Suit Up! The Trendiest Suits of the Season

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classic suitWhen it’s time for dressing-up, it helps to know what suits are trending this season. While color is important, the emphasis is on proper fit and detail.  Monochrome suits, classic designs, and accents are trending!

Monochrome Suits

Monochrome suits are hot this year. Classic black and dark-gray are offset by white and bright colors. The uniform look creates eye-catching appeal in the office and under the evening lights. Updated trim-line suits worn with accent colors offers perfection. Styles such as those available at Tarocash provide all-occasion selections for weddings, interviews, and business lunches.

Classic Styles

A great suit is central to a stylish wardrobe. When you select a suit with tailor made style, you are making an investment that will withstand the test of time. The trendiest suits this season draw attention not because they are flashy, but because they look terrific! Great styling and classic lines speak louder than words. In other words, the understated makes a strong statement. A well-cut, streamlined look that is perfectly tailored provides a look second to none.

Suits that Fit

Most important is the fit! To select the trendiest style this season, the suit has to be the right cut for your build. A properly fitting jacket needs to frame your shoulders. Rather than buying a suit that is a size too large, it’s better to size-down a little. Select a suit coat that hugs your shoulders without appearing lax. When the suit fits properly, you’ll be able to stand tall with a fashionable edge.

lavish grey suit with perfect fit

In the Details

Once you have mastered the color, style, and fit, the trendiest suit this season will be the one with great details. You’ll want to look for a lapel that is slim but not ‘skinny.’ Look for one that is about two-inches wide with an eye-catching, yet subtle, curve. Trimmed lapels add appealing contrast. What’s more, suit jackets with two buttons are suitable for most occasions, and a double-breasted blazer has returned. While the three-button version is not out of the question, two buttons generally provide a look that is fashionable without going overboard. Furthermore, this style is ideal for most builds. Buttons that are positioned slightly lower on the torso give a more slimming look. Single-button jackets are also popular this year, and styles with welt-pockets look great, especially when double vented in back!

Vents, Slacks, and Textureblack suit

Side vents and back-vents provide extra comfort while updating your look. Properly tailored slacks add comfort to style. Texture and metallic-luster can add subtle flourishes that raise the average suit up a notch, positively contributing to your appearance. When you purchase suits online, look for quality fabrics (i.e. silks and wool blends) while striving to find the trendiest suit at a great price.

Finishing Touches

Finally, look for ties that will add to the look. Choose finishing touches that are subtle yet appealing. Bow-ties with dimples (dents just beneath the knot), suspenders, and pocket squares are perfect accessories for suiting up this season!


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