30 Summer Outfits With Black Shorts Ideas For Men

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Summer offers men the opportunity to spice up their outfit game while staying cool and fashionable. Whether it’s for a casual outing, beach party, or exploring the streets at night, black shorts can offer a casual and refined look for every occasion.

In this guide, we will explore the 30 best outfit ideas with black shorts to style this summer, helping you ace the fashion game while maintaining comfort!

30 Outfit Ideas with Black Shorts for Men

1. Casual Cool

Summer calls for a breathable outfit that helps you stay trendy and stylish. Pair your comfy black shorts with a plain white T-shirt and complete the outfit with a pair of white sneakers to maintain a fashionable yet casual look. 

Top: The comfy white tee shirt helps you stay restful yet fashionable.

Shorts: They provide freedom of movement and are perfect for evening strolls.

Footwear: White running shoes add to class and comfort.

Guy in white tee and black shorts taking a stroll.


2. Monochrome Magic

Opt for a black tee shirt or polo shirt with your cool black shorts paired with black or white sneakers to complete the whole look. Make sure to keep the outfit minimalistic and avoid adding unnecessary accessories to maintain a decent look. 

Top: A simple yet classy black tee shirt, adding smartness to the outfit. 

Shorts: Slim build black shorts complementing the top wear.

Footwear: Clean and neat white sneakers elevate the whole fit.

Guy in a monochromic look , posing for a picture.


3. Check Vibes

Summer often calls for a classy checkered outfit. Pair your trendy black shorts with fashionable and classy check shirts. Leave the shirt untucked for a more refined appearance. Leave your shirt unbuttoned for a fun beach day and offer a voguish look. 

Top: A trendy red and black check shirt left unbuttoned for a perfect beachy look.

Shorts: An easy-fitting black shorts complementing the check shirt.

Footwear: Tidy white sneakers add class to the whole look.

A guy wearing check shirt, stlyed with black shorts.


4. Preppy Chic

Pair your black shorts with a solid-coloured button-down shirt for a trendy look. Roll up your sleeves and master the fashion game. To complete this chic look, opt for classic boat shoes or loafers.

Top: A light grey button-down shirt helps maintain a chic appearance.

Shorts: Regular-sized black boxers short, adding to comfort.

Accessories: A high-class black fanny bag uplifting the whole outfit.

A solid-colored shirt perfect for summer.


5. Sporty Edge

For outdoor activities and casual workouts, consider a fitted athletic top paired with your perfect black shorts. To complete the perfect amazing summer workout look, you can choose running shoes or comfortable trainers and maintain a stylish appearance.

Top: A fitted black athletic top praising the wearer’s build.

Shorts: Fitted, flexible black shorts help with movement and mobility.

Footwear: An exclusive pair of shoes adds to the class of this sporty outfit.

Ab athletic look suitable for summer.


6. Urban Explorer

Combine your black shorts with an unapologetically bold design on a graphic tee for an edgy urban vibe. Complement the urban look by styling the outfit with a chic denim jacket for cold evenings. High-top sneakers might be the best pick to complete this trendy outfit idea.

Top: A high-class spruce blue coloured baggy graphic tee.

Shorts: Cargo black shorts, allowing freedom of movement.

Accessories: A smart leather fanny bag and chic pair of sunglasses elevate the poshness of the outfit.

An urban look for summer outings.


7. Tropical Getaway

A summer without floral outfits is indeed incomplete. Choose a lightweight vibrant floral shirt particularly cotton or linen, paired with the black shorts and rock the season. You can opt for sandals and espadrilles for a complete look, perfect for a sunny beach day.

Top: A perfect multicolored button-down shirt, left unbuttoned for a beach day.

Shorts: Relaxed fit black shorts complementing the floral top.

Accessories: An elegant pair of sunglasses with a cool silver chain, uplifting the outfit.

A classy look for beach outings,


8. Striped Elegance

For a sophisticated yet classy look this summer, pair up your black shorts with a fashionable striped shirt. For a more refined look, consider loafers or espadrilles as well as other sleek accessories.

Top: A vertically striped black and white button-down shirt, offering comfort and a fancy look. 

Shorts: Regular fit black shorts complementing the black and white top.

Accessories: Smart pair of sunglasses providing a sophisticated appearance.

A striped shirt idea for summer.


9. Street-style swagger

Mix casual and trendy elements by pairing up your black shorts with a graphic tank top. To complete the street style look, make sure to tie a plaid shirt on your waist for a perfect summer appearance. Adding to the street style aesthetic, you can go with chunky sneakers, rocking the fashion game.

Top: A black graphic regular-sized tank top adds to an awesome look.

Shorts: Black, fitted shorts go well with the wearer’s top.

Footwear: Smart and tidy white sneakers uplift the whole street-style outfit. 

A classy bold look for summer.


10. Effortlessly Cool

For a casual yet trendy summer look, combine your black shorts with an oversized graphic tee. Add a final touch to your trendy summer look with slide sandals or canvas slip-ons, perfect for a casual outing or a fun beach day.

Top: A tie-dye drop shoulder printed tee shirt providing a wonderful appearance. 

