32 Ideas For Men’s Beard Styles Long Hair

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Finding the right combination of a beard and long hair is a demanding task, but with the right choices and consideration, this problem can be solved with perfection. From classy looks to modern styles, the men’s fashion world has a lot to offer. 

This guide will help you explore the 32 best beard styles for long hair, helping you offer a high-class and exclusive look.

32 Beard Ideas for Long Hair

1. Van Dyke Beard and Long Hair

A van dyke beard is a unique combination of a pointed beard with a disconnected mustache, offering a sophisticated appearance. This sleek look combined with long hair offers the perfect rugged look.

A classy appearance with a Van Dyke beard.


2. Braided Bun and Beard 

Incorporate a braided bun with a sleek beard for a unique and distinctive look. This hairstyle features braided hair tied into a bun, offering a convenient and smart look, perfect for a casual outing. 

A classy and refined look with a braided bun.


3. Ducktail Beard

Style your beard in a unique shape like a ducktail and offer one of the coolest beard looks, perfect to be paired with long hair.

A sleek and sophisticated look, featuring a ducktail beard.


4. Soul Patch and Ponytail

If you prefer a minimal yet stylish appearance, a soul patch with a ponytail is your answer. This style features the hair tied into a ponytail with a small tuft of hair right below the lower lip, offering a balanced yet polished appearance.

A stylish look with a soul patch and ponytail.


5. Chin Puff and Long Hair

This style features a small patch of hair on the chin paired with long hair, offering a perfectly balanced and stylish look. This look, with it’s sleek appearance, can be opted for both formal and casual occasions.

A classy look with a chin puff and long hair.


6. Circle Beard

A circle beard is all you need to up your fashion game this year. This style features a rounded goatee paired with long hair, offering a polished and rugged appearance.

A unique appearance with a circle beard.


7. Bandholz Beard

Go for a sleek and sophisticated Bandholz beard. It is a full, bushy beard, adding to the masculine and rugged appearance of the overall look, making it perfect to be styled with long hair.

A unique appearance with a bandholz beard.


8. Chin Strap Beard with Long Hair

Go for an elegant yet polished appearance with a chin strap beard paired with long hair. This style features a hair strap along the chin and is often styled with slicked-back hair, offering a refined look perfect for formal events.

A unique and sophisticated look with a chin strap beard.


9. Mutton Chops and Bun

This unique and distinctive look is perfect for those who prefer a bold and edgy look. This style features thick sideburns extending down to the jaw, paired with a bun, offering a convenient yet bold vintage look. 

A bold look with mutton chops and bun.


10. Anchor Beard

An anchor beard is a stylish way of making a bold statement. This style features a beard styled into an anchor shape, maintaining a clean, refined look perfect for professional settings.

A refined look featuring anchor beard with long hair.


11. Balbo Beard

A balbo beard combines a mustache, a beard on the chin, and a small soul patch. Paired with long hair, this look offers the perfect modern look, making it a favorite of many, and rightfully so.

A classic look with balbo beard.


12. Horseshoe Mustache and Long Hair

Go for a sleek, bold look with a horseshoe mustache and long hair. This style features a long, thin mustache extending to the sides of the chin, offering a distinctive and adventurous look.

A cool and classy look with a horseshoes mustache.


13. Boxed Beard

A boxed beard, paired with long hair, maintains a rugged yet defined appearance. The sleek look offers a trendy and modern look that is certain to turn heads. 

A classic look with a boxed beard.


14. Full Beard with Long Hair

Embrace the natural texture by letting both your hair and beard grow. These two combined can offer the perfect rugged and masculine appearance. 

A rugged appearance with full beard.


15. Beard with Curly Hair

Embrace your natural curls and offer a tousled appearance by pairing them with a sleek beard. This laid-back and carefree look offers the perfect relaxed appearance.

A sleek look with a beard with curly hair.


16. Yeard

Commit to growing your beard and hair for a year without trimming them and offer a wild and masculine appearance. This carefree yet rugged look is perfect for those who love to offer an edgy and bold look.

A rugged and masculine look with a yeard.



