Why Cufflinks Matter

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Cufflinks for men

For the modern gentleman, suiting up isn’t merely a matter of selecting a set of clothes to wear for the day. Clothes express so much more; they reveal a hint of one’s personality and tell the world who he is that day (or perhaps who he would like to be). If it’s true that clothes make the man, then it’s also true that the small details can make or break that carefully put-together image. That’s why a savvy dresser pays careful attention to the small details of his ensemble, from tie to cufflinks, and chooses them so as to perfectly complete his sartorial statement.

What Are Cufflinks?

Cufflinks are a popular alternative to traditional buttons that are sewn onto many shirt cuffs. The main difference is that cufflinks are removeable while buttons are not. However, just like buttons, cufflinks can be designed in various sizes, styles, colors, and the materials used can vary. They can be considered formal or informal, depending on how they are worn.

Cufflinks call more attention than buttons because they are often considered accessories, though every gentleman knows they are much more than that. They can be used to add style to an outfit or bridge the gap between casual and formal. With a nice pair of cufflinks on your wrist, your outfit will come together nicely. You can even consider matching the cufflink with another ornamental piece of jewelry, such as an earring or necklace.

Many men have overlooked this accessory over the years, assuming they are merely decorative with no actual function. However, for shirts without buttons on the wrist cuff they are essential to pull together your look. You can use a fine pair of cufflinks to take your look to the next level, transforming a plain black shirt into something to be admired.

Why Cufflinks Matter

Perhaps once upon a time–say, when you were still making the rounds as an intern–a neatly buttoned shirt and tie sufficed for most occasions. Now, however, that look is no longer sufficient; you’re rising up through the ranks of your company, or at the very least have the desire to go far. We’ve all heard the saying “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have”, and that means you can no longer get away with the same uniform you employed at the start of your career; it’s time to start considering the subtle details of your daily dress and the message they convey to those around you. Cufflinks seems like a small detail, but they convey a sense of finality and give the impression that the man wearing them doesn’t merely dress in the morning–he dresses to impress, because he knows he has places to go and people to see.

As it turns out, there’s a psychological component to these small details. Studies have shown that even though the differences may be subtle, people generally perceive the wearer as more competent (and thus better at their jobs) when they dress more sharply. So if you want to signal your intent to rise to a management position, a pair of cufflinks is a great start to turning average workwear into something more.

Luxury gemstone cufflinks

Types of Cufflinks

You have a lot of options available when shopping for cufflinks. For a truly luxe touch, look for luxury gemstone cufflinks. Available for example from the Elite & Luck website, these cufflinks are perfect for weddings, important work-related social events, or any black tie occasion. They add a touch of understated luxury to any suit, even if you’re not draped in bespoke.

Metal cufflinks are a popular every day option, and come in more styles than you might imagine, from simple studs to intricately engraved pairs. Choose accordingly depending on the occasion and your suit; a simple pair might be better suited to a suit with more texture, color or pattern, while a more elaborate pair of cufflinks is perfect for adding visual interest to a basic suit.

If you have a whimsical side and the opportunity to express it–say, on the weekends, or at a job where creativity is highly valued–then there are many different unique varieties of cufflinks to scratch that sartorial itch. For example, later this year Deakin & Francis is launching a new collection of cufflinks to celebrate their 228-year heritage; among the pieces up for offer in the 1786 Collection are cufflinks stamped with a skull and crossbones. (It’s a nod to an ancestor of the family, Arthur Daykin, a naval officer who battled pirates in the 16th century.) Or consider the silver chess-inspired cufflinks below from Zaunick.

Chess cufflinks

Cufflinks as Gifts

We all know that one gentleman who seemingly has everything money could buy and who presents a dilemma every time a gift-giving occasion arises. Chances are, however, that he would be delighted with a new set of cufflinks. Ties can quickly fall into the realm of endless repetition, but like jewelry, cufflinks offer you endless options for new styles to suit various tastes and occasions. Even if the gentleman receiving the gift already owns an extensive collection of cufflinks, it probably won’t be hard to find a new pair to add to his collection.

Cufflinks also make an excellent gift for any younger gentleman in your life who is just graduating or entering the professional workforce for the first time. A pair of cufflinks is not only a very “adult” gift–a way of saying, “Congratulations, you are no longer a child, but a man”–it’s a very practical one at that. This is a particularly excellent gift to commemorate a serious occasion, like acceptance into his university of choice or a major promotion at his workplace. The young man will now have a pair of cufflinks for any weddings, job interviews or professional events that he may have to attend, ensuring he will stand out from a crowd of peers as a young man who takes himself (and his image) very seriously.

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