Shorts: A loose-fitted black shorts go well with the graphic tee.

Graphic tee idea for summer.


11. Weekend Look

Keep your weekend look casual yet stylish by pairing your cool black shorts with a comfortable Henley shirt. Complete the outfit with canvas sneakers or boat shoes for a comfortable and attractive look, perfect for summer outings.

Top: A lightweight cream-colored Henley shirt with vertical lines can be your go-to weekend look.

Shorts: Regular-fit black shorts go well with the wearer’s Henley shirt.

Footwear: Soft cream-colored espadrilles uplift the whole outfit perfectly.

A light look for summer weekends.


12. Poolside Chic

Stay cool and stylish this summer by pairing your black shorts with a simple black tank top. Complete the neat poolside look with sunglasses and flip-flops and offer a flawless essential summer look.

Top: A simple yet classy black tank top offering the perfect summer appearance. 

Shorts: Loose-fitted back shorts go well with the wearer’s black tank top.

Footwear: Thick-bottomed monochromic canvas shoes perfectly complement the whole look. 

Poolside outfit idea for summer


13. Smart Casual Ensemble

Elevate your summer outfit game by combining your black shorts with a lightweight linen shirt maintaining a relaxed yet trendy appearance. To add to this sophisticated look, loafers can be a good option, helping complete the elegant outfit idea. 

Top: A greenish brown linen loose-fitted shirt with white vertical lines providing a soft look. 

Shorts: Regular-sized black shorts go well with the linen shirt. 

Footwear: White sneakers provide a simple yet classy appearance.

S========================================================================================================================================Smart look idea for summer.


14. Retro Revival

Summer outfits can also radiate cool retro vibes. Pair your black shorts with a vintage-inspired band tee and offer a classy summer look. For a completely nostalgic look with this outfit, wear retro sneakers or canvas slip-ons. 

Top: A white collared shirt topped with an article of olive green, layered with a sage green jacket, offering vintage vibes like no other!

Shorts: Baggy black shorts uplifting the wearer’s topwear. 

Footwear: A classy pair of loafers add to the beauty of the outfit.

A vintage outfit inspiration for summer.


15. Colorful Contrast

To power up your summer outfits, contrast a bright-colored solid shirt or tank top with black shorts. Make sure to choose radiant hues to make the outfit look more appealing to the eye. 

Top: A regular-fit bright yellow tank top perfect for a summer outing. 

Shorts: Black shorts complement the radiant colors of the wearer’s tank top.

Footwear: White running shoes with a thick sole perfect for outdoor activities.

Idea for colorful contrast outfit.


16. Minimalist Style

Simplicity can make an outfit look elegant and elevate its class. A minimalist outfit can be assembled by pairing black shorts with a plain black shirt. A key to styling minimal clothing is to let the accessories do the work. Wear a sleek watch and sunglasses and enjoy a refined summer outfit.

Top: A simple regular-sized black tee shirt offering comfort.

Shorts: Simple yet elegant black shorts add class to the fit.

Footwear: Grey sneakers with a white sole going perfectly well with the whole outfit.

Outfit inspiration for a minimalist look.


17. Layered Look

Transition from day to night with a layered outfit featuring cool black shorts. Style black shorts with a tee shirt layered with a black jacket. You can also pair your black shorts with a lightweight sweater over a collared shirt for warmth on a cold evening Complete this look with black sneakers and elevate your appearance. 

Top: A black undershirt layered with a classy black jacket. 

Shorts: Regular-sized black shorts add a monochromic look to the outfit.

Footwear: Radiant sneakers, perfect for outdoor activities and casual workouts. 

A layered look suitable for summer.


18. Beach Day Look

For a perfect summer outfit featuring the sandy shores, black shorts can be paired with a lightweight linen shirt left unbuttoned. Complete your sunny look with sunglasses and sandals or flip-flops.

Top: A printed button-down shirt, perfect for a beach day. 

Shorts: Loose-fitted black shorts uplifting the whole look.

A beach look perfect for summer.


19. City Slicker

For a refined summer look, style black shorts with a fitted polo shirt and loafers and you’re all set! 

Top: Regular-fitted white polo shirt offers a graceful appearance.

Shorts: Black shorts, perfect for summer outings, offer comfort and mobility.

Footwear: Black running shoes with red laces, perfect for summer activities. 

This classy look is perfect for daytime city exploration or evening outings.

Outfit idea for a polo shirt.


20. Adventure Bound

Stay relaxed and stylish this summer by pairing your black shorts with a performance tank top. Complete the unapologetically bold look with sports shoes, perfect for an adventurous outing.

Top: A red tank top providing a radiating look. 

Shorts: Regular-fit black shorts go well with the vibrant hues of red color.

Footwear: Black running shoes, perfectly uplifting the whole adventurous outfit.

A sporty look perfect for summer.


21. Summer Romance

For a romantic summer date night, don’t forget to style your cool black shorts with pastel colored button-down shirt. For a modest appearance, complete the stylish look with espadrilles or loafers. 

