The Best Men’s Underwear

gentleman underwearThe world of men’s underwear is changing.  Once neglected by fashion designers, it now attracts some impressive talent, and the result is that it looks better than ever, even on average guys.  As a result, more and more men are making an effort to find the very best.

Changing Attitudes

Not so many years ago, it was considered unmanly to care about clothes.  Now most men make an effort to look good, and they’re starting to realise that it can also be an advantage to look good semi-naked. Rather than picking up a pair of crumpled boxers off the floor and sniffing them to make sure they don’t smell too bad, or going without underwear altogether, men are starting to seek out stylish underwear that lets them show off their bodies at their best.

Hot Styles

In recent years men’s underwear has been getting tighter and this year athletic cuts are all the rage, with bikinis, briefs and boxer briefs the popular choices.  The new slimline cuts don’t rise up the way that traditional boxers can underneath jeans, so they’re much more comfortable.  Very few of this year’s styles have flies but they’re easy and comfortable to slip down at the front as required.  Although cotton remains popular and is still a great option for breathability, new fabrics are emerging that can almost equal it in that regard and that are springier, looking good for longer and providing better support.

Color-wise, old fashioned black and white are losing traction, with bright colors—especially red—the way to go, and deep blue, deep green or maroon providing options for those with more conservative tastes.  Stripes are also a big thing, especially dark colours against white.

There’s no need to spend a fortune to look this good—with a bit of effort, it’s possible to find cheap men’s lingerie specials that fit all the trends.

Feeling Good in Underwear

men’s underwear

Despite being style conscious, most men still have strong individual preferences about the type of underwear they wear, and these should be respected (including by partners looking for presents) because every man looks better in something that makes him feel comfortable and confident.  Different styles look good on different body types and when choosing it’s also important to think about when they will be worn. Though they’re out of fashion for daily wear, loose boxer shorts can still be very comfortable—and not altogether unsexy—in bed.  For the gym, meanwhile, and especially for the athletics field, it’s advisable to wear jocks that give plenty of support.

Knowing he’s wearing good-looking underwear can give a man confidence even when nobody can see it.  It’s good to feel sexy and to go home at night knowing one’s partner is going to get a pleasant surprise.  Underwear is, after all, something that’s often enjoyed still more by other people than by the wearer, and seeing that a man takes care of himself that way can do a lot to add to his appeal.

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  1. I’m a bikini briefs man and my lady adores it.

    You should find what cuts and colors are most comfortable and refuse to buy anything else. Make sure to tell your favorite retailer what you want and ask when it will be in so you can buy it.

    Positive feedback loop.


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