What Items Can Be Placed in Self-storage?

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It’s fair to say that men should take pride in their appearance and put in the effort to look good. However, can every gentleman really say the same thing for his home? Through no fault of our own, it seems our belongings simply build up and up over the years, until we get the point where we’re stepping over items and twisting around boxes just to get to the coffee machine!

Everyone has a lot of stuff that we don’t always need to have in the house but is still too precious to throw away or sell, which is why self-storage has become a hugely popular option across the world in recent times. Affordable, convenient, and simple to set up, full service storage options are easy to find online and right now the best way to de-clutter your living space! Many of these companies will even pick up and drop off your belongings when it suits you, letting you breathe a sigh of relief that there’s no need to carry heavy things.

If you like the idea of self-storage but are unsure what could be placed in a secure room for months or even years, then here are some items that are probably clogging up a lot of space in your apartment at this moment.

Bicycle or motorbike

For many city dwellers, the thought of riding a bike is purely a summertime or springtime activity! Winter and fall are simply too cold and the roads can be dangerously icy at times. This means that your bike is perhaps taking up valuable space in your home or you’ve even locked it up in your apartment’s basement and don’t feel it’s safe there. Store it away for the 6-7 months when it’s too cold to ride and then bring it out when the weather heats up.

Family heirlooms and artwork

If you’ve managed to inherit several family heirlooms but none of these are exactly your cup of tea, such as large paintings, vases, glassware, or even some armchairs or coffee tables, then self-storage will suit perfectly. You obviously want to keep them because of the sentimental value, as well as potential monetary value in later years, so instead of hiding them in a corner of your apartment, move them into storage instead.


A man’s wardrobe should be neat and tidy at all times! They say that if you’re not wearing a clothing item for longer than 1 year, then it’s probably best to sell or give it away. Look through your wardrobe and see which shirts, jackets, or jeans aren’t being worn much and then place them into storage for a year. If you find that you don’t regret doing this and aren’t likely to wear them again, then either try selling on eBay or give away to a thrift store.

Holiday decorations

Christmas, Easter, or even Halloween decorations are great to put up around the home, but because they only happen once a year, then what’s the point of them sitting in boxes collecting dust when not in use? Christmas trees, fairy lights, and costumes can definitely go into storage and brought out when necessary.

Items for Lent

For the Christian faith, Lent is an important time in which you’re supposed to give up something you love for 6 weeks. For some, this means smoking or alcohol, for example, but perhaps you feel like you watch too much TV or play video games too often. It could be that the Lent period will be easier if your games console and TV are placed into storage for the 6 weeks, because not having these items in the house means you can’t break your promise. Who knows, you might not miss them at all and find that you can spend time doing other activities!

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