3 Unspoken Vaping Rules that You Should Live By

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Vaping. The debate continues: Is it for real modern gentlemen? Or should we leave it to the strange, steampunk hobbyists?

There are certainly more gentlemanly activities that can be practiced – cigar smoking, for example. However, now that vaping has been deemed healthier than smoking, a gentleman can welcome it as a better alternative to cigarettes.

The Obvious First Question: What is Vaping?

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In case you’re behind on these things, vaping is smoking using an electronic device that vaporizes liquids containing nicotine. These liquids are called ejuice and come in a multiplicity of flavors, and of course, with diverse levels of nicotine – without the close to 100 chemicals present in a cigarette.

Why Even Start?

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. Cigars are the most gentlemanly choice out there. Yet, there are exceptions to the rules, especially if you currently smoke cigarettes. Vaping allows one to get their nicotine fix without the other additives and chemicals.

A real gentleman ought to avoid cigarettes at all costs. Not only are they pure poison, they give others a very wrong impression of you. Gentlemen don’t smoke foul, toxic cigarettes. It’s simply unrefined. So, if you are currently smoking – stop. And if you’re already vaping, be sure to live by the following unspoken vaping rules for real gentlemen.

Rules on Vaping for Gentlemen

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You can’t just do as you please when you’re a gentleman. There are codes to follow in order to avoid ruining your reputation. Hence the following guidelines:

  • Don’t smoke everyone else out

If you’re going to vape, go to a private place to do so. Unless you’re at a concert where everyone is likely smoking anyway, or in the dark corner of the bar, it’s best to either take it outside or vape in the privacy of your home.

If anyone ever asks you to head outside, don’t argue, don’t sneak around. Just do it. It’s called etiquette and consideration for others. Gentlemen are always considerate and discreet.

  • Not at work

Never. No exceptions. Well, there is one – smoke break. If you really must, take a smoke break. Your buddies may make fun, but afterwards, it’s almost guaranteed that they’ll ask you about vaping.

  • Buy what you use

Don’t ever turn your home into an ejuice lab – especially if you are vaping cannabis concentrates. Be dignified and purchase your ejuice like any other respectable person. This goes for your e-cig as well. Nothing strange and homemade, as that would already be crossing the line on what is appropriate as a vaper and what is not. You’re not obsessed with vaping and it doesn’t control you. You control it. Act like you’re in charge.

Make the Transition

A gentleman shouldn’t plan on vaping forever. It should be more of a transitory phase. Try and get off cigarettes, then use vaping to ease out of the nicotine habit. Subsequently, that will enable you to take on a manlier, more gentlemanly pastime – cigars.

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