The best 7 houseplants that any man can buy

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There may come a time in a man’s life when he wants to care for and nurture a living thing. For some, it’s a child, others like a cat or dog, but for many men out there, a simple houseplant is more than enough. There are dozens and dozens of fantastic indoor plants that give your home a nice décor boost and even an added dose of feng shui, but primarily they improve the quality of air and give you something to care about.

Luckily, for the man who isn’t home all that much and is a bit forgetful, many plants can put up with neglect and only need the tiniest amount of water and light to thrive. Keep in mind that your kitchen waste can also be used for your plants to help them grow. So don’t always throw food scraps in the bin! So, for any man who wants a bit of plant life in his home but doesn’t want to run home at 6:00 pm every night just to water the greenery, then the following plants are for you.

ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant

Cool name aside, the ZZ plant is great for purifying bad air, is not too big, barely requires any water or sunlight, and lasts for several years. In fact, you’ll have to try really hard to kill it! A great option for city dwellers, the ZZ plant looks awesome and will quickly become your new favorite. It’s best to put it in direct sunlight and always let the soil dry before watering it again.

Snake Plant

Snake Plant

The snake plant is anything but poisonous! This neat, little plant doesn’t need much light, so you can place it in the corner of the room for a bit of décor. Overwatering will actually kill the plant, so don’t always assume it’s thirsty. The tips can be a little sharp, but the snake plant looks cool and is perfect for bachelors.

Ponytail Palm

Ponytail Palm plant

A great windowsill plant, the ponytail palm has a wild, fun look that is always a conversation starter. If there’s no space on your windowsill, a brightly-lit corner is also a great option, but ensure it’s getting a lot of light and just a little bit of water.

If you feel like you’re ready for more of a challenge, then the Bird of Paradise plant should be your next task. The plant gets quite large, but this big, beautiful plant is exotic and a great addition to any home. It requires more water than most houseplants, but also a lot of sunlight and even dustings to ensure it is kept clean. It’s worth pointing out that the leaves are poisonous when eaten, so don’t have it near any animals or children.

Iron Plant

Want a tough plant that doesn’t give in, no matter how much you forget to water it? The Iron plant is true to its name and is incredibly strong, requiring little light and hardly any water. It’s quite big, so throw it into a corner of your room and when you remember to water it, check the dampness of the soil to check you’re not giving it too much H2O.

Peace Lily

Peace Lily Plant

Perhaps the best plant for cleansing the air, the Peace Lily looks amazing and actually has flowers that bloom twice a year. Great for humid environments, these require a decent amount of sunlight and water a few times a week.

Desert Gem Cactus

Desert Gem Cactus

One of the coolest looking plants in the world, the Desert Gem cactus doesn’t require so much water, but it does need a lot of light to help it grow. It won’t get so big, so it makes a great option for a desk plant.

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