularly visits a dry cleaner.

If you have ample time, you can wash your clothes yourself or even hand wash your underwear if you really want to take good care of them.

Stylish men don’t just focus on their outside clothes but cherish everything they wear beneath them, so always look after your underwear.

Knowing the Basics

If you’re a stylish man, you’ll know the basics when it comes to fashion and stylishness. From clothes to shoes to accessories, you’ll know the current trends and fashion pieces will suit you.

Fashion is a no-brainer to you if you are stylish and there’s no need to ask for advice from friends or relatives because you’ll know which ones to get for every event and occasion.

Shop in different clothing stores to always stay on the vibe of fashion trends.

Investing in a Good Cologne

Fashion is not all about trendy clothes and accessories but it is also about how great you smell. Stylish men have a signature scent which adds to their character and personal style.

It may be difficult to find that perfect scent that will suit your personality so you may choose among fresh and classic fragrances such as Burberry and YSL.

Having a Grooming Routine

man trimming beard at barber

You can wear the most fashionable clothes and most stylish accessories but if you have messy hair, ungroomed beards and unpleasant smell, you can’t be called a “stylish” man.

Bad grooming can have a huge impact on your overall appearance so it is important to take good care of your whole body. Most stylish men have a grooming routine not only for their hair but also for their face and skin.

Monthly Visits to a Reliable Barber

As far as grooming is concerned, having regular visits to the barber is a must. Men’s hair grows so fast that you need to have a haircut every month.

No matter how busy you are at work or with your personal life, don’t ever neglect your growing hair. Look for a reliable barber where you can entrust your hair grooming needs every month.

Attention to Details and Quality

Stylish men are admired by many for nothing. They don’t just pick their clothes, accessories and other fashion items without checking the quality first.

Before they buy something, they make sure it is of the best quality and not only consider its appearance.

Stylish men are also very attentive to details. From storing the pocket squares to picking a wristwatch, they make sure everything is done neatly but with style.

Brand Open-Mindedness

Stylish men are open-minded when it comes to brands. They don’t buy luxurious brands just to show off but they buy them only when they have high quality.

Because they value quality over brands, they assess every piece of clothing thoroughly to see if it is worth the price.

They also have this ability to mix high street and designer brands to make their style as unique and as interesting as possible.

Organized Wardrobe

When you take a look at a stylish man’s wardrobe, the first thing you will notice is that it is very organized. Before you suspect them of having OCD, know that this is a natural thing for them.

Everybody loves a clean and organized wardrobe and it also makes it easy for them to choose the clothes and accessories they are going to wear.

From shoes to suits to ties, you will see they are properly and neatly hung or folded in their designated places.  

Keeping Work Out Clothes at the Gym

ork Out Clothes at the Gym

Sometimes, you’ll see some men in cafes or restaurants wearing gym clothes. Apparently, this is not a habit of a stylish man.

They leave their workout clothes in the gym and they take some time to dress up if they are going to meet someone in a public place, especially in a restaurant.

They love to look good and fresh all the time and not disappoint anyone with their sweaty and exhausted look.

Not Dishing Out Style Advice

Stylish men don’t brag about their looks and won’t tell you if you don’t look good or if you have a bad taste in fashion.

They don’t dish out advice just because they know they are stylish. Nonetheless, if you will ask them for advice, they will do it with pleasure and be honest without hurting your feelings.


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