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For all of you that visit Vienna for the first time, you will be surprised by the architectural beauty of this grand city. Vienna hotels are marvels on their own. Some of them are styled like Kaiserin Sissy yesterday left its premises. Some of them provide you with the most exquisite view, but which ever you choose you won’t be disappointed.


Hotel Imperial Vienna

Hotel Imperial

Built in the 1869 as the private residence of the Duke of Wurttemberg, Imperial is today considered the most luxurious place where you can sleep in Vienna. The building is loved by everyone from Wagner, who has composed here, by the Nazis in the World War II who had a command headquarters in the hotel. During the second half of the 20th century hotel has been thoroughly renovated, what is very much visible. Night in this hotel cost between 300 for a classic room and up to 2700 EUR for royal suite.


Grand Hotel Vienna

Grand Hotel

Practically across the street from the Imperial lies Grand Hotel. Equally famous hotel, popular among musicians and guests of opera. From a vast lobby to the last room on the seventh floor everything is covered in crystal chandeliers, polished mirrors, and even an elevator has luxurious details. The same is in the rooms. From 380 EUR up, awaits you heated marble floors, bathroom mirror that do not fog, and often a marble phone, right next to the tub. The apartments are a little cheaper than in Imperial and range from 680 EUR. The hotel has 3 restaurants, 2 bars and is known as the place with the best sushi brunch.


Anna Sacher Hotel Vienna

Anna Sacher

The third representative of the Viennese classical hotel trinity, Ana Sacher Hotel. Prices start from 380 EUR per room or 648 per suite, and you can stay next door to the deposed African dictator, the American billionaire, a British nobleman or a Japanese businessman. Since 1876 Anna Sacher attracts a colorful clientele, and is often the actor in crime novels and films, since the hotel has a special charm, and the cake, of course. Located next to the Opera, so if you’re staying there, ask a room with a view on it.


Hotel Le Meridien Vienna

Le Meridien

Renovation of the old building block into the design hotel, cost the investors, chain Le Meridien, more than 120 million EUR. This art & tech hotel has a fantastic spa (jacuzzi, indoor pool, sauna, wellness and fitness centers) and 294 designer decorated rooms. Boulevard Cafe and Restaurant Shambala are popular among guests from other hotels. Night cost from 200 EUR per room and from 375 EUR per suite.


Hotel Do. & Co. Vienna

Do & Co. Hotel

An architectural marvel at Stephansplatz, hosted by the Haas Haus is one of the most popular new hotels in Vienna. Distinctive in every sense, from the desk on the sixth floor near the Onyx bar to a position that allows you to watch from your room creases on cathedral bricks. Minimalist but classy, many rooms have everything you would normally need and are priced from 480 EUR, and if you come with, say, a friend for a weekend, the apartment will cost 1250 EUR. The hotel is almost always crowded with guests, and what amazed every guest is bathrooms with glass doors. The Viennese initially objected against the project of Hans Hollein, because of too much glass and odd shapes, but today they are proud of it.


Palais Coburg Residenz

© Palais Coburg Residenz

Coburg Hotel Residenz

Although three best hotels (Grand, Sacher and Imperial) are considered as the most luxurious in Vienna, in the new era all are surpassed by extravagant Residenz Palace within Coburg. Historic building within the old city walls is converted into a luxury hotel with 35 luxury apartments. In Cobugr usually stay people from high politics, the nobles and the honored guests. Along the hotel there is also a great restaurant, Dom Perignon and fabulous tasting bar with exotic wines.


Rathaus Wein & Design Hotel Vienna

Rathaus Wein & Design Wien

Although it does not belong in the deluxe hotel category, Wein is special because of the other little things. Each of the 39 rooms in the hotel with a respectable four-star rating, named after Austrian wine makers. In addition to that, at the entrance awaits you a huge label in the otherwise charming and spacious room. The bar is, as expected, filled with wine. This is probably the only hotel in which to select the room first, the only necessity is to check the contents of the mini bar. In any case, rooms are available from 120 EUR and you are still close to the center of Vienna, also the best Austrian wines are disposable for purchase at discount prices.


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