Summer Fashion for the Modern Gentleman

How the Gentleman dresses for the hot summer days and the hotter summer nights

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Summer is here and especially for those in the colder climate, this is the time where we spend an extraordinary amount of time outdoors.  There are concerts big and small, barbeques, picnics, outside pop up venues etc.  Then the summer nights can be exciting from waterfront activities, to outside clubs, bars and concerts.  The summer is when a gentleman can REALLY show off the diversity of his closet.

This article will speak on what to wear during the summer to keep yourself looking cool and still maintain that gentlemanly aura about yourself.

Easy Summer Fashion

Basic white tees are as much a part of summer as hamburgers and hot dogs, but that doesn’t mean they belong at every weekend barbecue. Swap your stain-magnet white tee for a brightly colored v neck t shirt.  These shirts do not have to cost an arm and a leg so you can stock up with multiple colors.  JC Penny  or J Crew factory are some places where you can find v neck shirts for a low price. You can take color tees beyond the backyard. Pair them with everything from jeans to casual dress pants for summer casual Fridays at the office.  I also like to pair them with a vest, (my personal favorite look) here the white t shirt can come in handy.

tshirt vest

It gives a stylish look and you can wear it anywhere.  It looks good at a bar, club, concert or walking the beach.

If you prefer button down shirts, then you need to wear gingham medium check shirts.  Nice bright colors add in yellow, lavender, or another nice soft color.  You can wear short or long sleeves, (if you wear long sleeves you can roll up the sleeves).  Don’t think that linen is the only fabric that you can wear during the summer.  We know the difficulty of maintaining linen. Try a chambray shirt, this fabric is great for those men who may sweat a lot and don’t want the pit stains.

Now let’s move to the shorts, nothing says summer is here like seeing ladies wearing more revealing outfits.  So as a gentleman we must give the ladies a little eye candy also.  This is the year of the chino shorts, or you can still wear some bright color khaki shorts.  Flat front down to just above the knee.  Gentlemen should not be wearing cargo shorts anymore. You can find these at Old Navy or Land’s End   for a pretty low price and you can stock up.

You could try to wear shorts everywhere but that is not feasible.  The modern gentleman also has pants and jeans that he can put on that will show his style.  The same rules apply, bright soft colors are what is necessary.  Winter is over so let’s add to your black, dark blue, and grey pants some bright blue, green, lavender pants.  It is harder to find denim jeans in multiple colors, but chino pants can be found pretty easily at your local mall or online.  The benefit of this is that it will keep you cooler than denim jeans.  Linen and denim should not be the only pants you have for summer, chino and khaki pants should see more action than linen and denim due to their being able to be worn everywhere.

We all know as gentlemen we wear suits and blazers.  These are not for winter only.  A gentleman during the summer should wear an unstructured suit or blazer that is made of linen or cotton.  Pair these along with your dark jeans is a very gentlemanly look and you will get use of the dark denim pants.  This is where you will spend a little more money so make sure you coordinate to get multiple outfits out of one blazer.  That doesn’t mean to just get white or black or grey.  Find a couple of blazers with a hint of pattern and you can wear that with different pants and shirts.

gentleman hack

Not every gentleman is comfortable with wearing bright colors, if that is you try putting a multi-color pocket square or handkerchief into your vest or blaze, or even in your back pocket. Or you can add a multi-color gingham or plaid bow tie (tied or untied) to give a splash of color for the summer.



The boat shoe is the single most important piece of footwear for summer style. Wear it casually with a t-shirt or dress it up with slim fit chinos (#12) and a button up shirt. They’re perfectly acceptable footwear in most summer business settings.  Everyone knows that Chuck Taylors are a summer staple, as a gentleman you must stand out so that means wearing something different.  Here are some different shoes that you can wear that works great in the summer:

SUEDE DERBY – My personal favorite.  This looks great with shorts and pants. This is the shoe that if you are going on vacation and want to pack light, all you need.DERBY SHOES

DRIVING SHOES – They are called driving shoes due to the fact that they are easy on and off and they are very comfortable.  I wear these with shorts mostly, but they can go with pants and be dressed up.

driving shoe

MESH SLIP-ONS –  These are strictly casual, it is great for hot summer days due to the fact that they are airy.


SANDALS (NON FLOSS) – These are the seen at most barbeques, the gentleman can wear these with shorts.  Do not wear socks with these, we as gentlemen are not slaves to fads.  Also gentleman do not use the sandals that has the floss between the big toe


VANS OR SIMILAR SNEAKERS – These are very popular now, they come in multiple colors and if you find the Vans are too expensive there are many shoes with a similar design. Having multiple colors will add a touch of flair to your summer outfit.vans

Wearing these shoes will help you stand out. Let your ankles enjoy summer and go sockless or wear no show socks that sit below the shoe opening. A nice touch is getting leather laces for the sneakers, to add a touch of class.


Migraine – that is what it feels like when you are sitting with a man somewhere in a closed space and he is wearing a strong winter cologne during the summertime. As a gentleman you should have multiple colognes for different occasions and different seasons.  A gentleman does not fall into the trap of believing just because a cologne cost hundreds of dollars that is all you need.  That is false.  In fact the total opposite is what is required as a gentleman.  The scent, not the price is the deciding factor of a cologne. A deep rich scent  with woodsy, leathery and spicy tones are best for fall and winter due to the fact that cold does not enhance their strength.  You can find those here.  But, for the summer you need (much like your wardrobe colors) lighter, airy tones like orange, lemon, vanilla, and floral.  They don’t become overpowering once heat and sweat are added.  These usually are labeled as “sport” fragrances and typically the bottle is more airy and summer looking (as seen here).

This is a basic guide for what you should wear in the summer as a gentleman.  The items here can be found as to where you can put together an outfit that is ready for wear anywhere and can fit in any budget.  Don’t forget your black umbrella just in case that quick summer shower moves in.

summer rain

A gentleman is always prepared.


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