30 Ideas For Men’s Beard Styles Short Hair

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Whether you are a seasoned beardsman or have just started to explore the world of beards, finding the right choice can significantly help you make a difference. From rugged beards to more refined ones, offer the perfect appearance with the best choice.

This guide will help you explore the 30 best beard styles, offering a sleek and refined appearance and helping you make a bold statement. 

30 Beard Styles For Men

1. Rap Industry Standard

This style features a full, closely cropped beard that offers a clean and neat appearance. The sophisticated look of this style is what makes it perfect to be styled for a formal day. 

A sleek look with closely cropped beard.


2. Beard with Handlebar Moustache

This style features a sleek and bold handlebar mustache paired with a beard, offering a bold and masculine appearance. This style presents the perfect sleek and rugged appearance.

A bold look with a handlebar moustache.


3. Garibaldi Beard

Embrace the rugged and natural texture of the beard with the garibaldi beard style. This style features a full, rounded beard often grown longer, complementing the short hair with perfection. 

A refined appearance with a Garibaldi beard.


4. Musketeer Beard

This style is inspired by the historical depiction of musketeers. The musketeer beard features a pointed beard paired with a short mustache, offering a balanced and sophisticated appearance. 

A sleek look with a Musketeer beard.


5. Chin Puff

For a minimal and sleek look, go for a chin puff. This style is characterized by a small tuft of hair present on the chin. The beard is usually trimmed and neat, offering a tidy and organized look. 

A minimal appearance with chin puff.


6. Boxed Beard

A neatly trimmed beard with sharp defined lines along the cheeks is what makes this style so special. The boxed beard offers an elegant yet stylish appearance, making it perfect for formal occasions. 

A sophisticated look featuring boxed beard style.


7. Circle Beard

A circle beard features a rounded beard that connects the mustache to the chin, offering a stylish and distinctive look. The circular shape around the mouth presents a trendy appearance, perfect to be styled for a formal event. 

A sleek appearance with a circle beard.


8. Extended Goatee

An extended goatee is similar to a traditional goatee but with more extensive sides along the jawline. This beard offers a more pronounced look, making this style perfect for both casual and formal events. 

A sleek and sophisticated look with an extensive goatee.


9. Chin Strap

A chin strap style features a slim strap of hair along the jawline, connecting sideburns to the chin, resembling the straps of a helmet. This stylish and unique look can be styled for both casual and formal outings.

A unique look with a chin strap beard.


10. Chin Curtain

A full beard that only covers the chin and is shaved along the sides, offering a modern and distinctive look. The unique and refined nature of this look makes it perfect for formal wear. 

A sleek look with chin curtains.


11. Mutton Chops

The mutton chops are a unique and bold look that features thick hair extending down from the sideburns to the corners of the mouth. This style is often worn without a mustache or beard on the chin, presenting a quirky yet stylish look.

A unique and quirky look with mutton chops beard. ith mutton c


12. Friendly Mutton Chops

Similar to the traditional mutton chop look, the friendly mutton chop features the same style but with less bushy hair. This look offers a distinctive yet sophisticated look, making the look perfect to be styled for a casual day out.

A refined yet distinctive appearance featuring friendly mutton chops beard.


13. Balbo Beard

A balbo beard is a sleek combination of a soul patch, a mustache, and a beard, with all parts disconnected. The stylish and polished look of this style makes it offer a perfect formal appearance. 

A classy look with a balbo beard.


14. Corporate Beard

A corporate beard offers a well-maintained beard that is suitable for professional settings. The sleek and defined cuts of this style offer a high-class appearance, making it perfect for formal wear. 

A polished look featuring corporate beard.


15. 5 o’clock shadow

This style features a light stubble that appears as if you haven’t shaved since morning, offering a rugged and masculine appearance. The chic look offers a relaxed and carefree vibe, making the look perfect for casual wear. 

A stylish look with a 5 o'clock shadow beard.


16. French Fork

A French fork features a unique and distinctive look with a beard split into two sections, resembling a fork. This sleek look also adds to the overall rugged and masculine appearance. 

A distinctive look with a French fork.


17. Scruff

A scruff is a slightly longer version of a stubble with a week’s worth of growth. The chic look adds a masculine and refined energy to the overall appearance, uplifting it like no other. 

A cool and classy appearance with a scruff.


18. Neck Beard

Allow the beard to only grow in the neck area, keeping the face clean and tidy. The unique and distinctive look provides a bold and contemporary look, making this beard style stand out. 

A stylish and unique appearance with neck beard.


19. Hulihee

A Hulihee features a thin strip of hair along the jawline and chin, similar to a chin strap but wider. The unique and bold appearance of this style is certain to turn heads.

A unique appearance featuring a Hulihee beard.


20. Stubble

Keep the beard short and well-groomed with a few days’ worth of growth and offer a rugged and effortlessly cool appearance. The casual yet refined appearance of this beard style is what makes it the favorite of many. 

A refined appearance with a stubble beard.


21. Goatee

Maintain a small, trimmed hair below the chin and join it with a mustache for a refined and sophisticated appearance. This style is perfect for those who prefer a minimal yet sleek appearance.

A classy look with a goatee beard style.


22. Van Dyke

Combine a mustache with a tuft of hair on the chin, and there you go with one of the finest beard styles for men. With its sophisticated and distinguished look, this style has been the favorite of many, and rightfully so. 

A stylish and distinctive look with a van dyke beard.


23. Ducktail Beard

A ducktail beard is characterized by a full beard resembling the shape of a duck’s tail. The sophisticated and stylish look of this beard offers the perfect formal appearance. 

A classy ducktail like beard.


24. Dutch Beard

A Dutch beard features a long beard connected with the sideburns, with cleaned sides and no mustache, offering a unique and refined appearance. This look can be the perfect choice for those who love a modern and edgy look.

A laid-back look with a Dutch beard.


25. Soul Patch

A soul patch is characterized by a small patch of hair just below the lower lip, providing a subtle and minimal style. This style is the perfect option for those who love to maintain a refined look with less effort. 

A minimal appearance with a soul patch.


26. Zappa Beard

Inspired by the musician Frank Zappa, a Zappa beard features a thick and curled mustache paired with a tuft of hair right below the lower lip. This style offers a unique and polished appearance and is preferred for a casual day out. 

A stylish look with Zappa beard.


27. Anchor Beard

An anchor beard features a pointed mustache with a beard, offering a sleek and refined appearance. The laid-back yet polished look of this style makes it the perfect choice for formal settings. 

A cool appearance with an Anchor beard,


28. Horseshoe Mustache

A thick mustache that extends along the sides of the mouth, similar to a horseshoe, offering a distinctive and masculine appearance

A stylish appearance with a horseshoe moustache.


29. English Mustache

The English mustache features a thick, straight mustache that covers the top lip, offering a sophisticated and retro look. The unique design of this mustache is perfect for those who love to go with an edgy and bold appearance.

A bold and edgy look with an English mustache.


30. Walrus Mustache

A thick, bushy mustache that covers the upper lip and extends down over the mouth, offering a bold and masculine appearance.

A classy look with a walrus moustache.



From a classy boxed beard to a laid-back stubble, the world of men’s beard fashion has come a long way. Opt for the beard styles that complement and suit your taste and personality the best. With these 30 best beard styles for short hair, make sure to up your fashion game and present a flawless look this year. 

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