28 Ideas For Men’s Hairstyles Curly hair

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Whether you have loose coils or tight curls, it is important to embrace your hair’s natural, unique, and adorable texture. Curly hair offers a trendy and fashionable appearance, making it a perfect option for a flawless look. 

This guide will help you explore the 28 best hairstyle ideas for curly hair, discovering the endless possibilities to style them in the best way possible.

28 Ideas for Curly Hair

1. Classic Tapered Cut

This hairstyle features faded or cleaned sides while the flowy and voluminous top is left intact. The curly top with clean sides provides a contrasting and stylish look, making the hairstyle preppy and classy.

A unique and tidy look with a classy tapered cut.


2. Curly Quiff

The curly quiff features styling the top curly hair in an upward direction, providing a sleek and voluminous look. While the sides and the back are kept shorter, the large and flowy top offers a dynamic and appealing overall appearance. 

A classy look with a curly quiff.


3. Undercut with Curly Top

An undercut with a curly top should be on your list for this year. It offers a smart look with short sides and back paired with a longer curly top. This look provides an elegant and bold look at the same time, making it the favorite of many. 

A smart look with and undercut with curly top.


4. Curly Fringe

The curly fringe haircut is styled so that the cool top with unique curls falls over the forehead. It is a timeless option with a trendy appearance, making it perfect for musical events and a fun day out with friends. 

 A cool look with curly fringe hairstyle.


5. Messy Curls

Embrace the natural texture of your flawless hair by presenting a messy, curly look. With its carefree and effortlessly gorgeous look, allows the curly hair to flow in the air, perfect for casual settings. 

A relaxed and carefree vibe with a messy curly look.


6. Afro

The afro hairstyle is well known for its voluminous and rounded shape. This unique and bold look is achieved by letting the curly hair grow out in all directions. Wear it with style and confidence, and make a bold statement with this outstanding hairstyle. 

A stylish look with an afro hairstyle.


7. Curly Mohawk

This bold hairstyle features shaved or closely trimmed sides, with a longer top extending from the forehead to the back of the neck. The curly center paired with shaved sides offers a unique and contrasting look that is certain to draw attention. 

A cool and rugged appearance with a curly mohawk.


8. Curly Faux Hawk

For those looking for a bold and daring look, opt for a curly faux hawk haircut. This style features the sides tapered with a strip of hair of longer curls in the center. While it offers a chic look, it is also easy to manage with faded sides. 

An edgy look with a curly faux hawk haircut.


9. Long Curly Hair

Growing out your flawless curly hair might be your best decision! From letting them flow in the air to tying them up in a ponytail or a bun, long, curly hair is here to stay for a long. With their chic and modern look, they make a striking appearance. 

A stylish and smart look with long curly hair.


10. Slicked Back Curls

This polished look features the curls styled backward with a styling product like pomade or gel. Slicked-back curls, with their refined appearance, are perfect to be styled for both formal and informal events.

A cool slicked-back curls haircut.


11. Curly Pompadour

A curly pompadour is a stylish variation of the classic pompadour. The curls in this hairstyle are styled upward and then backward for a cool and modern look, making it perfect for a formal event. 

A classy curly pompadour look.


12. Curly High Top Fade

This hairstyle combines faded sides and back with a longer and bold top. The sides are usually tapered or faded, while the top is left intact, offering a balanced and classic look between the two. 

A sleek look with a curly high top fade.


13. Side Part with Curls

The side part with curls hairstyle features parting the hair into two sections, with one side more extensive than the other. This hairstyle offers a refined and classy appearance, adding texture to the overall look. 

A classy and refined look with curly hair with a side part.


14. Short Curly Crop

The short curly top is a low-maintenance haircut that includes curls close to the scalp, paired with faded or cleaned sides. This look offers a clean and tidy appearance, making it perfect for a formal and semi-formal event as well. 

A cool and low-maintenance look with a short and curly crop cut.


15. Curly Fade

A curly fade haircut involves faded sides or back with a curly top. The curls on the top are perfectly highlighted with faded sides and back, offering an overall tidy and sleek appearance. 

A modern and stylish look with curly fade hairstyle.


16. Curly Dreads

The curly dread hairstyle includes stying the curls into cool, modern dreadlocks, creating a spiral-strand-like appearance. The hairstyle is bold and distinctive and can be styled for a casual day out. 

An organized a put-together look with curly dreads.


17. Curly Top with Hard Part

A defining line with a razor, called the hard part, is incorporated in this hairstyle. The curly top is left to flow, which complements the hard part really well. The combination of these two makes the look perfect for a formal event.

A unique look with a curly top with a hard part.


18. Curly Slick Back Undercut

The curly slick, back undercut features a slicked-back style with an undercut. The sides in this haircut are closely shaved, while the hair on top is slicked back for a modern and edgy look. 

 A stylish look with a curly slick back undercut.


19. Curly Undercut Ponytail

Go for a curly undercut ponytail for a classic and unique look. While the sides and back are slightly shaved or cleaned, the curly hair is tied in a ponytail, keeping the hair off the face. This hairstyle is perfect for a casual Sunday brunch or a day out with friends.

A sleek and unique curly ponytail undercut.


20. Curly Buzz Cut

The curly buzz cut features short curls all over the head. However, they are cropped close to the scalp, offering a masculine and low-maintenance appearance. This cut is perfect for warmer weather, offering protection from heat. 

A low-maintenance curly buzz cut.


21. Curly Mohawk Fade

A curly mohawk fade can also be considered if you want a chic and bold appearance with a modern twist. The sides and back in this hairstyle are faded or tapered for a smooth and gentle look. 

A rebellious look with a curly mohawk fade cut.


22. Curly Tousled Top

For a natural and flowy look, go for a curly-tousled look. Embrace the natural texture of your beautiful hair and let it flow, offering a relaxed and carefree vibe. With the chic and flawless appearance of the curls, this hairstyle is sure to turn heads. 

A relaxed and carefree look with a tousled curly top.


23. Curly French Crop

A curly French crop features short and textured curly hair on top. With the sides shaved or faded, this look provides a clean and classy appearance, making it the perfect choice for a formal occasion. 

A stylish and unique look with a French cut.


24. Curly Top with Beard

Pairing curly hair with a well-groomed beard adds a fine and classy look, adding to the masculine appearance. It’s a stylish combination that complements the texture of the curly top while also highlighting the beard. 

Rugged yet stylish appearance with a beard paired with curly hair.


25. Curly Bowl Cut

The curly bowl cut is a modern variation of the traditional bold cut with a bit of exciting turns. It’s a bold and versatile option that ensures a classy and modern appearance, making it the favorite of many. 

A modern turn with a curly bowl cut.


26. Curly Hair with Box Fade

This hairstyle features curly hair with box fade, offering a classy and edgy look. The combination of defined lines and curly hair offers a perfectly balanced appearance, sure to turn heads. 

A stylish look with box fade haircut.


27. Curly Top with Designs

Add an appealing pattern to the shaved sides or back of your curly haircut and offer a unique and distinctive look. For a better appearance, go for minimal patterns and present a refined and polished look. 

A stylish look with a curly mohawk.


28. Curly Low Fade

The curly low fade features shorter hair as we move towards the neckline, creating a subtle look. It’s a versatile and polished hairstyle, suitable for a casual as well as formal setting.

A unique and sophisticated curly low fade haircut.



The world of men’s hair fashion offers a wide range of choices. From classic pompadours to laid-back tapered cuts, each style holds its own significance and style. With these 28 best hairstyles for curly hair, make sure to offer a look that complements you and your personality the best!

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