Man vs. wild: greatest adventure trips for men

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Man vs. wild

Adventure trips used to be the sort of thing that only a relatively small number of people took part in; however, the number of adrenalin junkies has increased dramatically in recent years as the appeal of doing something a little bit different to sitting by a pool or sunbathing on a beach has grown, and the facilities required to enjoy breathtaking experiences have become more accessible.

Planning an Adventure Trip

As with any vacation, getting the most out of an adventure trip means planning it carefully and giving due consideration to a number of important factors. Doing so will provide maximum opportunity to really make the most of one’s time away:

  • Equipment and clothing. Adventurous experiences often require specialist gear, so it is important to do some research and make sure everything is in place to get straight into having fun.
  • Company. Choosing the right people to go with is similarly important, as indeed it is with any holiday. Perhaps it is even more important on an adventure trip as companions need to be trustworthy and the sort of people who can be relied on in stressful situations.
  • Safety first. Adventure trips by their very definition have an element of risk associated with them, and it is important to mitigate these risks with the right preparation in order to get full enjoyment from the activity.

Where to Go?

Perhaps the most important consideration though, is choosing the right location.

The right destination for an adventure trip depends very much on what the holidaymaker wants to get out of it. Here are a few of the destinations that are considered some of the best in the world, and details of what has made them so popular:

  • Hawaii. Offering the best of all worlds, Hawaii presents a mixture of luxury, good weather and a huge range of opportunities for adventure, including surfing, which is one of its most popular activities. Flights to Hawaii are easy to find and competitively priced.
  • Florida. The Gulf Coast offers unrivalled opportunities for sailing all year round, with the chance to spot dolphins, pelicans and other natural and historical sights.
  • The Grand Canyon. A hugely popular choice among adrenalin junkies for many years, and with good reason, the Grand Canyon can be enjoyed on foot or by bike (see more for best cycling gloves), and due to its size has a range of trails for any ability or fitness level.

Sometimes it pays to look further afield, so click here for information on destinations that are still considered to be off the beaten track.

Modern Day Adventure

Two men in adventures

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For the modern man who wants to try something a little bit different, an average holiday is simply not going to cut it. Getting bored on vacation is an awful thing to even have to consider. Adventure holidays are the answer, and while on the face of it choosing to go on one can seem a bit daunting and unfamiliar, in reality all it takes is a bit of research and planning to guarantee a truly unforgettable experience.

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