17. Beard with Half-up and Half-down

Style your long hair into a half-up and half-down look and complement it with a sophisticated outfit for a timeless look. This stylish yet relaxed appearance is one of a kind, making it the favorite of many.

A refined appearance with a half-up and half-down look.


18. Viking Beard 

Pair a long braided beard with a flowing top for a fierce and Viking-inspired look. This style offers a bold and edgy appearance perfect for those who love to make a bold statement with their flawless styles.

A stylish appearance with a viking-inspired beard.


19. Goatee with Long Hair

Keep the beard focused on the chin, pair it with long hair, and offer a minimal yet sleek appearance. This hairstyle offers a modern and elegant look, perfect for both formal and casual wear.

A stylish look with goatee and long hair.


20. Fu Manchu Mustache and Long Hair

Grow a long, thin mustache that extends down the chin, and complement it with long hair for a bold and versatile appearance. The unique and distinctive look of this style is what makes it stand out.

A cool look with a Fu Manchu mustache.


21. Extended Goatee and Long Hair

Extend the goatee beyond the chin area along the jawlines and pair it with long hair for a sleek and sophisticated look. This style, with its high-class appearance, is perfect for casual and semi-formal occasions.

A classic look with an extended goatee.


22. Handlebar Mustache and Long Hair

Grow a thick mustache with curled ends and pair it with long, sleek hair for an exclusive and sophisticated appearance. The combination of these two is perfect for those who love to make a bold statement.

A sleek look with a handlebar mustache.


23. Beard and Afro Hair

Pair your beard with a stylish afro hair for a bold and eye-catching look. This style features embracing the natural texture of your curly and tight foiled hair, offering a flowy and carefree appearance.

A classy look with a beard and afro hair.


24. Curly Beard and Long Hair

Embrace the natural curls in your beard and pair it with long hair for a distinctive yet stylish look. The combination and contrast between these two can significantly help you make a bold statement.

A cool and laid-back curly beard.


25. Classic Straight Hair with Beard

Style your long hair into a classic straight look and offer an elegant yet stylish appearance. Complement the look with a sleek beard for a timeless and versatile look, perfect for a casual day out.

A sleek appearance with classic straight hair.


26. Beard with Braided Half-up and Half-down

Pair a beard with a stylish braided half-up and half-down, and there you go with one of the finest long hairstyles. This bold and modern look offers a carefree vibe, perfect to be styled for a relaxed day.

A classy look with braided half-up and half-down.


27. Stubble Beard and Long Hair

Maintain a light stubble-like beard and let your hair grow long for a polished and refined look. This look offers a clean, low-maintenance appearance, perfect for those who prefer to keep a laid-back look.

A smart appearance featuring a stubble beard.


28. Light Beard with Loose Strands

Keep your beard groomed lightly and pair it with a bun with loose strands for a relaxed and effortlessly cool appearance. This sleek look is the perfect option for a casual day out. 

A relaxed look with a light beard and loose strands.


29. Tapered Beard and Long Hair

Style your beard into a tapered shape with shorter hair at the sides and a longer length at the chin, offering a smooth and stylish transition. This style, paired with long hair, has the potential to offer one of the finest combinations.

A smooth and high-class look with a tapered beard.


30. Wild Beard and Long Hair

Embrace a natural and untamed beard for a wild and free-spirited appearance. The carefree and relaxed look of this style is what makes it stand out.

A fierce look with a wild beard.


31. Beard with Top Knot

Tie your long hair into a top knot and complement the look with a beard for a sleek and sophisticated appearance. This convenient and practical look of this style makes it the favorite of many, and rightfully so.

A convenient appearance with a top knot.


32. Extended Goatee with Bun

Extend your goatee beyond the chin area and pair it with a bun for a modern and trendy appearance. This stylish and put-together look makes this hairstyle perfect for both casual and formal settings.

A practical and refined appearance featuring an extended goatee look.



From a classic anchor beard with long hair to a trendy half-up and half-down, the world of men’s high fashion has come a long way. With these 32 best ideas for men’s beard styles paired with long hair, up your fashion game and offer the perfect flawless appearance! 

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