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Summer ties

Well gentlemen, it’s officially time to say hello to your summer wardrobe.  This should also includes ties.  A true modern gentleman pays attention to every aspect of their wardrobe.  In warmer weather, finding the balance between keeping cool and looking cool can be tricky.

Suit coats don’t mix well with a hot sun, but t-shirts and shorts won’t cut it for the office or special events either. There are plenty of ways you can dress well, wear ties and stay cool during the summer months.  This article will focus on the ties that look and feel cool once the weather warms up.

Make your summer look sizzle by accessorizing with a necktie. While the weather is warm you must put down your winter wool ties, the darker colors and instead opt for vibrant colors, lightweight materials and playful patterns.

Summer patterns can seem intimidating, but once you figure out how to mix and match, they become much easier and you will truly stand out and look forward to wearing ties during the summer. Habit will slowly turn to obsession.

Whether you wear neckties or bow ties, here are our favorite summer trends and the knowledge you need to stay tie stylish for the summer of 2018 and beyond.

Cool Summer Tie Basics

colorful row of neckties

Tie Fabrics

Fabrics such as cotton, linen and silk blend ties are summer classics. Summer ties are versatile, too. You can wear your lightweight tie to a family picnic or add character to your everyday business look.

Tie Patterns

Plaid, and polka dot are definite summer dos. Since it’s summer, make a statement and look for ties in bright seasonal colors. When your tie has so much awesomeness going on, you can even opt for a bow tie, a slim tie or a skinny tie.

Summer plaid and polka dot ties can be bold, so be wary of mixing two very strong patterns together. Instead, complete the outfit with a muted shirt color such as a pale pink or powder blue to emphasize your great taste in ties.

It’s spring, things bloom in the spring, so don’t be afraid to add a little floral design to your tie rotation. It’s fun, laid-back, works for formal or casual, and is very versatile when it comes to what colors you can match it up with.  Plus, ladies love flowers even in ties.

Knitted Ties

Knitted Ties


Knitted ties have become all the rage recently, and for a good reason. Knitted ties are at the less formal end of the neck-wear spectrum and can be used to dress down a suit or dress up a more casual outfit.

Knitted ties have a textured, loosely woven appearance and absence of interlining. Knit ties are made with lightweight materials that give your look an easy breezy feel They offer a more relaxed vibe and add texture to your attire.

Summer is the time for travel so knit ties are beneficial because you can find some reversible knit ties.  These will go with multiple outfits. The knit tie is perfect for travel. It won’t wrinkle (remember to roll it!) and it can go with several different outfits.


Do not hang knitted ties or they will stretch, resulting in a very long tie. Always roll knitted ties for storage. You can buy a sock storage box, or even a shoe box to keep your knitted ties looking crisp.

More and more brands are trying our different textures on their ties, Spring and summer means wedding season, and this means that there will be a lot of bowties. Summer bowties that are made with a fine satin, can last years. Be bold, be bright, and stand out.

Unusual Summer Ties

These next two types of ties are a little out of the box.

Pastel Paisley Texture

man in suit with pastel paisley tieTry a pastel paisley print for summertime formal wear, like a wedding. The key is that it must be a bright pastel, a dark pastel paisley print is more of a fall winter look.

Seersucker Tie

Summer is seersucker time. If you can’t quite handle going full-blown Jay Gatsby in a Seersucker suit you can get a seersucker tie that will have heads turning when you wear it to casual locations. Remember wrinkled ties aren’t a look, so be sure to keep these properly hung on a tie rack.

Tie Care & Storage

Tie Care & Storage

While you are out looking for your ties don’t forget to get some tie racks. These can be hung on your closet door and they serve a multi-purpose. You can hang your belts, suspenders along with your ties. So, make sure you get one that’s big enough to handle all your accessories or get multiple amounts of racks.  Women love an organized gentleman.

The summer isn’t only for t-shirts and shorts. The modern gentleman can wear ties that are not only cool and comfortable but stylish also.

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