Top: A soft pink button-down tucked-in silk shirt offering a graceful appearance.

Shorts: Black shorts, amazingly adding to the grace of the top.

Accessories: A minimalist gold pendant, contributing to the modest representation of the whole outfit, perfect for a date night.

A date night outfit inspiration for summer.


22. Music Festival Vibes

Summer and music festival nights go well together. Style your black shorts with a vintage band tee and combat boots. For outdoor concerts, layer up with a zip-up hoodie to help stay warm while also maintaining a chic look.

Top: A grey-colored sweatshirt, perfect for a musical night.

Shorts: Oversized black jeans shorts perfectly balance the grey hues of the topwear.

Footwear: Brown sneakers with white lines provide a soft look to the whole fit.

Outfit idea for music festival.


23. Casual Friday

Keep it professional yet comfortable with a sophisticated idea to style your black shorts. Pair them up with a short-sleeved oxford shirt and complete the refined look with loafers maintaining an office-appropriate attire.

Top: A white white layered with an oversized button-down blue oxford shirt.

Shorts: Baggy black shorts, complementing the baggy topwear perfectly. 

Footwear: Classy yet simple black loafers amazingly uplift the whole outfit. 

A comfy look for summer weekends.


24. Artistic Expressions

Let your artistic side prevail by pairing up your cool black shorts with a bold, abstract printed shirt. Complete the voguish look with canvas slip-ons, a tote bag, and sunglasses. 

Top: A white undershirt topped with an artistic button-down printed white shirt, offering a wonderful look. 

Shorts: Loose-fitted black shorts complement the overall baggy outfit.

Footwear: Clean white sneakers, ensuring comfort and fanciness

An artistic look inspiration for summer.


25. Eclectic Look

For a truly eclectic look, pair your black shorts with a short-sleeved shirt, textured cardigan, or a kimono-style jacket. Experiment with prints and fabrics and enjoy a classy outfit suitable for many occasions.

Top: A vibrant yellow polo shirt topped with a classy black kimono-style jacket. 

Shorts: Skinny-fit black shorts highlighting the wearer’s build.

An eclectic look inspiration for summer.


26. Safari Vibes

For a classy safari look, pair your black shorts with a khaki or olive green shirt, maximizing comfort and style. Complete the adventurous look with rugged leather boots and other accessories including a hat and sunglasses. 

Top: A classy brown printed sweatshirt, offering safari vibes like no other. 

Shorts: Loose-fitted black jeans shorts, that go well with the wearer’s topwear. 

Footwear: A pair of brown sneakers, that perfectly uplift the brown vibes of the whole outfit. 

A safari look inspiration for summer.


27. Rockstar Rebel

Style a rockstar look with black shorts and a distressed band tee or a classy black leather jacket. Elevate the whole appearance of the outfit with Chelsea boots, studded accessories, and mirrored sunglasses.

Top: A black undershirt layered with a top-class long black leather jacket, offering a stylish look.

Shorts: Baggy printed black shorts that go well with the topwear.

Footwear: A pair of exclusive black loafers, offering a bold rockstar look.

Idea for trendy looks for summer.


28. Skate Park Look

For an amazing skater-style summer outfit, you can pair up your black shorts with an oversized pastel-colored tee, and skater shoes. Feel free to layer up a zip-up hoodie for a casual look, perfect for hanging out at a skate park.

Top: An oversized lilac-colored shirt, offering radiant energy.

Shorts: Oversized black shorts perfectly balance the whole baggy outfit look.

Footwear: A pair of black and cream-colored sneakers, perfect for summer outings and activities.

Idea for skate park look, perfect for summer.


29. Travelers Ensemble

Summer often brings the opportunity to travel and explore. Assemble a classy look this summer by pairing your black shorts with a shirt and a lightweight jacket. Travel comfortably yet stylishly. Complete your traveler look with sneakers for all-day comfort, and don’t forget the most important travel equipment—sunglasses.

Top: A simple black tee shirt layered with a classy sleeveless black jacket, offering a cool monochromic appearance.

Shorts: Regular-fitted black cargo shorts offer freedom of movement and mobility.

Footwear: A pair of white running shoes perfect for traveling while ensuring comfort.

Outfit inspiration for travelling in summer.


30. Summer Dining Look

Black shorts make summer dining relaxed and stylish. Combine the shorts with a lightweight knit sweater to maintain a refined look. For a complete look, loafers might be a good option for a complete look to add class to this outfit. 

Top: A plain white tank top layered with a lightweight knit sweater in a monochromic geometrical pattern offers a soft look for a dine-out. 

Shorts: A relaxed fit of black cargo shorts, offering comfort and class. 

Accessories: A black and white ascot tie and a chic pair of sunglasses add to the smartness of the whole look.

Footwear: A stylish pair of black loafers, uplifting the whole elegant appearance of the outfit.

Outfit idea for dine out in summer.



Remember to rock this summer with these best outfit inspiration ideas for your perfect black shorts. You can design them in multiple ways and make them look appealing by styling them in the best ways possible. Whether for a beach party or a fun concert night, black shorts can become your go-to if styled right!


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