6 Quick Trips for the Gentleman & his Mates

With the end of the year coming, many people have vacation days to use, hopefully you are one of the lucky ones.  This article is to list some of the short trips a gentleman must take.  These trips require little planning and you can still have maximum fun.

If you can’t take the trips before year-end (or these trips are not available), you need to plan at least one of these trips for the next year.  These trips can be taken alone, or with your crew.

Quick Trips

We will not focus on romantic trips or trips with your significant other.  Seeing as you would have to have some input from her about where to go and what to do.  This is all about the Gentlemen and his homeboys.  I will rate each trip on its party atmosphere, whether you can take this trip without your friends and still have maximum fun and the chances of getting some new unknown hook up action.

Let’s take a look at 6 short trips that should be on a Gentleman must take:

All-star game weekend

It does not matter what sport, baseball, American football, basketball, hockey or futbol.  The reason is that there are people coming from all over the world for the love of the same things.  You have stars in sports and entertainment coming together.  You will meet a diverse group of people and get to see some of your favorite players and entertainers.  The cost of hotels and flights etc. is higher but if planned correctly it is well worth the expense.

Party atmosphere – 8/10 – Get ready to PARRRRRTTTTAAAYYY

Fun without friends – 4/10 – Much more fun with the homies

Hook up possibility – 9/ 10 – If you want some you will get some unless your game is HORRID.


On a trip like this or the Party city trip (see below) be prepared to cash out or spend money on women.  This will up your chances if you want to hook up. DON’T BE CHEAP

National park trips

This trip is a trip for all your senses.  Your body mind and adventurous soul. Going to a national park you will see the pure natural beauty, but also you can touch history and feel at one with yourself and your country.  Also there are plenty of things to do on a national park trip.

White water rafting: this is an adrenaline rush.  You jump into a raft and not only see beautiful sights but also fly down some rapids

Hiking: seeing the beautiful sights, being able to cook in the outdoors, and get a great workout while you are at it.  You will feel like a true man during a hike.

Camping: get in tune with nature, sleep under the starts, you will wake up refreshed and rejuvenated like never before.

Fishing: this is not an old man’s sport.  At a national park you can catch, clean and eat some fresh fish, the taste is amazing.  By doing this you are getting back to the base instinct of manhood.

Being in a National park will give you memories that will last a lifetime.

Party atmosphere – 1/10 – If drinking beer and sitting by a campfire is your idea of party, here it is.   Remember you have to carry all that beer, I wouldn’t not suggest it.

Fun without friends – 8/10 – You can peacefully enjoy this trip by yourself, clearing your mind.

Hook up possibility – 4 / 10 – Find the right group of people sleeping under the stars can make some               people feel excited.

Hall of fame weekend

Much like the all-star game this is a trip that will take you down memory lane.  The main difference is that these weekends are usually more laid back than an all-star game weekend which is why I separated this.  The reason that this weekend is more laid back is because most of the people are older than at the all-star game, but you still will enjoy the walk down memory lane.

Party atmosphere – 5/10 – You can find some parties, they may end a little early.

Fun without friends – 6/10 – All your friends may not love your favorite sport like you do

Hook up possibility – 5/ 10 – You may have to find a cougar, but hey there’s nothing wrong with cougars.

Party city

Las Vegas, Nevada view

Photo Credits: @vegasreels


When I say party cities, I mean cities where when you wake up the next morning you have NO IDEA what you did the day before but you know you had a BLAST.  You can be seen having the liquid diet and you do not want any pictures of your trip.

South Beach, Miami Florida – Ocean drive is a must visit.  Day and night the party never stops.  Beautiful women, beautiful scenery, and great food.  Most importantly you can walk the streets with your drink

Las Vegas – What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, is there anything more that needs to be said

Carnival in Rio – the largest carnival in the world, right before lent.  2 million people, a parade and beautiful women everywhere.

New Orleans, Louisiana – Bourbon Street, beads, booze and babes.  What more can you ask for.

Each of these cities are places you must go without the significant other with friends that won’t snitch.

Party atmosphere – 10/10 – .This is what you are here for

Fun without friends – 1/10 – You need your friends so you can reminisce and they can tell you the things you don’t remember.  You will also need someone to roll you to the cab, and carry you back to the room after a fun night of partying.

Hook up possibility – 10/ 10 – Hook up time!!!!!!   At these cities it is a GIVEN that a lot of people are there for just a one night, fun night.


If you go with your friends, go with a group with at least 5 other guys and COMBINE YOUR FUNDS when going out.  6 guys can get into the club, bottle service, and a booth area that will cost about the same as if you each separately paid cover, and bought watered down drinks for yourself and the ladies.  The upside is that you will have an area for the ladies to sit in and you look LIKE A BALLER, and can stay within budget.

Relaxation on the beach

Find a beach and get away. This is where all the work in the gym pays off. Going to a close beach eating fresh seafood, smelling the ocean or gulf air.  Even though there are some bars and some nightlife this is a relaxing vacation.  The perfect balance of a unwind trip, you can still party and have fun and remember what you did the night before.

Party atmosphere – 6/10 – You can have fun and party but it’s not the purpose.  You may have to do some bar hopping.

Fun without friends – 8/10 – This is another peaceful trip, one where you can enjoy being by yourself and even meet some new out-of-town people

Hook up possibility – 5/10 – you can find someone but it will take some work, down side is that if you meet someone early they may turn it into a couples trip.


Just go pick a spot

Beach Party

Photo Credits @chisportsocial

This is where you write down different cities and put it in hat pull the name and go.  What is good about this is that you can find some close by cities and find some hidden gems.  This can be another personal space trip or a fella’s quick road trip. But the pure joy of choosing a trip this way is that it is very spontaneous and you never know what will happen.  Being a gentleman you must be confident within yourself to know you will have a great time no matter where you are at.

Party atmosphere – ?/10 – Depends on where you go, and if you are comfortable partying alone.

Fun without friends –? /10 – Depends on where you go, and what you are in the mood for

Hook up possibility –? /10 – Depends on where you go, and if you are willing to possibly take a slump buster.


So there you go, 6 ideas for ways to burn the rest of your vacation days. They are yours to use and you will get paid to have fun.  I see nothing wrong with using them. And remember, always travel in style.

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