Travel in Style – Pull Off a Great Look during Travels

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Whether you are an avid traveler or someone who simple avoids long distances, travelling gear and style can become problematic for you. As a man, dressing up and putting your most expensive cologne to work while travelling might not make sense to you at all. However, this is no excuse for you 80s hippie look. Looking dishelved is not what a man should do, especially while he is travelling. Here we bring some of the top styling tips for you, which transform your personality in a jiffy and help you travel in style.

Travel in style
Travel in style like these two gentleman.

•    Always wear cool and comfortable clothes. Going for travel (especially long distances) in one of your tightest and skinniest pair of denims would make you look like a wannabe. Wear trousers instead. This would help you remain calm and comfortable without having to go down on the glamour quotient.

•    Prefer cotton shirts over everything. Make sure that the colors are very light. Plain shorts often don’t go along with a man who wants to travel in style. Therefore, go for checks. They look great during travels and also help you raise your style quotient.

•    If you wish to wear jeans, make sure it is made of very soft cotton. This would help you in being comfortable in spite of the travelling woes. You can team it all up with wrinkle-free unlined jacket in navy blue. A white shirt or a plain white t-shirt would go well along with this attire. Make sure that all your gear is in neutral colors.

•    Always keep a pair of good sunglasses with you. They must belong to a good brand and must also provide ample protection from sunlight in the long run. Therefore, style and functionality will come naturally to you. If you are not sure of what to buy, then a good pair of aviators will work fine for all occasions and all dresses.

•    If you really want to travel in style, then your best companion must be your travel bag. Unless you are an avid adventurer, you must avoid backpacks. Get trendy travel bags in neutral colors in order to get the right look for yourself.

•    To travel in style is not such a difficult task, especially when you have a trendy watch to depend upon. Go for good colors and better dials. This, you won’t leave any stones unturned to get the attention of the air hostess and the envy of your fellow travelers.

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  1. Traveling in anything but the most functional clothing won’t make you look stylish. Neither will favoring “travel bags” over backpacks. It will make you look like someone who doesn’t know how to travel, and thus, like a dork to seasoned travelers.


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