Going on a first date for gentlemen. 5 Tips for a successful date

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Men and women dating

In this short article I’ll give some quick actionable tips on how to behave like a true gentleman on a date. The key is in behaving in style before, during and after the date. Eyes for details guys! Here are my tips:

 1. Prepare yourself

Get in the right mindset before your date. Being nervous is ok, but too nervous can be off-putting. If you feel too nervous, do what helps you, whether it is relaxing yourself with a drink or getting a massage. Have eye for detail. Nothing is more annoying for a lady to stare all night at a nose hair that’s staring at her or a stain on your shirt. Wear the right clothes; the essential wardrobe list will help you. If you need help with this and you live in or around New York, try Elite dating.

2. Text message your date when you leave to pick her up

Your date will be happy with your message, because this will give her enough time for a last minute prep. You show that you are attentive and at the same time you create a sense of excitement.

3. Location is important

Take your date to a place that you know is good. I would rather take my first date to a restaurant I know where the staff is friendly and the food delicious than to the opening of a new fancy restaurant where the staff still needs to get used to the new environment and you don’t know what the quality will be.

4. Take the lead in conversations

Women are usually more nervous than you and therefor it may help to comfort her to take the lead in the conversation. This doesn’t mean you should talk about yourself all the time. Give her a compliment, ask questions (and listen to the answer guys) and try to establish common ground.

 5. Pay the bill

I can be short about this: A gentleman pays the bill. Don’t listen to that modern crap about splitting the tab. Just don’t. Also, tip generous and don’t make a fuss about it. It will show her that you treat other people well and with respect.

Looking back this article turned out more to be an article with tips for a first date instead of how to behave like a gentleman on a date. I might follow up with another article, but I think you might be able to take a tip or two from the above.

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2 Comments on "Going on a first date for gentlemen. 5 Tips for a successful date"

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  1. John Simpson says:

    Great Advice!!!!

  2. Bob says:

    Seems to me that these guidelines are a sure way to turn your date into a “friend” and risk not getting laid. Which we all know is the goal when “dating”. I suggest listening to Leykis101 Thursdays at 5pt.

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