A Modern Gentleman’s Guide to Vacation Style

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Vacations are all about taking a break, but a true gentleman never takes a break from looking stylish.

Do not throw a few wrinkled shirts and a single pair of swim trunks into an old and outdated carry-on suitcase; a modern gentleman would never be so neglectful of his appearance.

The goal of a vacation is to relax and unwind, but never apply this objective to your vacation wardrobe. Below, are some important style guidelines to get you through your vacation like a true gentleman.

Tops: Collars, button-downs, subtle prints

For tops, stick to classic silhouettes in classic colors, such as white, navy blue, black, and red.

A go-to style for vacation is a collared button-down in short and long sleeve lengths; long sleeves are essential for tropical vacations where the weather gets cool at night.

Modern Gentlemans Guide Vacation Style

Packing a few polos is always a great idea. For polos, pack only neutral colors, with no patterns, that can go with any bottoms you choose to bring.

For other button-down collared shirts, you can bring out your personality by choosing options with prints and patterns, so long as they are in neutral, non-flashy colors. Good examples are white button-downs with muted florals or with a white and blue striped pattern.

Lastly, make sure to pack a nice blazer or suit coat for more formal dinners and parties.

Bottoms: Modern swim trunks, fitted shorts, and slacks

It is absolutely unacceptable to wear baggy basketball or workout shorts on vacation; there is not an ounce of style to be found in those. Instead, opt for fitted shorts. Fitted, in this context, does not mean tight. Fitted shorts have a straight-leg cut and are often rolled up at the bottom but only once.

Accessories Vacation Style

Weather is unpredictable, so don’t forget to bring fitted pants, as well. It is also best to make sure you bring nice dress slacks for more formal dining and club outings.

For swim trunks, you can take a more modern approach and choose trunks in bold reds and checkered patterns, as well as in other bold and fun patterns. Use your best judgment.

Accessories: Shoes, sunglasses, luggage

Probably one of the only occasions when gentlemen are permitted to wear sandals is while on vacation. However, this is only allowed on the beach, not even on the boardwalk or pier.

For every other occasion, bring a nice and classic oxford shoe or boot in black and brown. It is also recommended that you bring some kind of canvas shoe for more casual days.

Tops Bottoms Vacation Style

You’re more than likely going to be vacationing in the sun, so it is imperative that you remember to bring your own sunglasses- it is never a good idea to purchase and wear sunglasses from a kiosk or beach shop.

Most importantly, don’t forget that what you carry your clothes and accessories in needs to be just as stylish as its contents. Pull a nice duffle bag out of the back of your closet or purchase a new one.

If you think about it, all people see when you’re traveling through the airport is your luggage. What does an old and beat-up suitcase say about you in comparison to what a designer duffle bag says about you?

A modern gentleman maintains his style, no matter what. If you are going on vacation, keep this in mind and follow this guide to make sure your vacation style is up to par.

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